Thursday, January 12, 2017

Schismatics' prayer is mocking blasphemy

The Kotlarof Schismatics' preposterous and very hypocritical 'prayer', with words stolen from saint's holy prayers, (but by them using this, it is bordering on mocking blasphemy)-by those who are struggling now, to divide and destroy our church!!!


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Dan Everiss

Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 2:56 PM

The Kotlaroff-Musienko  Schismatics'-"Pre-Council Committee" requests all to participate in prayer..... for..... the forthcoming..... "Church Council"(!!!)

Pre-Council Committee requests all to participate in prayer for the forthcoming Church Council by reading the following prayer:
O Lord Jesus Christ our God! By Thine indescribable mercy, Thou didst send from the Father Thy Holy Spirit, the Comforter upon thy holy disciples and Apostles and by them Thou didst plant and establish Thy Holy Church in all the world! Before Thee we fall down, as Thy unworthy servants in gratitude for all Your beneficence and confess Your boundless goodness to us sinners. And now look down, all good Master upon

{Your faithful people gathered to bring to good order Your Holy Church. Grant us the spirit of reason and of holy wisdom, instill in our hearts the spirit of the fear of God. Bestow upon us the spirit of piety and zeal for the glory of Your Holy Name. Shield us from all temptations and division so that united in love for Thee our Master and to one another we may unfalteringly conclude our service in the disposition of Your Holy Church.}!!! 

Being saved by Thy all good Right Hand we shall ceaselessly and till the end of time confess and glorify Thy all Holy Name of God, glorified in the Trinity of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit for ages. Amen

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