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ROCOR-VVF", banned Bishop

Australia: "ROCOR-VVF", banned their Bishop Eugene (Pampora), 'For public confession of views not corresponding to the Orthodox Faith"

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 12:20 PM

В РПЦЗ-ВВФ запретили епископа

In the ROCOR-VVF banned their bishop, Eugene (Pampora) 

Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internet Cathedral. Дата публикации: Date of publication: . .Категория: Альтернативное Православие. Category: Alternative Православие .
WHERE TO FIND A LOT OF A FRIEND LONGERВ одном из «расколков» - РПЦЗ-ВВФ - который возглавляет митрополит Филарет Второй, запретили епископа Евгения (Пампуру) «за публичное исповедание взглядов, несоответствующих Православному Вероучению».

 In one of the "splits" - ROCOR-WWF - headed by Metropolitan Filaret II, they banned their Bishop Eugene (Pampora) "for public confession of views that do not correspond to the Orthodox Faith".
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  1. Where did this fragment come from. I never heard of them. Is this from one of the ROCiE fragments? Do they have a website?

  2. Thank you Reader Daniel for finding the website for this fragment.


    It is hard to tell for sure, but the machine translation of their self-reported history looks like they started their fragment path in 2006 by joining RTOC in Australia. Then in 2010 they moved over to Vladimir Tselishchev (a Vitaly schism). Then in 2015 they called a council and dethroned Vladimir Tselishchev and instated their own Fr. Peter Semovskikh, now called "Metr. Philaret II."

    I have added this information to the RRb FRAGMENTS gadget in the sidebar under ROCiE.

  3. (chuckle):
    Notice that the reason the fragment bishop was banned is, "for public confession of views that do not correspond to the Orthodox Faith". And nobody objects to a ban for this cause. It is totally reasonable.

    But imagine if instead he had been banned because he is a heretic.


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