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The so-called 'New Calendar' is an Ecumenist plot

Sharing: Vladimir Moss's Views on the Calendar Issue
- (plus another treatise from another writer) -

Written by Vladimir Moss

≤≥≤≥≤≥ • ≤≥≤≥≤≥

Comment: Though I do not always 100% trust all of Vladmir Moss's views on all Orthodox Church matters, (in fact I think he is quite wrong on certain of his personal  views), I think that this treatise of his, more or less expresses the mainstream views of most traditional Orthodox on this thorny matter, at least it is his studied contribution. I think that it is worth reading.

Readers, judge for yourselves.

However, all evidence that I have read, including these two treatises, confirm to me, that the so-called, 'New Calendar', is an Ecumenist plot, & it  has zero, i.e.  NO!... legitimate defenses or ANY! solid reasons for Orthodox churches to use it. It has brought and can only bring, only further confusion, schisms, and harm to our church life, world-wide.

Flee from it!

For our spiritual life, and our Orthodox celebrations, we only need our age-old Orthodox Church Calendar. 


***ALSO, ANOTHER  treatise on this subject, from a Very Rev. Boris Molchanov:

And, when one brings up this text, if you can then, read the lengthy texts, ABOVE this one, which combine many other aspects of the entire Church Calendar debates. That lengthy text, answers all accusors against our Orthodox Calendar, and all supporters of the New Calendar, and refutes them, point by point.

ROCOR/MP Cathedral Robbed!

Los Angeles, California :ROCOR/MP H. Transfiguration Cathedral Robbed! 

Holy Tranfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles Robbed [December 23, 2012] 
The Rector of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles, Archpriest Alexander Lebedeff, wrote the following in his Facebook page: 

"I write with great sadness that Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was broken in to on Saturday night, and many liturgical items were stolen, including chalices and veneration crosses.  The total value of the items stolen (by preliminary count) was at least $50,000. The altars were ransacked as well.  By God's grace, we were able to have the church open for Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.  A police investigation is continuing. We ask for your prayers at this difficult time for our parish."

A few more details about recent robbery of Los Angeles ROCOR/MP H. Transfiguration Cathedral

The following was posted at paradosis yahoo group on December 26, 2012:

The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of Los Angeles experienced a 
frightful robbery recently.
Here is what Mitred Archpriest Alexander Lebedeff, the Rector, wrote to 
me today: '
""Thank God the perpetrator took none of our icons, and left everything 
in the church intact, so that the services on Sunday morning went on as 
usual. None of the tabernacles or antimensia were touched. Pages were 
ripped out of two Gospels (one our large pre-Revolutionary one) and 
strewn on the floor. But all of our chalices and all liturgical 
appurtenances were taken (patens, asterisks, spoons, spears, etc.). I 
had one spare small set downstairs, so we were able to serve Liturgy.The 
preliminary calculation of the loss is $50,000--but the 
pre-revolutionary Chalice set is priceless and irreplaceable.We do need 
to find two more chalices to borrow, Communion spoons, and spears. I 
willl talk to Fr. Alexey also.I ask for your prayers for my flock our 
clergy and for myself in these difficult times."
Please find a way to help that parish, including praying.

Bishop OCA retired  (retired OCA Bp. Tikhon-Fitzgerald, also resident in Los Angeles and a close friend of Fr. Alexander Lebedeff)-

     Precious Metal Thieves strike Holy Transfiguration

These are the items stolen.


QUESTION: But WHO???...... are the biggest robbers?

These sacred items, robbed the Los Angeles Holy Transfiguration Cathedral which Archbishop Anthony (Sinkevich) of Blessed Memory,... a life-long critic and foe of Communism & Sergianism, and always!.. opposed to any and all (even) dialogue with the Sergianist enemies of our faith, (read his Last Will and Testament!), spent his whole life's podvig, building, and which in 2007 was turned over to his and our enemies, (thieves and robbers of souls and of our diaspora church properties!) to the KGB ruled Apostate,  Stalin-founded, Sergianist 'Moscow Patriarchia',... a terrible terrible despicable, betrayal of him and of our ROCOR, and of Orthodoxy.

