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PHOTO REPORT: St. John's Women's Monastery

Sharing: Thoughts Conveyed From a Little Forest Bird: and: Two Articles on the Same Event: PHOTO REPORT: St. John's Women's Monastery in Egorovka, Ukraine, Feast Day

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 3:38 PM

*An added thought: If we all, in our ROCA: metropolitans, archbishops, bishops, priests, the lower clergy, monastics, and all laity (rich or poor, those with much or no voice or  influence on the direction or ordering of church matters), cared only about TRUTH and HOLINESS, ....BECOMING CHRIST-LIKE....Theosis,  as did St. John all of his life,   then we would never have malicious arguments or divisions or hatreds amongst us. But the disease of pride seems to affect us all these days, from our highest clergy to our lowest members, which will lead to the bitter end of our struggling church.

Do we even LISTEN to each other?

Too many seem to listen to liars, believe them, and then harm the innocent victims,  while the true evil doers are awarded praise (!)...what an abomination!

This is an injustice which cries to the heavens for the punishment of God!
GOD IS TRUTH... and those who worship Him must do so in holiness and truth.
And we need consecrated clerical leadership, who will listen to the truth, ['rightly dividing the word of truth'] sooth the afflicted and make justice and truth prevail, and not throw gasoline on the fires....who are the PEACEMAKERS which Our Lord calls us all to be.

We are all the 'Laos', the People of God, a holy nation. We are called to be saints! In God's eyes, He views us all the same, whether we be a metropolitan or the parish bell-ringer or janitor, for "God is not a respecter of persons".

And HE owns all the universe, [ i.e. when we leave this world, we leave with NOTHING!, not even with our bodies which we pampered all of our lives], so material wealth or passing earthly power, [ all of which anyway, HE has given us, as  a LOAN, we do not truly own it, nor can we keep it], cannot impress Him, not at all.
God sees all of what is in our Hearts and Souls. Nothing escapes Him, NOTHING!
We need, DISPASSION, to let go of the things of this fallen world, such as our human pride,  and its foolishness.

And too, we need pious sincere Orthodox CHRISTIAN laity!...who have proper respect for the ordained and consecrated clergy.

Otherwise, we perish, and our church life descends into bitter internal chaos. Are we then, "The Body of Christ"?...or more so, "The Council of the Ungodly"?

Just my thoughts, chirped  to me by a little forest bird,  on this remembrance of this righteous holy man's celebration, who is a model for us all.

Let us try to be like, St. John!...he who formed  his life on that of Our Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Let him who would be the 'first of all', [i.e. the chief]  amongst you,  be the servant of all!"

ST. JOHN WAS THE SERVANT OF ALL, ...crucified on his own cross for God and for us! his flock, Our Lord Himself gave us His example to be.

Humility and love will save our church, while  pride and arrogance may... end it.
Woe to those who believe slander and calumny, [whether they be bishops or priests or laity,] and care not about the truth.

In the patristic writings, such a sin is akin to being a murderer.
"The way of the cross leads home!"

Rd. Daniel in the forest

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РПЦЗ: Монастырский Праздник в Одесской Свято-Иоанновской обители.


 ROCA: Monastic Festival in Odessa St. John's  Monastery. Фоторепортаж picture story

Автор: Монахиня Вера вкл. Author: Nun Vera. . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 19) Published in the ROCA (Views: 19)
Монастырский Праздник в честь святителя Иоанна Шанхайского отмечали в Одесской Свято-Иоанновской обители (РПЦЗ) в субботу, 19 июня/ 2 июля 2016 г.
The monastery named in his honor, on his  Feast-  of St. John of Shanghai,  celebrated this day in the Odessa [Egorovka, Ukraine] St. John's Monastery (ROCA) on Saturday, June 19 / July 2, 2016

Накануне состоялось праздничное Всенощное бдение, которое совершил священник Виталий Морозов из Одесской епархии Русской Зарубежной Церкви.
On the eve of the holiday there took place the Vigil, which was lead by  the priest Fr. Vitaly Morozov of the Odessa diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

