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WOW! disgusting

A disgusting sharing: WOW! where?... to even begin to, word by word, sentence by sentence, expose or rebut this!???: English version: the latest garbled nonsense from rocana


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 4:23 PM

Among their other self-justifying and self-righteous nonsense, and miss-quotes which do not apply, they seem to liken their malicious destroying of our ROCA,.. as ...them... 'taking decisive action' (!),  .....comparing their church dissembling and making divisions,   with..... Christ's ....cleansing the temple (!!!) 

UNBELIEVABLE! beyond words.  In fact it is close to blasphemy!  Truly, it is THEY who are like the crooked and vile money-changers that Christ took a whip  to,  and drove out of God's Holy Temple.

Truly, these unbalanced and sick, power mad people, creators of a new orthodox-ISH sect, are already far out of our church, indeed from all Orthodox Christianity, by their own doing.  From what sources did any of them, clergy or laity, learn basic fundamental solid Orthodoxy???

My question: Were any of them, ever, fully believing or knowledgeable Orthodox Christians?  Their present angry words and actions tell a different story than the one which they want to be a public portrayal of themselves, as some sort of self-appointed [by whom? the Holy Spirit?], righteous cleansers and saviours of the church.

If any individuals or group of people mentioned in the Gospel better fits them, it is the Sanhedrin of the Wicked and/or the crucifiers of Christ, or Pontius Pilate.... or Judas Iscariot, but certainly not Christ Himself, driving out the money-changers.

WHAT prelest and arrogant blinding pride they have!.. .typical of all historical schismatics and heretics of all past ages.

The more of their nonsense they put out in both English and Russian on the internet, the more sickened I am to force myself to read it all.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon... .totally daily dismayed and shocked by what these confused and self-glorifying proud people pronounce and do.  They have excommunicated themselves, all by themselves.

But in my personal hindsight and what I have personally felt or observed, in our ROCOR  years ago,- that what these current church wreckers  are saying and doing now, only proves what I semi-perceived back then: that our post-2007 remnant ROCA jurisdiction was not, nor is, truly of one mind, nor truly united... and it NEVER was, fact, even before in the past history of the old ROCOR, in the old pre-2007 ROCOR, it wasn't,  and ...certainly openly NOT that massive 2007 betrayal to Moscow.

Before this Kotlaroff schism, we had only the pretense, the false-front, the semblance of unity.  I saw signs of this, over the years, but I had no idea of the far-reaching major divisions that we now see made public.

Now, this God-allowed, tribulation is exposing all of our cracks, all of the personal dislikes and prejudices towards, the unforgiven slights or wrongs of each other, of all of our mutual hostilities and misunderstandings, of all of our ignorance, [of the Orthodox Faith]  and all of our flaws, indeed of all of our sins. 

This current spiritual trial of each of us and of our entire world-wide ROCA  flock, is exposing our formerly hidden weaknesses.

St. Filaret's future dire prediction for ROCOR is proving to be correct,... sadly.

And truly, among other factors, these current misguided and confused and mislead church and soul killers,   DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT OR AUTHORITY  TO DO, ANYTHING THAT THEY ARE DOING!... NOTHING!

They need, instead, to repent and make peace.

They refuse to obey those who DO have such rightful God-given authority.  That is NOT being genuine Orthodox Christians!... but being outside enemies of our Faith.

(And as to those who have, as I am aware of some here, past incidents of  whatever rightful personal hurt feelings or who were spoken to rudely, if this was truly unjust, etc,... against Metropolitan Agafangel, as he is only human and he does make some errors in some personal communications, or had simple misunderstandings/miscommunications  with him .AND too as he himself has been rudely spoken to himself on numerous occasions here, ..they need to ask his forgiveness and to also ....FORGIVE HIM, and to remain loyal to him, as he is the rightful and only head of our church.  There is no ROCA without him.  And none of these schismatics can hold a candle to him, neither Vl. Andronik nor Vl. Sofrony, in his sound and wise Orthodox faith and piety.  Mutual forgiveness is the only solution to internal church strife.  It is what Christ gave us, His command.  There is no other way.)

"Seek Peace and Pursue It!"