"ROCOR/MP' under Mr. Hilarion-Kapral, now heads this apostate organization, whose western diocese head is the other apostate, Kyrill-Dmitrieff, and headed in Los Angeles by this Mr. Alexander Lebedeff.... all arch-traitors of our Russian Church Abroad.

Apostates are not any longer valid Orthodox clergy! (the Holy Canons say so).

Righteous Archbishop Anthony, a life-long anathematizer of the MP, did not build his ROCOR cathedral to then have it HANDED OVER!... as if a gift, to traitors ,and SOUL-ROBBERS (the lamentable co-unionists & successors of Laurus Shkurla of Thrice Sorry Memory!), who now have illegal uncanonical possession and use of it, all subservient to the KGB gangster neo-soviet Putin regime in Moscow, with all of the other ROCOR church properties, world-wide, which these pathetic betrayers have stolen from the Russian anti-communist faithful in diaspora, and in essence, gifted to Vladimir Putin and his pretend, 'Patriarch'  Kyrill-Gundaev'.

Now, some... other.... little... thieves... have stolen.... from one of THEIR  stolen cathedrals.

Which group of thieves are the bigger sinners?... who are the real robbers?

I have no doubt, that ROCOR/MP and it's Judas leadership, are the bigger thieves, soul-killers, not the petty common crooks, who broke into and stole a few items.... 'where thieves break in and steal, and where moths and rust doth corrupt'.

Those common crooks, are but amateurs at the game of..robbery.

Just my views-
Rd. Daniel Everiss

Saturday, December 29, 2012

U.S. Reaction to Putin's anti-magnitsky law

U.S. Reaction to Putin's signing of that 'anti-magnitsky law' 

Comment: Me oh My!!!!... how righteous sounds the noble and morally superior Vladimir Putin, in seizing upon a tiny number of American adoptions of 60,000 Russian children that did not end well, (as if every American citizen has to be 100% perfect and without any human flaws?)  while his neo-soviet KGB gangster-regime, is directly and indirectly guilty of the repressions and murders/disappearances and public assassinations of MANY Russian & other non-Russian, adults & their children-residents of the current Russian Federation,  and...thus making orphans, of their children!, and also of directly killing Russian children, in their on-going neo-soviet campaign of violent heartless violent repressions against RUSSIANS, and anyone!... under their cruel/heartless gangster Kremlin rule, who won't submit to them.

And all this, not even calling to mind, the severe neglect and documented... cruelty, in those state run orphanages.  Post Communist-Romania, is another sad case too.  But!, those....'evil-Americans'!!!!........ isn't that the old Party Communist Propaganda Line? ...of.... the 'former Soviet Era'?

What has changed???

But, what a tired worn out, old song!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Continuing Growth of our ROCA

part of the PHOTO/VIDEO/Written record of the life and continuing growth of our ROCA, world-wide-(with machine English texts)

Our Russian Church Abroad's  lamp is not extinguished!
But it grows brighter day by day,
 in spite of more and more persecution,
and regardless of that 2007 major betrayal to our foes.

*this taken from our official web: 

 In Voronezh (Russia) December 16, at the Divine Liturgy in the Church of All Saints Who Shone Forth in the Russian Land, reader Oleg Lubovin consecrated a deacon by Bishop Cyril of South Russian Voronezh to this temple. December 23 Deacon Pavel Volkov ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Cyril, and the second priest was appointed to this temple.

Axios! Axios! Axios!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fr. Roman is ROCA

Fr. Roman and his parish in Nazareth is with us

Petition for Russian Orphans

Putin set to sign bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children

And, this informative article, shows the local-Russian opposition to this.  But, will Putin listen?  He and his regime have already proven to the whole world, many times over, to what degree they really care, about the human welfare or the needs or wishes, of any of the millions of common Russian people..( those not part of his ruling-class).  But, isn't it wonderful that 'Sincere Orthodox Christian, Vladimir Putin',... "Goes to church often, crosses himself,and lights candles and kisses holy icons"?

