Tuesday, January 10, 2017

YOLKA at St. Michael's in Odessa

VIDEO: The Nativity Children's Party: The traditional YOLKA at St. Michael's in Odessa, Ukraine, with Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 12:44 PM

Greetings With The Nativity of Christ!    S Prasnecum!



ROCA: A YOLKA:  Nativity children's party in Odessa, 2017 (VIDEO) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. 10 Январь 2017 January 10, 2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 3) Published in the ROCA (Views: 3)

В эти дни в Одессе было стихийное бедствие - мороз и снежная буря.

In these days in Odessa there was a winter weather disaster - the frost and the blizzard.

Многие дети заболели, многие не смогли добраться.

Many children have been  sick, and thus many were not able to attend.

Мы даже думали утренник отменить.

We even thought to cancel the matinee.

Но решились, всё же, провести.

 But we decided, nevertheless, to hold this celebration.

Певчие из хора подменили не пришедших детей, роли перепутались, все выступающие были в смущении.

 Some of the  planned  singers in  the choir had to be substituted [ with adults], as they were  not all children, and the various  roles were  also messed up, and also, all the speakers were confused.

Оператор снял очень неудачно.

The performance  started  off very badly.

  Как говорится - получилось так, как получилось.

 But, as they say - it turned out in the end, how it happened.

Главное - детям радость на Рождество Христово.

The main thing was accomplished however: - the children were happy on Nativity.

А она была, эта радость... Угощение: пицца, пирог, конфеты, мандарины и сок - съедено и выпито всё, без остатка !!!

And there was also this happiness ... The food: pizza, cake, candy, tangerine juice - which were all eaten and drunk... everything!-leaving  of it, not any  trace !!!

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