Friday, January 27, 2017

A New lamebrain and off-balanced attack on our ROCA

A New lamebrain and off-balanced attack on our ROCA, by banned Mt. View schismatic, all-wise, pathetic 'Hieromonk' Ignati Krutkov

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:20 PM

How cleverly these malicious schismatic destroyers of our church, these Sanhedrin of the Ungodly, [ just like their fellow workers in the Stalin founded Moscow Patriarchy, a department of the Kremlin's KGB],  twist history and canons...and with their endless SLANDERS and imagined evil-motives of our metropolitan and our other bishops, -all to come to their own unfounded and wrong self-serving conclusions, they show themselves as a jumbled toxic mix of arrogant lying  ill-will and profound ignorance and extreme PRIDE...and Satan is the Father of Lies, whose main underlying origin motivation  is PRIDE...pride which is 'the father of all sins'.

Economia, 'if by any means to save some', was why and HOW,  we received these Sekatsve clergy and their flocks, and it was done TOTALLY BY THE CANONS!!!
And too, previous to that their basic Orthodox FAITH was carefully examined.
What was previously deficient/lacking  in their orders was MADE RIGHT, corrected....which is what is ordered by THE CANONS! and as administered, SOLELY!,  by the BISHOPS!!!, who are successors of the 12 Apostles!-who were APPOINTED & EMPOWERED! BY Our Lord, JESUS CHRIST!  Their fundamental Orthodox Faith, was not in that they needed to make no improvements.
Humility is the mark of true servants of God. These self-righteous pompous reformers show zero humility, especially in criticizing and second-guessing our bishops, for which they HAVE NO RIGHT to even to do!

They are power mad and money hungry bandits.

SHAME! on them all!

They depict themselves, as wise and indeed, holy!,  reformers and purifiers and saviours of the church....and as, guardians of the canons (!) What a joke and a mockery of the truth!

In case they have never read any church history, this is exactly the same EXACT arrogant deranged mindset of all past schisms and make the church...better.

"But by their fruits shall ye know them!"

They are indeed, soul killers!

Under canonical ban, Mr. Ignati Krutkov's motives are quite clear, with his fellow workers for the devil.

It is to drive away from us, to defame and slander and  discredit our clergy and our people, and to destroy all still remaining faithful ROCA church remnant organization and to totally bring us all, little by little, malo-po-malo,  under the MP, into Putin's KGB controlled and run 'Russian world'.

And, to seize all of our remaining church property....what major false accusation they have hurled at Met. Agafangel!..what he supposedly wants.

I for one, am not fooled.

Only Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and our faithful ROCA bishops stand in their, they must go!

Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon


Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Dioceses of Syracuse-St. Nicholas and Ottawa-Canada


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