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MY OPEN-Letter General Sharing: Added to and Expanded: with a far away friend: to enlighten yourself about this complicated mess here-

You may share this with whomever you want.  I shall now.

And I am sorry if this offends anyone, but I cannot any longer be silent to this lamebrain and unjustified destruction of our ROCA, and to not at least TRY to speak the truth.

I call upon all, fellow loyal ROCA Orthodox clergy and laity, to reject this evil schism, and to remain loyal to our noble and committed and sincere,  Metropolitan and to our ROCA Synod of Bishops.

And may Almighty God, grant them victory over all of their/OUR  malicious attackers!...and repentance to those making this soul-killing schism. You who are guilty of this anti-Orthodox and anti-God crime, know who you are.

~American, Reader Daniel Everiss, in Oregon
-tired of all the disinformation and vicious slanders and lies!


This is my appeal to a fellow ROCA loyalist here,  for him to compose an 'Open Letter', which I will then share.

Here I answer his question, as to what I am asking him to put in his Open Letter.

Well, ___N___, compose your Open Letter along the lines of what you put in your recent words (below) to me, but expanded on.

Basically, to DEFEND our noble and sincere and dedicated Metropolitan and our other honorable bishops, and their motives, from the vicious and  ignorant slanderous and simply deceitful false charges hurled at them, regarding the Russian rebels, and matters here, and everything.

It should  not be worded as... an 'attack' on Vl. Andronik, but just to TELL THE TRUTH!,  or even mentioning the names of the schism ringleaders behind him and clearly pushing him, [ as if he is a mindless sock-puppet?], or  THEIR presumed 'well-intentioned' motives (though their impious unorthodox motives CAN be in general guessed at, at least to some degree, by their very words and actions ).

"By their fruits shall ye know them!" said Our Lord.

And too, what are or will be,  the full end-game implications and expected results  of this schism....and that it has to lead to the total disintegration of our least here in N. America.

But in all truth, ___N___, I already see signs that what craziness is starting here, is already infecting ROCA clergy in Europe, and setting in motion there (and in Australia for sure), the total ruination of our entire world-wide continued ROCOR the joy of ROCOR/MP and their Mother, the MP in Moscow.

Already our new ROCA American mid-western parish, which was happily received into our ROCA by Vl. Andronik a few years ago, under well respected priest and traditionalist Orthodox author, Fr. .. Somers, has left us and returned to the GOC, because of this chaos in our church. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINING OF of a wholesale exodus from our ROCA here. Vl. Andronik and his followers are causing this, not our Metropolitan or our Synod of Bishops.

___N___!, we here will loose many of the simple pious folks, ...the elderly Russians, who cannot any longer trust our in-chaos and in-schism church, ..or who just want to go to church and pray there in peace,[ they do not go to church to be part of arguments or hateful fights]  and some of whom, will simply go back to ROCOR/MP parishes,[ actually a number have done this already],  OR to worldly Orthodox parishes-which in this country are many and everywhere,  etc. and plus  the many POSSIBLE new members into our N. American ROCA,  HERE in this country, who are presently in the other jurisdictions, [ conservative anti-ecumenist clergy and entire established whole parishes!] but who seek a more traditional Orthodox jurisdiction...such as ours.

I would also  explain  the basic MIND SET of the Met and of our Russian bishops over there. They have been through the soviet wringer, and so THEY KNOW the facts of life there, as they have been and still, are,  in the 'belly of the beast'. Their piety and Orthodoxy are thus, fire-tried and tested,  firm and strong. They are strong in mind and soul. Here, is where the majority of the old zarubezhniki, and their children, ..betrayed to Moscow in 2007,  and left hanging in mid-air the many pro-ROCOR Russians over there...who were en route into our church from their hated MP, [a beginning, at that time,  a mass movement out of the MP] but who were STABBED in their backs by OUR betrayal to that very MP, HERE. Bp. Evtiky was a big shock to them in his betrayal to the MP, as was Met. Lavr and his co-workers.

Such testimonies I have heard from ROCA people here, who were in Russia during that 2007 betrayal, and they heard the anguish and hurt and dismay of the faithful over there.

