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Japanese Orthodox Church: MP build monastery

About the Japanese Orthodox Church: The MP will build 'a monastery' in Japan (no doubt, for much more than just 'for prayers')-

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 2:41 PM

U.S. Colonel Boris T. Pash, [1900-1995] and his renowned  military importance in World War II, and in some of his behind the scenes influential dealings connected to the post-war Japanese Orthodox Church, to save it from being taken over by Moscow's KGB controlled MP.

The Alsos Mission

Front Cover
Award House, 1969 - Atomic bomb - 256 pages

The time was 1944, a critical period in World War II. The Allies were just beginning to get a foothold on the Axis stronghold. But Hitler was stubbornly holding back the pressure and bragging about his secret arsenal of super-weapons. Intelligence reports were coming in of huge concrete installations and underground constructions, and Allied scientists were feverishly searching for the anser to the one crucial question that plagued their governments: Did the Nazis have the secret of the Atomic bomb? To find the answer Col. Borish T. Pash was directed to head a dangerous intelligence operation at times through the front lines of both the Allies and the Axis. Its code was the Alsos Mission.
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FROM MY MEMORY: My Personal Testimony:

Some information that I personally know of,  much of which was told directly to me by Col. Boris T. Pash, [the middle initial T stands for his father's original priestly name as a married parish priest of, Fr. 'Theodore' Pashkovsky, then in San Francisco's Holy Trinity Cathedral]..... but who succeeded Met. Platon Roszhdyesvensky,  in the World War II era, the son of schismatic Metropolia Met. Theopholus (Pashkovsky), the second schismatic metropolitan after the founder of that schism, Met. Platon.

Putin's KGB/FSB totally  controlled Moscow Patriarchy, which has also been,  since 1970,  in full 'canonical' control of The Japanese Orthodox Church, [and recognized as such by worldly-Orthodoxy] which missionary church was handed to Moscow as part of Moscow's full price for its wonderful blessing of that pathetic 1970 'Tomos of Autocephaly', granting them their supposed,  'canonical independence'   to the rebellious schismatic  North American Russian Metropolia, by the communist founded and controlled, anti-canonical and bogus organization founded by orders of Joseph Stalin in 1943.

"The blessing of a heretic is a curse!".

As one of  its many conditions/costs for the  MP 'Mother church' in  Moscow, in  granting the American Metropolia, its 'independence', the fooled and deluded leaders of that Metropolia (actually at that time, in uncanonical schism since about the approximate time frame of Patriarch Tikhon's death, from its canonical mother church, the Russian Synod in Exile, named 'The Platonite Schism' of renegade Bp. Platon Roszdyesvensky)... had to gift to Moscow, its full control of its dependent  Japanese Church- a great prize for the communist rulers of Russia, as it gave them a direct inroad into Japan, [which legal/religious/political access into Japan, the American military occupation authorities, had firmly previously blocked and thwarted] for their pro-soviet and pro-communist espionage and influence.

At one point, after the war, Japan came close to being taken over by communists...using the new freedoms granted to the Japanese people by the liberal American occupation authorities.

Col. Pash told me of his personal role in influencing General McArthur to forbid the entry into Japan, of any Soviet church clergy or representatives: 

And Col. Boris T. Pash, [the son of Met. Theopholis/Feofil Pashkowsky...his son shortened his last name to 'Pash'] had a lot of influence, in the US military of World War II,  as he headed the famous and heroic ALSOS Mission, which went ahead of the advancing Allied armies in Europe, as they reclaimed country after country  from Nazi Germany, and as they boldly stormed ahead, and found and seized Atomic bomb making radioactive materials and scientists, etc.

During Gen. McArthur's military rule over post-war occupied Japan, at one point, the clergy of the Japanese church had received the notification that...Moscow was very soon sending them a new head bishop, some.... 'Bishop Ireney' help them.

But when that MP Bp. Ireney arrived on a soviet ship, which was docked in Toyko harbor, because of Co. Boris T. Pash's word of pre-warning,  to General McArthur, that soviet ship was strictly forbidden to dock or to land on shore, so that the MP's 'Bishop Ireney' was prevented from landing, and he had to return to the soviet union.

