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Metropolitan Photios Triaditsky: The 'Pan-Orthodox' Congress of 1923

An Informational Sharing: From Our ROCA's sister Church: Metropolitan Photios Triaditsky: "The 'Pan-Orthodox' Congress of 1923 in Constantinople and its consequences"


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Link to this Russian language article: <http://internetsobor.org>

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Митрополит Триадицкий Фотий: «Всеправославный» конгресс 1923 года в Константинополе и его последствия

Митрополит Триадицкий Фотий «Всеправославный» конгресс 1923 года в Константинополе и его последствия   Прежде чем бежать «брататься», нужно хорошо понимать, с кем мы имеем дело, в том числе...


The rough machine-'English' translation of this important study, written by learned and wise Vladyka Metropolitan Photios Triaditsky, head of The Bulgarian Orthodox Old Calendar Church....a close sister church to our ROCA:

WHY read this history?   Because it makes much clearer the sad historical and crooked route of our modern-era massive betrayal of Orthodoxy, starting with the many turbulent upheavals; the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, and the World Wars I and II, etc,....AND ALSO   this dark 1923 Constantinopolitan Council, and its many disastrous aftereffects, [to our very day now!]  including the terrible mass-division of Orthodox people, world-wide,  due to the 'Papal New Calendar' imposition,  being forced upon the faithful, and other pro-ecumenist actions...all of which ecumenist poisons confuse and weaken our Orthodox people to this day. And too, the Communist/Sergianists have aided this ecumenist process, for their own ends. Free-Masonry has and is still playing, its part.

*(And again, my apologies to English-only readers, that I do not have this text in good, & correct human-English.)
Those who are fluent in Russian, in this original Russian language text, should not have any problems in understanding this treatise.
Rd.  Daniel in Oregon

Russian original with photos:

Metropolitan Triaditsky Photios: "Pan-Orthodox" Congress of 1923 in Constantinople and its consequences

Author: Nun On Faith. . Posted in Old Calendar Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Views: 41)

 Metropolitan Photios Triaditsky
"Pan-Orthodox" Congress of 1923 in Constantinople and its consequences

Before running "fraternize", you need a good understanding of who we are dealing with, including in the "Ecumenical Patriarchate" of Constantinople. Where at the beginning of the twentieth century. on the throne of the Patriarch Meletios IV of illegally dragged, Mason, who "after his consecration developed Masonic activities, wherever he may be in all the time of his turbulent life." After that it is the Patriarchate of Constantinople as the "weak link", became the conductor of ecumenism ... As for us today there is a reasonable question: what is the "five brothers of the Russian Orthodox Church", who secretly prepared "Havana Unia" ..?

English translation:
From Orthodox Life, No. 1, 1994
From Orthodox Life, No. 2, 1994

About the Author: Bishop Photios Triaditsky (Old Calendar Bulgarian Orthodox Church), in the world Siromahov Rosen Dimitrov, born 17/30 June 1956 in Sofia, where in 1981 he graduated from the Theological Academy. Then he continued his studies at Moscow University, graduating with a specialty in classical philology. Intellectual development of Bishop Photios proceeded under the direction of the pupil of Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) Archimandrite Seraphim (Alexiev; † 13/26 January 1993), known for his Russian reader written together with Archimandrite Sergius (Yazadzhievym) book "Why Orthodox Christians can not be ecumenical." In 1988, about. Photios was ordained to the priesthood, on 17 January 1993 in Athens, within walking distance from the monastery of Sts. Mucci. Cyprian and Justina had his consecration as bishop for the Bulgarian Old Calendar Christians. Bishop Photios Triaditskogo bears the title - the ancient name of the department Sofia. (Now Metropolitan Photios Triaditsky - Ed.).

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