Mr. Putin! 
 Please do not sign that anti-humane 'anti-magnitsky law', banning all, continued, inter-country-adoptions of Russian orphans.
 Do not use these helpless life-long hopeless institutionalized Russian orphans, as your political pawns/hostages.
 All of them are better off, being adopted by loving caring families, no matter of what nationality.
 Give them a chance at a better life.  THAT will best honour Russia.
 Prove that you are what your supporters say of you: 'A sincere Orthodox Christian'.

Photo of this young Russian guy, a former-orphan, iiving in Texas,
 and of some other little Russian orphans

"Petition from a Russian (former Orphan) in Texas, to Vladimir Putin"

Comment: I do not personally advocate that anyone sign or not sign this petition, as it most likely anyway, will not influence whatever Mr. Putin does or does not do.

However, this is a personal powerful testimony from a person who used to be a Russian orphan, among the many thousands languishing in state run orphanages there, of the great benefits which are made possible  to Russian orphans, of the possibility of being adopted into foreign families.

Mr. Putin! Please Do NOT Sign That 'Anti-Magnitsky' law! It can only harm the innocent.
And, it does bring shame on Russia, not world-wide praise.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

Target: President Putin

Petition Background (Preamble):
On December 20, 2012, I Alexander D'Jamoos created Voice of the Child in response to legislation in Russia which would end intercountry adoption and take away the chance that many children have to live in a safe family. This is my letter to President Putin.

Dear President Putin, 

My name is Alexander D’Jamoos. I am 21 years old. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where I am planning to major in Government and International Relations. 

I was born in Russia with deformed hands and legs, which prevented me from walking. I grew up in a state orphanage for children with physical disabilities in Nizhniy Lomov. At the age of 15, I was lucky to be adopted by a loving family in Dallas. It is because of my experience that I, like thousands of other adopted children throughout the world was in shock by the passing of the Anti-Magnitsky Law by the Russian parliament. The law, which bans international adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens, victimizes the estimated 800,000 orphans in Russia.

Throughout my childhood I had never expected to be loved by a family. My biological parents had left me in the hospital because of my disabilities. My orphanage housed about 100 children, all of whom were physically disabled and had been neglected by their parents. Some of the horrible conditions at the orphanage included no heating during harsh winters, lack of water during summer-time, rudimentary education, lack of sanitary facilities, inadequate accessibility equipment, and the worst of all, lack of love and care. Like millions of disabled Russian orphans, I expected a gloomy future in a state-run nursing home full of people rejected by Russian society merely because of their physical conditions.

I was adopted and my life has changed more than I could have ever hoped. Today, like never before, I am fully in control of my life and have great hopes and goals for my future. At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital my legs were amputated so that I would be able to wear prosthetic limbs. For the first time in my life I was able to walk. This has dramatically transformed my life. As a result of my academic success, I received many scholarships that enabled me to attend one of the best universities in the world. I learned to ski. Last summer I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on my prosthetic legs to raise hope for disabled orphans in Russia. I now have caring parents and a little brother, whom I love dearly. I value my upbringing. I continue speaking Russian, and I stay in touch with all of my childhood friends and teachers.

These orphaned children, to whom I feel a very strong connection, are victims of an incentive-based, cruel political retaliation. The anti-adoption law claims that Americans abuse Russian children and adopt them simply to get financial benefits. These claims are not only preposterously false - they are insensitive to thousands of adopted children and their families in the U.S. Of the nearly 60,000 children who had been adopted from Russia in the past 20 years, 19 have died, while in Russia hundreds of children die in Russian families and Russian orphanages regularly. The fundamental right of every child to have a family and have a successful life is being brutally violated by this law. Every child in every country should have a right to be adopted by Russians, British, Americans or any other family regardless of their origin. The rhetoric of the Anti-Magnitsky legislation is illogical, heartless, and simply inhumane. The victims of this political demagoguery are the thousands of children who will not have hope for a bright future. Like most of my childhood friends, they are destined to spend their lives in unsanitary nursing homes or on the streets.

Like many adopted children in America, I believe the Anti-Magnitsky Law insults the very concept of a family. Had this law been introduced 6 years ago – today I would have no home, no family, I wouldn’t be able to hug my little brother, wouldn't attend a university and wouldn't experience the joy of walking and having full control of my life. 

