Monday, January 30, 2017

Group Photo, in Pottstown

Sharing: A Group Photo, in Pottstown, PA, with the SCHEDULE of Vladyka Gregory's Sojourn with us: from our ROCA St. Innocent's of Moscow Parish, with Vladyka Bishop Gregory and Archpriest Vladimir Petrenko

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 11:48 AM

Thought: This is a prime opportunity,  perhaps one last heaven-sent chance,   for all those who have in na├»ve ignorance, and in foolishly listening to calumniators  and slanderers and liars,  gone with this mindless and totally unfounded and malicious impious schism; to reconsider, and to come to Vladyka Gregory, and to publically repent, and to return to our canonical Russian Orthodox Church Abroad!

Otherwise you have all left Holy Orthodoxy, likely to never return, traveling to some far distant unknown port, on a  death-ship, worm-eaten and already taking on water.

It is time to reconsider and to REPENT....daily and constant repentance, which is the entire meaning of our entire earthly spiritual journey.
Our goal: "Grant me, O Lord, the homeland of my heart's desiring, making me again, a citizen of PARADISE!"

Those guilty of,  rebelling against lawful; CHRIST ORDAINED, APOSTOLIC canonical episcopal authority, &  engaged in making absurd hateful divisions and heresies, turning believers against other believers,  brothers and sisters against each other, and in destroying the church, cannot, CANNOT! inherit Eternal Life!

Rather, they are nailing Christ to His Cross, again.

One small voice from the forest birds.


"If ye love me, keep my commandments!" has said Our Lord.

St. Innocent ROCA, Pottstown, PA

Jan 28–29     St. Innnocent Mission, Pottstown, PA
Jan 29–30     Myrrh-bearing Women parish, Valley Cottage, NY
1/30 or 1/31  Meeting with Parishioners in NYC area
1/31 or 2/1   St. Nicholas Convent, Cleveland, NY
Feb 4–5       Annunciation Church, Liberty, TN
Feb 6         Ascension Church, Fairfax, VA
Feb 8         Bishop Gregory departs

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