Thursday, January 12, 2017

a stern warning to schismatics

With a stern warning to schismatics: " to all who rebel against their lawful canonical hierarchs": The GOC 2016- Nativity Encyclical, of GOC Archbishop Kallinikos, head of our Sister Church to our ROCA, under our Shepherd, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafang

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:12 PM

 COMMENT: And gleaning from this epistle one important & applicable & timely  spiritual warning; which currently has special meaning to us who are loyal members in  our continued Russian Orthodox Church Abroad,  and regarding its lawful and solidly Orthodox and pious Shepherds, at this time of organized mindless schismatic chaos in our North American ROCA,  which stern wisdom is contained within  this GOC Nativity Epistle,  from GOC Archbishop Kallinikos, who is head of our sister church to our ROCA,-which is in full co-communion with the GOC, which is  under our Shepherd, our much maligned Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and his ROCA Holy Synod,  and which stern warning is addressed to all those everywhere and at all times,  who would make schism and impious rebellion against their lawful canonical hierarchs:

"All who rebel against their lawful and canonical Orthodox Shepherds, disturb  Divine Order and confine themselves within the destructive deceptiveness of their own wills" 

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