Now, once again, to the eyes of the Met and our Russian bishops over there, they see a repeat happening.... here, among us weak, smug, comfortable, very materialistic, easily lead into schism...and indeed bit by bit to outright heresy, ...a second  repeat of our 2007, betrayal to Moscow, and we indecisive and only luke-warm ROCA Orthodox here. They thus feel, that they MUST take firm and decisive save our AND THEIR! ourselves.

And as our ruling Orthodox Bishops, that is both their right and their DUTY!  But those righteous bishops, are portrayed here by the mischievous schism makers, as evil vile power and money hungry men.  WHAT injustice! What unchristian slanderous LIES!

Also, one could make a good case, that Vl. Andronik is not balanced in his head, 'not tightly wrapped', by his various unbelievable actions and words ...over the recent years [since our ROCA made him a bishop], even before this recent & current unstable performance of his, unless he may be trying to emulate the 'Holy Fools' (?)

The rebels here, have an entirely different and warped view of matters....which you should also spell out.

This Open Letter, needs to present all sides, but stressing what is the right course of action, what is the ORTHODOX path...what is best for our CHURCH!

___N___, a big part of what is so deficient here, is the common general lack of knowledge,  of what the Orthodox Faith is all about, and the worst ones, are, in general,  those 'born-Orthodox', the 'Russians'..of all emigrations, and their children and grandchildren, plus the new huge group of soviet-era Russians.... [MOST of whom are, shamelessly  openly and publicly loyal to the MP and to Vladimir Putin!]. 

They thus do not seem to even know or care about any bishop's proper authority, but they imagine that they [ like the Supreme Soviet of Astoria Holy Trinity Parish], can run the church, as THEY see fit, without any bishop's pastoring them.

They respect NO Bishop!

That impious and ignorant anti-Orthodox mind-set already means that they are semi-Orthodox  at best..[and already self-excommunicated dead branches]  and at worst ...what we are seeing now: gleeful soul-and-church destroying schism makers and deprecators of lawful Orthodox bishop's authority ....worse than the 'Godless Hagarenes' ...the Christian murdering Muslims.

Of course, this is also partly the aftermath result of that despicable 2007 betrayal, where the holy  metropolitan, holy  bishops and holy priests gave the old ROCOR away to the  still KGB/FSB controlled, MP in Moscow...where the church leadership proved to be the proverbial, 'wolves in sheep's clothing' false shepherds....well all.... except for Vladyka Agafangel!...who alone resisted them.

___N___, it is only because of hard-headed (determined and dedicated Met. Agafangel Pashkowsky), that we even HAVE our little ROCA now.

And these impious ignorant and ill-willed fools here,  among which I regrettably I must now include willy-nilly Andronik, [and too, rebellious Sophrony...who does not even live in this country! why he is constantly interfering here?] are trying to kill it.

Truly thus too, Andronik Kotlaroff has become, shockingly,  'the blind leading the blind, and they both shall fall into the ditch'.

He is proving that he was never fit to be made a bishop.

That is approximately what is needed to be stated, in your Open Letter.

And ___N___, I now have more than enough evidence, from his own mouth and from several people who have been close to Andronik,  to see the picture of the Kotlaroff family's mind, as to Putin and Ukraine: They DO support bloodthirsty dictator V. Putin  and what he is doing in Ukraine! What immorality!

About a year ago or so, I had a long and [in general] pleasant phone conversation with Vl. Andronik, but  in which he said: "Russia is an Orthodox country and Putin is the Orthodox leader of it" my astonishment.

___N___, that is why Mark and his uncle, believed and shared those outright 'anti-Russian' slanders, from those two rebel bishops and the Ishevsks Putin worshipping clergy WHO LEFT US, [they left us, with cursing and attacks on us, WE did not 'throw them out']  against the Met and our Synod,...because they have been, moronically/robotically  on Putin's Side! is that simple, I am not happy to realize. It was not , nor is not now,  out of their miss-informed innocent ignorance of the facts on the ground over there.

They approve of all of Putin's immoral invasion, mass killing and mass destruction of Ukrainian cities, villages and LIVES., thus swallowing whole all of Putin's many many propaganda lies, about the 'Nazi Ukrainians in Kiev', etc.

They want our ROCA to also officially honour, and publically defend and support,  Putin and his 'heroic' efforts to 'restore Russian national honor' in Ukraine,...and elsewhere.


To that warped  MORALLY BANKRUPTED mindset, thus...our ROCA under the Met and our bishops, is 'anti-Russian' and 'unpatriotic to Russia' (!!!).