Every civilized country ought to improve the lives of their children by closing orphanages and encouraging domestic adoption. This law includes no determination to takes such actions. It merely deprives children of all last hope they had for a life with a family. Banning adoptions due to the Anti-Magnitsky law is inhumane and is an immoral act which uses vulnerable children for meeting political goals. It does not help the orphaned children. They will be simply forgotten.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, on behalf of thousands of children in Russia and the United States, I strongly urge you not to sign this law into effect.

Sincerely, Alexander D’Jamoos
21 December, 2012

We, the undersigned, support Sasha's request to President Putin that he not sign any law which would end inter-country adoption in Russia.

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•  Patriarchate of Constantinople is in talks with the Romanian Patriarchate convened for the Pan-Orthodox council

• "The Palestinian (Moslim) Grinch Who Stole Christmas"-
Just sharing. one astute perspective- (a rather pro-Israeli view), what someone shared with me today.
The full reality  for all Orthodox Christians in all middle eastern lands?
-many tribulations and persecutions, (political, economic, & spiritual), going on now for centuries- from the Moslems, from aggressive Roman Catholic 'missionary work', from zealous foreign Protestant 'missionary work', and also from some anti-Christian Jewish extremists  too.
No where, do Orthodox people there, have full peace or tranquility. 

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A Politically Correct-PC X-Mas Carol: "Have A Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas!" (humour?) – or End Times Apostasy?

And God forbid, that we even mention the hated name of 'Christ' or that we let it be made public, that we actually!, celebrate His birthday! as doing so, MIGHT OFFEND....... 'SOMEBODY' (!!!)

A happy little 'holiday' song.............. (hope it doesn't offend anybody!)

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A Flock of Doves

Happy news fpr V. Putin and all of America's enemies-Their big friend, B. H. Obama Re-elected!

And, to further make them glad, Obama is appointing doves and progressive-leftists to his new cabinet, to help him sell out America, and to please our foes,  all around the world, from the Islamacists, to the neo-soviets, V. Putin and the full-blown Communists, etc.

And here at home, he is moving full steam ahead with his leftist domestic plans at destroying our econony.

So much for... voting! when those who have the right to vote, are spiritually dead, are not patriots, are empty-headed morons and politically/economically ignorant, who vote with their emotions and their feelings, not with informed information or sound convictions – .i.e., a large part of the current population of this country today!

Russian adoption ban

"Russian adoption ban"-retaliation against new American 'Magnitsky' law-

In the past two decades, Americans have  adopted about 60,000 Russian orphans, many of them, with severe mental and physical disabilities, who had no future in Russia.

Now,  as revenge against America's new federal anti-corruption, 'Magnitsky' law, Putin is retaliating, by........using the poorest of the poor, these unwanted institutionalized   Russian orphans, his pawns.

Who will be punished?....only the poor orphans.

As this cannot hurt or change the US government, though it will cause more US ill-will towards the Putin regime.

BUT! Putin  is getting much vocal & public opposition & criticism from unexpected Russian people, inside Russia.... what he is not used to receiving....from those who care about the orphans...more than about false 'national pride'..

RocorMP – big monies needed

"First, the NYC cathedral, now Jordanville" -big monies needed!!!-where is the MP or Putin, now???

Where's the Promised Judas-Monies???

 Comment: One of the key (false) hopes of those who sold out our ROCOR to
Moscow, was that 'The Mother Church' (read, the rich Putin government) would
heap tons of petro-ruble monies and also send human 'help' in in the form of new 'clergy personnel', etc.

San Francisco archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff as much as said so, that ROCOR needed to be 'saved' by Moscow.

Clearly, Moscow apparently did, behind the scenes, promise such payoff Judas monies.

So, how can there be a financial crisis, and lack of funds in ROCOR/MP?
Three  big reasons, are that so many former regular donors and supporters of the old-ROCOR, the pious ones, have either gone to their heavenly rewards, or they have fled to various anti-MP Russian jurisdictions, or 
are now refusing to monetarily support a captive church, which is not caring about what  they wish or desire...i.e. that many of them, did not and still do not,  respect or believe in or support that 2007 betrayal, or subservience to the KGB run, false, 'Moscow Patriarchia'.

