Thursday, July 21, 2016

key findings two edicts issued July 21, 2016


Sharing: In English: (which may be posted with the full report of this Bishop's Meeting)-"The key findings in these two edicts"


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Dan Everiss

Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 2:10 PM

The two main points in these two ukas's/edicts , from one who reads the Russian:

{ Key findings: both ABP Sophroniy and ABP Andronik have been placed on pokoi (retirement).  They no longer retain their bishop's title and no longer have any administrative responsibilities.  For pastoral reasons, Sophroniy is permitted to serve in a specific one monastery, and Andronik at Mountain View.

Father Oleg Mironov has been summoned to the Synod in Odessa.}

The full Russian language original  two ukas's: (one deals with Archbishop Sofrony and the other with Archbishop Andronik):
A brief  explanation:
These official edicts explain the  full canonical reasons [ i.e. their breaking of canons and for encouraging schism, in their conduct]  for these strong actions, which were decided, after long discussions  at the recent Synod meeting.
Now, Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo, Brazil is appointed to administer all of our  N. American ROCA parishes and clergy, and his name is to be commemorated, after that of  Metropolitan Agafangel,  at all services here in N. America.
For Australia, the Metropolitan will alone be in full charge of the diocese.

Постановили: Вызвать протоиерея Олега Миронова на Архиерейский Собор РПЦЗ.

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