The Newest Jumbled Pious-Sounding Malarkey from the Schismatics, on their

(Warning: Read this with much care and with a critical mind, so as to not be taken in by it):

A Letter to our Brothers
Dear Fathers and Brothers! Christ is among us!
We believe and hope that this greeting is not simply a formality of church tradition, but
is a spiritual reality. In the Holy Gospel we see the example of our Savior, Who was always
humble, patient and merciful, and Who, having once again witnessed the disorder in the
Jerusalem temple, took decisive action. In response, He was asked the canonical question, “By
what authority are you doing these things? And who gave you this authority?” (Matthew
Met. Antoniy (Khrapovitskiy) instructs us, the servants of the Church, that we are
appointed not only to celebrate church services and administer the holy sacraments, but
through these actions to guide to salvation those souls entrusted to us. It is specifically the
responsibility to minister to Christs flock, as well as the desire to objectively understand the
last several turbulent years, that compels us to take a decisive and extraordinary stepthe
convocation of the Sixth All-Diaspora Council.
We hear the same protestations, “Who gave you the right, the authority?” Our
response: thank God that there are bishops, clergy and loyal sons and daughters of the ROCA
who have decided to put an end to the self-righteous abuse of power and unfair accusations
that stem from Met. Agafangel (Pashkovskiy) with the connivance of members of the Odessa
Synod. In the past several years the utmost deference has been shown to Met. Agafangel, out
of the profound respect due the office of the First Hierarch and in consideration of the dignity
of this service, while acknowledging the vagaries of human character and its weaknesses. But
deference cannot become indulgence.
It would seem that having been consecrated by bishops, who in 1994 had been forced
into retirement, Met. Agafangel would acknowledge the evangelical mercy shown by the ROCA
hierarchs when they accepted him in his bishops rank. It was expected that this example of
the spirit of the historic ROCA would be a governing principle in his service as the First
Hierarch. Unfortunately, we have seen the opposite and this has resulted in the crisis in our
Church Abroad.
The time has come to reach objective conclusions; so that members of the Synod will no
longer fear being excluded from the Synod for taking honest and principled positions, so that
the dishonorable practice of punishments and banishment, without either a trial or a hearing,
will be stopped, so that encroachments into other bishops diocese will cease, so that justified
and respectful appeals from church members will no longer be met with prideful silence, and
so that, last but not least, a person can come to church and pray to God in peace and without
the concern that his rector or ruling bishop has been banned from serving for disagreeing with
the bellicose policies of the Metropolitan.

The ROCA is too dear to us, and we did not refuse to join the MP in 2007 to calmly
watch our Church be transformed before our very eyes into something little different than the
Patriarchia. Dear brothers, time will pass, the dust that others are now throwing in your eyes
to discredit our efforts will settle. All that will remain is the immutable and eternal, “By their
fruits you shall know them.”
We now call upon you to take part in the Sixth All-Diaspora Council. With the help of
God, may the truth be revealed as to what has transpired in our Church these past years and
what conclusions must be drawn for the future. If you have disagreements or questions, we
can answer them together, drawing on the Holy Gospel, church traditions and the glorious
path of the confessors of the Catacomb Church in Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church
The Pre-Council Committee
October 22, 2016

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  1. Disgusting. Yes. Disgusting.

    The schismatics are stooping to lawyer tactics. Now they are even trying to trip up Vladyka Agafangel in his words and twist them. Yes. Disgusting. Pharisees are disgusting.

    Here is something I saw that they wrote recently trying to say that Vladyka Agafangel was a heretic before they were. Caution: get your barf bag ready...

    ...If we remember correctly, You yourself held previously to this point of view. You held a conference in Odessa in the summer of 2010 called “The Paths of the Church Abroad in Today’s World,” to which You invited representatives of the various “fragments.” After the conference, You noted in Your blog, “The conference has ended. For me personally, it is now obviously unnatural for there to be a “divided” ROCA. We are not divided by dogma and not even by any kind of “mentality,” but some sort of fatal misunderstanding. On one hand it is sad, on the other it inspires hope.”
    One of the participants asked what You meant by a “misunderstanding,” to which you answered, “The misunderstanding is simply that the only thing separating the ROCA “fragments” is the ambitions of its leaders.”
    So it is possible that accusing us of heresy may also be some sort of misunderstanding.


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