Those  people are voting with their..(closed)...pocketbooks,
and too, in many cases, by staying home or going to other Orthodox churches. 

And there’s no money anywhere, now that the CIA Cold War money has dried up.

Jordanville Monastery Needs Capital Renovation
Dec 18, 2012

Bells to wake the dead

Bell ringing sufficient to wake the dead!

(the fastest tempo ring, that I have ever heard)- 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Interview with RocorMP priest A. Lebedeff

with Commentaries from Etna

Informational Sharing: "Interview with Fr. A. Lebedeff" -with pertinent & astute commentaries- 

My comments:
 I cannot not add much to all this.  It pretty much speaks for itself.  ROCOR/MP convicts itself, once again, which we who, solely By the unmerited... mercy of God!... (& not because we... are superior to others or deserve more of God's mercy than those who have thus fallen).... have stayed true to the principles and righteous Orthodox stand of our old-ROCOR, and those of our sister churches today,... and all of the anti-MP and anti-ecumenist  true  Orthodox, world-wide, know full well..what ..these poor confused or corrupted and mislead betrayers and apostates have not known or accepted.

"By their fruits, shall ye know them", and so it is.

Let him who has eyes to see, and ears to hear, behold the truth, accept it,
and then ACT upon it.  And let our ROCOR brothers and sisters, who were duped/deceitfully lead  into, that KGB sponsored foul & false\ 2007 'glorious re-union of the two parts of the Russian Church', finally wake up,... and come to their senses, and FLEE it, and return to genuine Orthodoxy, which may... mean for many of them to have to totally abandon their beautiful 'union'  MP-captured churches and rectories, (with their uniate-MP submitted clergy too), and make new chapels in garages or in barns, 'underground' as the first Christians.

Just my thoughts.....
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

P.S.  God is all-Truth!  And if we...'Orthodox' people, are not truth-seekers,
how then can we be,... of God or.... with God?

Begin forwarded message:
From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Subject: Re: Interview with Fr. A. Lebedeff
Date: 21 December 2012 
To: ActiveCTOS_Forum






Dear XXX:

Gospod' blagoslovit!

In response to my comments yesterday about Father Alexander Lebedeff's interview in Russia, His Grace, Bishop Auxentios sent me some of his own observations. They are truly to the point and are of the kind that paint those at whom they are directed into a corner from which they cannot emerge without leaving some tracks. I thought that you would like to see these observations.

I will send these out to our clergy and laity, as well, without burdening them with my own comments, which were, as always, laborious and overly analytical.

With many warm wishes and every blessing for a good completion of the Nativity Fast,

Least Among Monks, + AC

P.S. Incidentally, as I sit looking out the window at the falling snow (we are finally getting some Winter weather), I notice that neither the world nor the snow has come to an end! I was appalled to read yesterday that about 12% of U.S. citizens actually believed that the world would end today, some having taken extreme measures to protect themselves from massive natural disasters.

It seems that the only people who did not believe the doomsday predictions were the Maya, who never had, in their ancient culture, a notion of finite time and who understand this day to be the beginning of a new epoch. Some non-Maya in this country, making the Mayan calendar somehow "Christian," even associated this day with the Second Coming of Christ. Why scams and magic tricks work!



Blagoslovite Vladyka Chrysostomos

Dear Vladyka Chrysostomos,

Thought you would want to hear this interview.  I found it quite good as Fr A ol[Fr. Alexander Lebedev] is quite an effective speaker.  I am though concerned of the subject matter which the Bishops with be deliberating upon the recommendations of the task force which Fr A sat on.  Also it did not surprise me who the ROCA-MP reps are Met Hilarion, Archbishop Mark, Fr. A Fr P Perecrestov and The Abbess of the Holy land convent.  I do find it quite puzzling why such a large number of ROCA-MP members [are]  in such high and influential places.
It's 24 mins long and worth listening to.  Hope everyone is well and I miss everyone as well.

