Monday, October 31, 2016

Appeals for Alms

My Personal Appeal-(sent out to all)-

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Dan Everiss

Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 2:11 PM
Friday October 15/28, 2016
 + Holy Hieromartyr Lucian, priest of Antioch (#12 AD) 

Dear friends and fellow Orthodox believers,

This is addressed to all, and with the hope that it does not offend anyone-

Normally, and at this time, I exist on a very low social security monthly income, and I can barely make ends meet.
Winter time increased heating costs, also are hitting me already.
My declining health situation prevents me from any normal income producing job.
And now, in addition,  I must pay the yearly property tax on this place, which is exactly: $1,324.70  .
...if paid in full by this November 15, 2016.
 It must be paid in full by that date.
I have no means to pay this, nor even a portion of it,  and I need help from someone.
Therefore I appeal to all and anyone for help with this amount.
Please pray about this, and help me if you can.
And, again, my apologies for this request, but I have no other choice.
May God bless  who may help!
Rd. Daniel Everiss

My name and mailing  address:

Daniel Everiss
8419 Hwy, 138 West
Oakland, Oregon 97462

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