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My Personal Comments About recent Schismatics' Mountain View Conclave

General Sharing with all,-friends or foes: And My Personal Comments About The various pathetic resolutions of the regrettable recent Schismatics' Mountain View Conclave

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 10:10 PM

 *Festal Greetings with the Great Feast of Christ's Holy THEOPHANY, His Baptism in the River Jordan 



To come to the correct and truthful & full understanding  about any complicated matter, one must understand both the specific various claims or individual issues, and also see, always!,  the bigger, overview big picture- and examine   all sides of an issue, [as best as is humanly possible]  and then, carefully,  come to some logical and hopefully, just arrive at the truth.

Having myself been an Orthodox Christian since my age of 17,  and a long term member of the pre-2007 old ROCOR, and since about 2006 onward, I have daily analyzed  just about every word and action of Vladyka Agafangel that I could, [ including what his detractors have claimed] and I feel that I have a basic understanding of both his history, his fundamental personality, his belief system, and his general outlook, so that  I feel that as best as can be;  I KNOW HIM...and thus, I highly respect him. 

He is honest, and soundly Orthodox and a fighter for the Faith.

Most of his critics and attackers are not. These hostile schismatic  leaders  are ignorant and/or  deliberate slanderers and liars and deceivers, and those who listen to them and follow them are the blind being lead by the blind, and basically are little more than naive fools. And how many of their leaders are KGB/FSB propaganda plants in and around our Russian Church Abroad?

America is swarming with them! ROCOR/MP and the OCA are filled with them too.
Mr. Vadim Yarmolenits [who lies about particulars in the Holy Trinity parish] clearly gives all indications that he is such a pro-Putin anti-Ukrainian Kremlin plant in our church, and Sofrony Musienko also, shows many similar manifestations of being such a one also. Their words betray them. While our Vladyka Agafangel has tried and still is struggling to KEEP HIS CHURCH OUT OF THE Putin instituted WAR HATREDS, that V. Putin has stirred up. For that, the pro-Putin agents label him as 'mixing politics into the church'! Unbelievable!...which is exactly what they  are doing, an example of Sergianism....using the church to support evil secular & now neo-soviet governments in their evil actions, including their unjustified and immoral wars.

A year ago or so, and after Putin's unjustified terrible destructive invasion of Ukraine,  in a phone conversation with Vl. Andronik, he  declared to me, to my shocked & disgusted surprise that: "Vladimir Putin is an Orthodox leader of an Orthodox country!" [of  the Russian Federation]. By thus saying he was de facto supporting UNCHRISTIAN mass murderer dictator Putin!

I have just forced myself to read all of the angry and hate-filled  tedious and rambling and mostly illogical 'resolutions' posted from 'learned experts on Orthodoxy, the Mt. View scholars' (?) from the Schismatics' Mountain View meeting. Unbalanced Fr. Andrei Erastov's rambling and disjointed dissertation is especially boring and mostly irrelevant, and never comes to a logical conclusion or  proves that Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel deserves any removal punishment at all. But, Fr. Andrei does.

Plus, previously I have read the other earlier claims of some of those in this rebellious group, against Metropolitan Agafangel and our other ROCA bishops, etc.
And that includes what the rebel Ishevsks pro-Putin rabid nationalist clergy have alleged against him, and also accusations from impious excommunicated Mr. Nazarov and some others in Russia.

And too, I am aware of, [in fact for a few years now], of  some of the local specific controversies and complaints, here in America,  of a few  here, [ most of whom are now part of this schism, except for those who ran to the GOC] who have developed anger and unyielding unforgiving ill-will towards Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel.
They WILL NOT forgive the Metropolitan nor seriously attempt to make peace with him! What kind of Christians are they!?..especially those who are priests.

And too, I am very aware of modern dictator, Stalin idolizer  Vladimir  Putin's  propaganda machine's lies against  the Ukrainians and his unjust and immoral unprovoked war against Ukraine, and of his other major mass-murdering crimes against the common people of Syria.

Putin with his bloody pal, Assad, are the mass-butchers of the Syrian people: men, women, old and young and babies.

Vadim Yarmolenits, apparently suggests that our church should support Putin  in this?...and that Vl. Agafangel is somehow an American agent, because he does not adore Putin?

Anyone who supports Putin in these matters is a godless atheist and can not possibly be any sort of A CHRISTAIN! but is of the Devil.

Putin serves Satan, and so do those who support Putin.

And, I am also aware of what various  'polls' claim that, 'most Russians' world-wide support Putin and what all  he is 'restoring the national honour and pride of the Russian nation and people"....even as he praises Joseph Stalin and openly wants to return Russia to its 'glorious soviet  era glory'.

How shameful this is of  the Russian people!.. and a spitting on all the Holy New Martyrs! Thank God, that many Russian dissidents do not support him.
I am one with those righteous Russians!...but with none who love Putin.

