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Remembering LEST WE FORGET!-In Memoriam: Professor EUGENE L'VOVICH MAGEROVSKY : December 11, 1934-January 18, 2009, with his father, A life-long fighter against the Communists and a big promoter of our Continued ROCOR under Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 5:06 PM

My brief comment: If he were with us now, there is no way that he could sympathize, in the least,  with these unbalanced and deceiving Mountain View Schismatics who are determined to divide and destroy our ROCA, [clearly to the joy of the successors of the modern KGB/FSB neo-soviet/communist rulers of his beloved Russia] and especially  so, as he was a constant defender and promoter of our heroic and much abused Vladyka Agafangel , to lead us. It was my extreme honor to be his friend and confidant and co-worker. Even today, I greatly miss our, almost daily long phone conversations and sharing church information. Evgeni had a long colorful and interesting life, and I had hoped to learn more from him, on many varied subjects, from his rich life experiences, but then...suddenly he was gone.

May God forgive all the sins of his earthly life, and grant him rest in Heaven, near the Throne of the God of Truth, Who can only abide fellow truth-seekers and truth tellers.
MEMORY ETERNAL!  VECHNAYA PAMYAT! to you my dear valued friend, Eugene L'vovich,  and MAY YOU REST WITH THE SAINTS!

AMEN!  and AMEN!
God grant this!
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon

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From, Russian & English, a Short-Biography of Eugene L'vovich MAGEROVSKY- 

Comment: Much more could be written about  this life-long ANTI-COMMUNIST, a very good man's amazing productive life and works.

*He loved his real Russia, and he loved his America, both.

I was very privileged to have spoken to him daily via phone, as his far way friend and confidant,  for about his last year and a half, up till his sudden passing, on the eve of Holy Theophany, January 18, 2009, as we both fought  that foul bogus 're-union' which was a Kremlin engineered plot from the start of it, and was not only aimed to subvert/capture the  anti-communist Russian diaspora church people, i.e., ROCOR, but also as another perfidious fifth-columnist plot against America!-which country the KGB Kremlin gangsters still see, as their number one enemy in this world! ..and I know just how very dedicated he was to freeing his beloved  Russian land and people and church! from the oppressive godless communist yoke and it's present neo-soviet KGB controlled debased  condition, and returning/resurrecting  Russia to what was best, most noble in old historic Russia, the real Russia, that Old Russia which the reds have murdered off, or virtually totally still do enslave, by in large.

Yet his pro-Kremlin propaganda lying slanderers called him, 'anti-Russian', a 'hater of Russia', and 'working for the CIA', etc....others claimed that he was 'working for both the KGB...and...the CIA!'.  WHAT RUBBISH!!!

He refused any compromise with those who had betrayed, in 2007, a large part of our old free ROCOR, to the KGB controlled MP 'church'.

And thus, he spoke boldly and, 'rudely' the delicate and semi-closed ears of many. To them, he was 'strident', 'unpleasant', 'divisive', & 'offensive',

Active Orthodox layman, and Professor and U.S. Colonel; (he had a military burial at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors] Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky spoke the truth, no matter who wanted to hear it...or not.

May his soul now rest near the God of Truth, the God Who..... cannot abide.... any.... liars.

Vechnaya Pamyat! and Memory Eternal! to A GOOD HONEST MAN!
Rd. Daniel Everiss  in Oregon


(This  English text has been humanly corrected and streamlined from the crude machine-English, for better clarity of meaning)

January 19, 2009, 15:55

SUMMARY: Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky (Eugene L. Magerovsky) (+ 18 January 2009)

Eugene Lvovich Magerovsky, known church activist and an active member of the social movement of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) - was born on December 11, 1934 in Prague. He was the son of Lion Florianovich Magerovskogo. He attended a Russian school in Prague. At the introduction of Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia the  Magerovsky family moved to the U.S. occupation zone of Germany. He continued his education in the Russian Real High School in Regensburg (Germany).

Later he moved with his family to reside permanently in the United States and he  completed his secondary education at George Washington High School (New York). Then he studied at the City College of New York, where in parallel with the academic courses, he also took part in officer courses. He graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts. At the same time he received the rank of Second Lieutenant [ 'Stock'] (1956). He then enrolled at the Faculty of Political Science and the Russian Department, (and later -The Garrimanovsky) Institute of Columbia University.

In parallel with his studies he  taught at various universities. E. Magerovsky began serving with the U.S. Strategic Intelligence Service [added note: he was not ever connected to or with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a totally separate agency of the US government]. After graduating from the Russian Institute with a Master of Arts, he  started his preparation work for the Degree of Doctor. In spite of his military service and his teaching, he  successfully defended his work, receiving a Doctorate in history, specializing in Russian and East European history, and he was a  graduate of  Political Science at Columbia University.

As part of his research work, he researched many stacks and archives in Europe and America. His trustee materials he submitted to a number of Russian foreign national organizations for storage in the archive: 'Bakhmetyevskaya' of Columbia University. He was one of the founders, and then deputy head of the Department of Slavic Studies at New York University. He also served as assistant director of the Institute of Soviet Studies at Middlebury College, where he taught a course on the history of Russia and the USSR. He taught in the department of history at the Institute for the Study of Modern Russia at Fordham University. He asdvised the New York Office of  Public Education on matters related to the teaching of the Russian language and Russian studies, and the establishment of Russian-English "bilingual" education programs in urban schools. He has held a number of other academic, research, scientific and administrative positions. He was a member of a number of American professional organizations. In his participation in his service of  Strategic Intelligence, he  advised the U.S. War Department. He served as Operations Officer and then -as  the Commander of Operations of the Department of Strategic Intelligence. In the 1970-ies. he spent several years as an academic officer in the Army Institute for Russian and East European Affairs, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany). Then he served in the War Office until his retirement. He retired after 35 years of service with the rank of Colonel.

After this he taught Russian history at U.S. universities. He participated in seminars and lectured at the University of National Defense. He was a consultant and advisor to public and private research institutions in international relations, and in national defense and national security. He was a Professor and Co-Director of the Department of Russian Studies at Georgetown University in Washington. He supervised graduate students of Russian history at Georgetown University. He was the Co-editor of the "New Journal" (1980-1986).He was  Vice-chairman of the Russian Academic team in the U.S.. He was Co-editor of the annual "Memoirs of the Russian Academic Group in the United States." He was Vice-Chairman of the Russian Foreign Expert Committee to Determine the Fate of the Remains of Members of the Russian Imperial House, founded in 1989, and he was an active member of the "Society of Zealots Memory Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitski)" (USA) and one of the lead authors of "loyalty" ("Fidelity"), of the Church and Public Publications of the Society. He was an active opponent of "unification" of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR (A) with the Moscow Patriarchate. After the "unification" of the ROCOR (Lavr) with the MP, which action he  did not agree with, he actively participated in the creation of the Provisional Supreme Church Authority (PSCA) ROCOR, headed by Bishop Agafangel (Pashkowsky).

He was a member of the public committee for "The Continuity and Revival of Russia" (Moscow), whose goal is to promote the societal views and proposals related to the need to establish a legal and historical continuity in the modern Russian Federation, of the pre-soviet Russia. He was married to Catherine V. (nee Brunst). He resided in Kinnelon, New Jersey, USA.


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