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& My GENERAL, TO ANY and ALL: Mid-Summer 2018 Short Appeal


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Dan Everiss

Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 10:11 AM

From Our Saviour's Place, dedicated many years ago, to God, "God's Acre", in The Image of Our Saviour, Not-Made-By-Human-Hands:

Dear Orthodox brothers and sisters, and to all of my readers:

With much reluctance, I am forced by acute necessity to humiliate myself, and to send out this appeal for monetary aid at this time.

To make it through this summer, I need help.  Either one-time donations or... even better, regular or periodic help.

My fixed and never improving, very low monthly social security is just not making it for me, even though I live very frugally.

There are certain specific important needs, such as replacing my broken and fallen down entrance gate down by the highway,  – that gate, now self-destructed by rust & age, which is necessary to insure privacy here from the much traveled busy highway.  That will cost $170.00 for the new gate itself, plus almost twice that totally, with the added paid labor... or about $340.00.  I just do not have that sum.

And then there is the recent surprise blow to my survival  here: of my long time helper, an elderly lady who years ago had been  my tenant,

     (& whose rental income ceased some years ago,because she ran my old rental mobile home down, & she moved out & in fact she destroyed it, by turning it into a virtual animal barn,  to the degree, that it is for some time now, totally unlivable & unfixable now, and -I do not have the money to have it even bull-dozed away, & to re-place it with another rentable  functional dwelling,  sothat I can rent  that out,  and take in badly needed monthly rental income,-which rental income used to... for many years,  support me....  putting me in ONLY my sole source of survival income: my very  low social-security income per month- too low for me to continue surviving for much longer) 

     & she who has to stop helping me because of her advanced age and her declining health - she is about 80 now.  Daily, she drives over 100 miles, in helping people and rescuing animals, etc. ...and she is wearing out.  I have had to simply forgive her for ruining my old rental mobile home.  She could not help it, I'm she filled it full of rescued unwanted animals ....which  loving task has been her life-long daily work, and her reason for living.

For some years now, even after she ceased being my tenant, she has driven  me to doctors and clinic appointments, [as I no longer can drive and I regrettably had to give up my car] and to stores to buy food, and she has picked up my mail, taken out and mailed my outgoing mail, picked up prescriptions, etc.  and she has done  my in-town banking for me.

 Now, I need to very soon find a replacement for her, and that means I will need to pay some serious money [which I just do not have] for someone new to do those basic  life-supporting  tasks for me. I am house-bound here, and at a distance from town, both Sutherlin-which has not much of practical use to me,  at about 12 miles away, and the bigger Roseburg, which is about a 45 minute drive south- where are my most useful stores and my doctors, etc.

And because I am too far from any town, I am not eligible for  government funded [Medicare paid for, etc. ] transportation-costs help.

I could go on about my further long list of exact other basic/non-frill  needs, but all I can say at this point, is that I can use whatever anyone wants to-or is able to send me.

I am physically unable to do any work, @ 74, and in fact, I am a semi-invalid at this time.  Walking or bending over is dangerous for me, plus diabetes, glaucoma, etc. etc., etc.

With God's help, I manage here as best I can, [with my walker and sometimes crutches, so I don't fall, again] as I am now residing in this cement-floored icon-workshop, which I built years ago.  Now it is my home.

As long as I can, my 'plan' and hope, as God gives me the strength, is to stay here and keep praying, and still remain independent as long as possible, and not be forced into an 'extended care facility' or a nursing home ....institutionalized.

Here I care for and feed some dependent animals which God has sent me, [a sizable cost in itself, for my small budget...though I have been forced to cut way back on the amounts I  put out for them], I utilize this computer to share church and spiritual related articles, -my little insignificant voice to the outside world,  and I am trying to, day by day, prepare my soul for the next world, for life with God.
And, though I am not righteous, 'not worthy',  I pray for others, as we Orthodox Christians all must, for the living and the departed, both my benefactors and for all.

I ask your prayers, and for any help which any of you can or may render me.

If this appeal offends anyone, I apologize, but I would not ask, if I didn't really need your help.

For those who cannot send me money aid, I ask your prayers!

God is the richest being in the universe, HE OWNS ALL!

THANK YOU ALL! and May Our Saviour richly bless you!... ten fold more.

Retired-Reader,  -worn out, but still kicking-Daniel Everiss

Email: <>

Make any checks out to Daniel Everiss,  and mail them to:
Daniel Everiss
8419 Hwy 138 West
Oakland, Oregon 97462


  1. This need is ongoing. Every month is a struggle.

  2. Dear Reader Daniel This is a voice from the past. Remember the fell street nuns. Gregory varney


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