Monday, July 11, 2016

Short Video: Pochaev Monastery

Sharing: a Short Video: Pochaev Monastery Traditional Mass-Pilgrimage: This Group from Kiev, Ukraine-

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 11:25 AM
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These arduous and long holy mass-pilgrimages have been on-going for centuries. This particular group of pilgrims from Kiev and Ukraine,
 is only one of many other mass pilgrimages to the Pochaev Lavra. They, as they pray along the way, day by day,  all want to see and venerate the miraculous icon of Our Lady, Mother of God, of Pochaev....which is seen being carried in this procession. This is something not of our modern progressive  materialistic scientific and godless world culture, but something from the past ages of true and sincere Orthodox religious fervor and piety....which is still alive in simple and  devoted Orthodox Christian hearts. What clergy are leading them, is much less important....the pilgrims would to  Pochaev, even on their own, [ as actually many do] regardless. It is their podvig, their spiritual soul- cleansing work for God.
And such earthly pilgrimages are an image of our entire struggling sojourns here, to reach that hoped for, Heavenly New Jerusalem, "The homeland of our hearts' desiring".
God grant this!

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