But from America, something also was quickly arranged and engineered by the efforts of influential Col. Boris T. Pash, there quickly arrived ANOTHER  different and non-MP  'Bp. Ireney', a Metropolia, Bp. Ireney (Bekish)...who landed and was welcomed and happily accepted by the clergy and people of the Japanese Church, and thus the North American Metropolia (then at least at its episcopal level, still strongly  anti-communist and non-trusting of the -MP), gained full control of the Japanese Church...and not Moscow.

But later, in 1970, the leaders of that North American Russian Metropolia, schismatic church, blindly GIFTED the Japanese Church to the communists in Moscow. WHAT A SHAME!

Now, we are supposed to applaud this 'new monastery in Japan', that the MP is building and 'organizing'???

Yes, of course, it will look beautiful and conduct wonderful services which will be performed in it, night and day, with frequent friendly visits from MP clergy from Russia, no doubt, but it will also be a new center for Putin's KGB operations in Japan...of that I have no doubt.

And as a  footnote: Col Pash also related to me his 1917 attendance with his father, Fr. Theodore Pashkovsky, at the Moscow Sobor, held in the Uspensky Sobor in the Kremlin.
Col. Pash was born in 1900, and so he was 17 years old then. To my memory, he died at almost 95, in California..if my memory is correct..

What he witnessed at that famous 1917 Moscow Sobor, the last real and free All-Russian Sobor, before the full communist takeover.... what he all he related to me  was fascinating. I wish now that I would have asked him more of his historic observations. 

But I do not know what he thought of the 1970 Metropolia's betrayal to Moscow.

Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

В Японии откроют первый православный монастырь

In Japan, the first Orthodox monastery will be opened-by the Moscow Patriarchy.

Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internet Cathedral. Дата публикации: Date of publication: . .Категория: Юрисдикции Официального Православия . Category: Jurisdictions of Official Orthodoxy .

Москва. Moscow. 17 июля. July 17th.

 ИНТЕРФАКС - В Японии будет построен первый в этой стране православный монастырь, обитель посвятят святителю Николаю Японскому - русскому клирику, основавшему в конце XIX века Православную церковь в "стране восходящего солнца".

 INTERFAX - The first Orthodox monastery in Japan will be built in Japan, the monastery will be dedicated to St. Nicholas (Kasatkin), The Enlightener of Japan - the Russian missionary bishop who founded the Orthodox Church in the country of the rising sun at the end of the XIX century.

Организацией монашеской общины займется насельник Троице-Сергиевой лавры иеромонах Герасим (Шевцов), сообщает официальный сайт Московского патриархата.

The monastery of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Hieromonk Gerasim (Shevtsov), will organize the monastic community, the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate reports.

Для будущего мужского монастыря была приобретена земля, на которой построят храм, на месте его предполагаемой закладки был отслужен первый молебен.

For the future monastery, land was purchased, on which the temple will be built, and the first moleben was served on the site of its supposed foundation site.

Для будущего монастыря уже доставлено большое напрестольное Евангелие, напечатанное в типографии лавры на японском языке в переводе святого Николая.

For the future monastery, there  has already been delivered a large altarpiece Gospel, printed in the printing house of the Trinity- Sergius Lavra, in Japanese,  in the original Japanese translation done by St. Nicholas (Kasatkin), named: 'The Enlightener of Japan'. 

Открывается книга по-японски - корешок с правой стороны.

 In opening the Gospel book in Japanese - the spine of it is on the right side, [opposite to our books in our western/European -languages].

 Чтение - справа налево и сверху вниз, то есть традиционное вертикальное письмо.

And reading it is from right to left and from top to bottom, that is, according to the traditional Japanese vertical  writing.

 Вес одной книги в переплете составляет 10 кг.

The weight of one Japanese Gospel book with its binding, is 10 kg.

Тираж издания - десять экземпляров.

Current edition circulation:  ten copies.

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