Your spiritual son in Jesus Christ,

Sent from my iPad


Something that caught my ear in this interview, on top of all the excellent points that you make, is the repetition of a "bragging point" vis-√†-vis the ROCOR-MP union, to wit, that the ROCORMP did a great job in its negotiations in preserving its own administrative integrity. You can hear it in Fr Alexander's interview. I also saw it in a printed interview with Archbishop Mark of Germany, who boasted that the issue  (of the survival of ROCORMP's administration) had never been on the table in pre-union negotiations.

ROCORMP touts this as evidence of a job well done. I think they also believe that it defuses criticisms by the more cautious voices (e.g., those of Metropolitan Agafangel and our own), claiming that ROCORMP compromised too easily and sacrificed its witness for the sake of questionable benefits.

This attitude towards ROCORMP's post-MP-union administrative integrity shows just how much the union talks were driven by political and conventional-as opposed to theological-concerns.

If ROCORMP's historical job is done and there are no longer justifiable grounds for its being walled off from the MP, what logic is there for it maintaining a separate administration? In fact, do not canonical concerns and principles of order argue for the administrative assimilation of ROCORMP by the MP? How do they now justify ROCORMP and MP bishops holding sees in the same territory (NYC, Germany, etc.)?

Were I to interview Father Alexander, I would like to have played for him the public recordings of Metropolitian Cyprian, before congregations and visiting State Church Hierarchy, declaring that, should the State Church leave the WCC, renounce ecumenism, and return to the Old Calendar, he would happily turn over the keys to his Churches, step aside from the Hierarchy, and live out his days as a simple monk. His resistance would have ended with the completion of his appointed tasks.

Why did ROCORMP not declare something similar once it ascertained that the MP was healthy?

Though I am not so naive as to think I would get a direct answer, I can only think of two reasons that would compel ROCORMP to continue with its present administrative status: 1) that they do not, in fact, trust the MP, all of its reforms and repentance notwithstanding; 2) there are significant lingering ambitions among the ROCORMP Hierarchy and clergy.

Neither reason is very compelling, either as a backdrop for a staged reconciliation or as grounds for an enduring, semi-autonomous administration.

+ Bishop Auxentios
Servant of Metropolitan Cyprian and Archbishop Chrysostomos

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit of St. Nicholas

from Nun Vera's blog

An Apparition Visit of St. Nicholas, the 'handsome old man with a beard'

These miracles of St. Nicholas are countless......
through many centuries, and in all lands........

Our Holy Father NICHOLAS,
Pray to God for us!

(Nicholas means, 'Victory of the People')

Lyubov often told this incredible story at  meetings to the audience and in an interview.

"July 31, 1941 I was 20 years old. I lived in Leningrad. And on my birthday, we went to our in-laws in the city. As we came out of the car, and were walking down the street, there  suddenly came in front  to me a handsome bearded old man. He very gently stopped me, looked into my eyes and said, "My name is Nicholas. You're going to have a famine, but you will have enough to survive it. " 

But we had  then a starvation blockade and we  could not imagine, how we could survive. Then he said: "Learn the prayer" 'Our Father' [and I have still learned it in German,] and « Gottes Mutter, hilf mir ». It's in Russian means "Mother of God, help me." 

Saying these words, the old man went away and disappeared  behind a fence, and my mother frightened  said, "This is Nicholas! Catch him!" I jumped over the fence, and there was a vast wasteland ... and no  person could have disappeared there so fast. 

We immediately went to the church, and there is an icon of St. Nicholas, I immediately  recognized the old man. Then, in the hunger blockade all my relatives, including my in-laws, perished. And I alone survived against all logic. 

The prayers "Our Father" and "Mother of God, save us!", now I read every morning " .

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


• Photos & Report: Met. Agafangel's Visit to France-continued
Sorry! for this rather rough and at some points, obscure, (outer-space?)  machine-English translation:  Those mindless machines, cannot speak the English language.

• Some Internal Problems of the EP Greek Archdiocese of America-

• For those tired of western Christmas Carols (beautiful as they are)-Something Slavic/Orthodox, for a change
 Comment: Some beautiful Nativity singing, and some angelic children......