На следующий день, в сам день Праздника, игумения Александра с сестрами обители с большой радостью встречали своего Первоиерарха - Высокопреосвященнейшего Митрополита Агафангела у монастырского храма с пением и колокольным звоном.
 The next day, on  the very day of the Feast, the Abbess of the monastery, Mother  Alexandra, together  with the sisters with great joy,  greeted their First Hierarch - His Eminence Metropolitan Agafangel,  in their monastery church with singing and the ringing of bells.
Владыка последовал в храм Рождества Богородицы, где его ожидало духовенство Одесской епархии, а также священники из Кишиневской епархии - иерей Симеон Калоев и иеромонах Николай (Завьялов).
Vladyka, , proceeded into the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, where  awaiting him were  the clergy of the Diocese of Odessa, as well as the priests of the Diocese of Kishinev: - Priest Simeon Kahlo and monk Nikolai (Zavyalov).
Состоялся чин архиерейской встречи, благолепно пели сестры монастыря.
There was the normal  rite of the Greeting of the Bishop,  for which there sang splendidly, the  sisters of the  monastery.
Затем были прочитаны часы и началась Божественная литургия, которую возглавил Первоиерарх.
Then there were chanted the Hours, and after that, there  began the Divine Liturgy, which was headed by the First Hierarch.

Во время литургии было много причастников.
 During the liturgy, there were many communicants.
 Люди съехались на монастырский Праздник и на архиерейскую службу из Одессы, Турлаки и Ильичевска.
 People gathered at the monastery and for its  Feast, for this special festive  episcopal service of the Odessa region, and...
.there were also attending, local people from Egorovka.
 Ilyichevsk Turlak. Были и местные жители с.
 Егоровки. Egorovka.
 В конце литургии Его Высокопреосвященство произнес назидательную проповедь о вере и решимости жить по заповедям Божиим, а не по законам мира сего, примером чего для нас может служить земная жизнь святителя Иоанна (Максимовича), его святость еще на земле.
At the end of the Liturgy, His Eminence preached an  edifying sermon on faith and the determination to live the commandments of God, and not according to the laws of this world, an example of which can serve for  us: the earthly life of St John (Maximovich), his holiness while he still lived on this earth.
Затем была пропета "Многая лета" игумении Александре и всем сестрам.
To Vladyka  he  was then sung "Many Years" by Abbess Alexandra and all the sisters.

По окончании богослужения, Митрополит Агафангел, Матушка Александра с сестрами, духовенство и все гости с праздничной иконой свт.
After the service, Metropolitan Agafangel, together with Mother Alexandra with her ​​sisters, and  the clergy and all the guests, processed  with a festive icon of
 St. Иоанна последовали в монастырскую трапезную на традиционное праздничное угощение.
St. John,  to the refectory of the monastery for the traditional festive meal.

Second article, but about the same celebration:
 ROCA: On the monastery's  Feast Day,  Metropolitan Agafangel served at the Holy Monastery of St. John (PHOTOS) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 49) Published in the ROCA (Views: 49)

В субботу, 2 июля, в день памяти Святителя Иоанна Максимовича, Митрополит Агафангел отслужил Божественную Литургию в женском Иоанновском монастыре в селе Егоровка (настоятельница игумения Александра).
On Saturday, 2 July, the feast day St. John Maximovich, Metropolitan Agafangel celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the  St. John's Women's Monastery  in the village of Egorovka, Ukraine (under Abbess Alexandra).
 Владыке сослужили протоиерей Виталий Морозов, иеромонах Николай (Завьялов) и иерей Симеон Калоев, при диаконе Михаиле Торба.
Vladyka Agafangel  was joined by Archpriest Vitaly Morozov, Hieromonk Nicholas (Zavyalov) and Priest Simeon Kaloev, with Deacon Michael Torba.
 После Литургии была праздничная монастырская трапеза.
After the Liturgy there was a festive monastic meal.

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