And too, I am a believer in TRUTH and in a God of TRUTH, as both an Orthodox Christian and as a  loyal American, and one who firmly has always  been anti-communist, and anti-neo-soviet too, and a believer that every people has a right to self-determination and to be a free nation. Thus, I totally support Ukraine's right to its independence, now, as past history means nothing.

The Ukrainian people, in 'Maidan',  had a natural human right to demonstrate and to overthrow and oust soviet hangover Putin puppet Victor Yanukovich and drive him out of Ukraine. GLORY TO GOD!

It seems that these miserable yet smiling contented wise Mountain View schismatics,  on the property of Yuri Lukin, [ he being himself a big organizer of this schism] in our midst, are sympathetic to and really support Vladimir Putin, and that THAT is the underlying true central reason that they hate and detest and defame Vladyka Agafangel, [ whom they label a  'pro-Ukrainian Kiev-Nazi'] & whom they depict as if he were [almost] the devil himself!...while all of those, offended ones by his dictatorial commands.... some of whom they name, whom they claim, he has offended  or wronged, or injured or unjustly miss-treated are...ALL 100% INNOCENT ANGELS (!) ....HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? That none of them deserved to be banned or defrocked or reprimanded?

I highly suspect that Vl. Agafangel has had to remove from our church many miscreants, [ which is the bishop's duty and burden and right so to do-AND HE KNOWS WHAT ARE THE LIMITS OF HIS CANONICAL RIGHTS!] even as now, he MUST also do with these despicable schismatics, dupes and puppets of the KGB controlled MP and the Kremlin...whether all of them realize it, or not.

*And a side note: NO ONE is as good experts in knowing all of our canon laws as the Kremlin KGB folks, and how to use them to CAPTURE & ENSLAVE & WEAKEN AND DESTROY OUR CHURCH.  Sofrony Musienko appears to be just such a destructive-'canon-law-expert'/ manipulator  of our canons. TO HARM our church!
How many canons, has HE violated? What a tragedy that he and Andronik were made bishops!

I cannot ever support, anti-American and anti-Christian and immoral mass bloody murderer KGB Vladimir Putin's still enslaved 'Russian Federation'.
It is an enemy country to my America.

May God grant that, before Putin causes World War III, a genuinely free & peaceful and prosperous Russian nation will come into existence, for ALL people there, & that Russia will one day emerge, a nation wholly cleansed from its aggressive and war-loving godless communist-inspired  soviet history and culture....a curse on all of mankind and on all human history.

However,. this present evil world is more likely  to end, before such a dream can become reality.

A world-wide nuclear holocaust is coming, triggered by 'the sincere Orthodox Christian', Vladmir Vladimirovich Putin.

God is going to punish all who follow him, just as He did with Hitler's Nazi Germany.

SO, under all of these assorted circumstances, I MUST whole-heartedly continue my loyalty to and support of our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, and I reject all of his attackers and foes.

We need to carefully examine THEIR arrogant pride-filled characters and THEIR hidden true motives, not just read and swallow their pious-sounding and self-righteous/judgmental claptrap verbage.

And that is not my saying that I believe that Vladyka Agafangel does not have some or any...human flaws or that he  has not made some errors of judgement, etc. NO, he is not 'perfect' in that way. He himself does not claim that.

His critics want him to always say 'yes', and to always give in, to surrender to any and all of their demands. That I can see, clearly!

That is a manifestation of Sergianism, what the Moscow Patriarchy is all about, and of all in communion with that false-front KGB ruled organization.

But,  we have NO continued Russian Orthodox Church Abroad...without him. HE MUST BE A STRONG LEADER, not a softy.

Even with his personality quirks, he is the best leader that our church has been sent by God, or can be still now.

***Which of  these  church-wrecking and soul killing 'bishops' or would-be,  sell-out-to Moscow,  bishops, at this schismatic meeting, could do better, to replace Vl. Agafangel, or that we dare trust?  to head and to lead our church? NONE! None of them can hold a candle to Vladyka Agafangel!

Yet to these rebels, Vl. Agafangel can do nothing  good! To V. Putin or MP-Pat. Kyrill-Gundaev or Hillarion Kapral, he can do no good!

All of these, including these Mt. View Schismatics, want him gone. It seems to be their joint effort.

These rebels are provocateurs  and wolves in sheep's clothing. Flee them!

Retired Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon, an  American and an Orthodox Christian, and as one who is hoping for a free Ukraine and a free Russia.

These pathetic destroyers of our church, we all need to flee from, even as they curse our church's  head shepherd and hierarch and thus, us.

May Almighty God! Grant Many Years!  Mnogaya Leta! to our honorable Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and to all of our loyal ROCA Holy Synod and to all loyal Members of our ROCA Church!  AXIOS!  AXIOS!  AXIOS!

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