UNBELIEVABLE: lies, lies, and then...more lies....and now, schism.

And then to add insult to injury, they label our Met and our Synod, as 'mixing politics into the church', and we being 'pro-Ukrainian Nazis'.

Apparently, they may?... indeed distane the MP, yet they are wrecking our anti-MP, ROCA!,   but they adore murdering dictator KGB neo-soviet Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who is the real Patriarch of the Moscow Patriarchate, founded by Joseph Stalin in 1943...with so many many other Russians, world-wide...many here also.


The foul submission of a large part of our, American-based ROCOR in 2007, to the KGB run MP, was a two way betrayal: one, to the whole anti-communist history of the Russian Church Abroad and to Holy Orthodoxy...and..two, it was also....a betrayal of THIS Country also, a stab in the back of our America.

'Russia', post the Czarist Era, whatever that country was called in the past or now, but most especially after the Bolshevik takeover of it, and under the official soviet era, and now also, has been and still is: America's international mortal enemy nation.

I now see, that Andronik Kotlaroff and his followers are NOT loyal, to this country! [where they live], ...not at all.

I wish that Andronik Kotlaroff and his kin here, would soon return to  Australia, or to his beloved  Russian Federation/Putinland, ....since he seems to admire Putin.  He is doing much too much harm here, as is his whole Kotlaroff family.

This schism may be correctly labeled, The 'Kotlaroff Schism'.

For myself, I want nothing to do with it, nothing!
Reader Daniel Everiss, in Oregon

 This whole situation is a mess.  The Metropolitan is not a good listener and has annoyed many people in North America with his desire to have property here that the Synod owns. (Another factor is his preference to spend much more time in Odesa, where he has far more parishes, than here.)   It is ironic, though, that this crisis demonstrates why it is important that the Synod have such property.  The problem, of course, is that there are limited means here and suspicion of hierarchs given our experience with Met Lavr and ABP Mark.

ABP Andronik clearly is not happy with the Metropolitan and would like to be in control of all parishes in North America. Unfortunately, he has been seeking arguments to press his claim and used these publicly.  Last summer he convened a diocesan meeting that accused the Metropolitan publicly of "uncanonical" activity in changing his, the ABP's, diocese.  (This despite the fact that the ABP agreed to this change initially and in writing.)  The statement also blasted the Metropolitan for removing the Bishops in Russia who have adopted a Russian chauvinist stance on the war in Ukraine and insisted that our Church take that position.  The first charge was simply wrong, and ABP Andronik dropped it after numerous clerics pointed that out.  The second charge was dangerous to our Church -- and those Bishops chose to leave -- and  ABP Andronik dropped that too.  But now he has taken on a new argument: that he will not obey the Synod or the Metropolitan until we hold an All Diaspora Council because "problems have arisen."  Such a position has no justification in Orthodox practice.  ABP Andronik says that he does not want schism and continues to commemorate the Metropolitan, but refuses to obey him and the Synod.  To put it kindly, that is an anomalous position.

What we could all use is better listening and some understanding from the Metropolitan, and a recognition by ABP Andronik that only heresy or clearly un-Christian behavior by the Metropolitan can justify a refusal to take instructions from the Synod.  

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 09:24:03 -0400

Dear Reader Daniel,

What letter do you have in mind?


 I ask you to compose some sort of an INDEPTH  'defense of Met. Agafangel and our ROCA Synod of Bishops', 
in view of this Kotlaroff schism in the making....which does not appear to be slowing down.

It is up to you if you want to put your real name to it, or simply 'a loyal member of ROCA in America' ...or whatever.

You need to, point by point, refute all of these outrageous  slanders and lies, for one major purpose, and call all to obedience to our rightful Orthodox metropolitan and bishops.

When you send it to me, I will then share it as widely as I can. If you wish, I will put my name to it. I DON'T CARE!

~ Daniel, 
- truly this day,  more and more dismayed and angered by this latest new set of signatures on that, stupid letter: 'Defense of Archb. Andronik' pathetic deceitful letter, circulated by revenge-minded spiritually unbalanced arrogant Mark Kotlaroff.  He seems to not care what the facts are on any subject, but only to maliciously spread  his soul and church destroying rebellion.
~ Rd. Daniel in Oregon

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