• Jewish Rabbi Reveals the Name of the Messiah, before his death

• Video-A Muslim becomes a Christian-powerful testimony of faith and of God's Redeeming Love-
 Comment: Yes, we as Orthodox Christians must be ever  cautious about too easily accepting visions of Our Lord or Saints, etc.
But when these visions and heavenly conversatiions produce such deep conversions from sins and a profound turning to Christ-God, then...... we can see, that many of them are indeed, from God. "By their fruits shall ye know them."  And too, "The Holy Spirit listeth (goes or moves) where it willeth!"
No one has a captive control of the Holy Spirit-   He goes where He is needed, and when suffering mankind calls for God's help.  Which is the whole reason that Christ became a man, and came to save us.  When any of us humans, (all made in God's Holy Image), call in faith,  upon God for help, He comes. 
What Our Lord is, in Person, all over the Muslim world, saying in signs and wonders, to Muslims:
 "Come unto Me, all ye who are overburdened and heavy laden,
 and ye shall find rest for your souls."
"I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He Who is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega". "I am Jesus Christ"

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Many-MANY!- reports on religious news or abuses of freedom of religion, etc. - inside Ukraine and the Russian Federation, etc

Category: For those who have the time to read them, perhaps...selectively (?)
Some do pertain to various Orthodox peoples' related news or their  rights being denied or abused, and other articles are concerned with problems involving other religions, domestic or foreign, etc.

  Stetson University

We can all stop flossing now

(Our Odd & Totally Unbalanced 'Modern-Progressive' World)- "The world ends in four days; we can all stop flossing now..".

 NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,
According to the Mayan calendar doomsday prophecies, the world ends in just four days.
I guess that means we can all stop flossing now.
Here are some of my additional (satirical) thoughts on 12/21/2012:

Sunday, December 16, 2012


• Putin's government official says: Syrian government is loosing control and may be defeated
Since Putin's government has so much to loose by an Assad defeat,
and since it has been supplying his ruthless murderous regime with 
most of it's bombs and  arms, with which to slaughter the people of Syria,
for Putin's mouthpiece to openly admit that Assad is loosing, is
a sure indication that,.....Assad IS loosing. (Thank God!).

• short video: Violence breaks out in Ukraine's newly elected Parliament
From Fox News:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Russian Icons "myrthgushing"

New Russian Icons "myrthgushing"

from: St. Edwards'

from: St. Gregory Palamas'
 You are absolutely correct. These are insane. A mass murderer and madman and a KGB thug turned "saint" represent what must be the total degradation of what one can only call a sick, counterfeit Orthodoxy and nationalism run amuck presenting themselves in the guise of spirituality. A pure definition of blasphemy.
   What next, Satan being borne up to the Heavens in a chariot of fire?
I will distribute this, so that others can see how sick our world is....

from: Reader Daniel
Comment: Sorry to share this disgusting  neo-soviet blasphemy, but this is apparently what some want,
in Putin's 'new democratic', 'Orthodox'....Russian Federation.
Perhaps? this is a 'joke'?
When will Hilarion Kapral's ROCOR/MP have these 'icons' in their captive
churches, if their 'mother-church MP', first displays them? ..for veneration (?)
To kiss either of these deplorable paintings, would be like kissing satan's  face, himself! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Testimonies About Islam

Two strong and biting expos√© testimonies about Islam 
(one from a convert to Christ, and one from a humanist view)

1) Former Muslim Rashid (a convert from Islam to Christ) reveals the truth about Islam: 

2) The truth about Islam from an ex-muslim lady (an Arab lady, speaking as a humanist):
Spoken in /Arabic, but with an English translation on the screen.

Comment: though I agree with most of what this intelligent lady has to say, but because she looks at the world from a secular-humanist view, she misses out on a central fact, ..i.e. that Islam and the secular world,  ARE in fact, waring against Christ-God.

Thus, it is a spiritual war, one that secular-humanism cannot win.

The only answer, is for Muslims, to CONVERT to Jesus Christ, and abandon their false/evil Islamic religion.