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about our ROCA HAITI Mission

about our ROCA HAITI Mission (and a proposal letter from Fr. John Hinton): on the confusing situation at Fr. Gregory Williams', Tennessee -USA, Agape Community, in Russian translation and with the original English letter


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Dan Everiss

Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 12:59 PM

*With the added English translation of Met. Agafangel's brief initial comment-response to this proposal, obviously, about all that he can say at this point, as our wicked and proud unrighteous impious anti-Orthodox schismatics are in the process of tearing our struggling ROCA apart, and seeking to entirely destroy it.

 May Almighty God! not bless them! any one of them or all of them, and may He stop and punish them all!... in this world and the next!... unless they turn and repent.


They, and the blind ignorant fools, both clergy or laity,  who are mindlessly or in false 'obedience' trustingly following them, are crucifying Christ again!
Our head First-Hierarch of our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, His Eminence, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and our Holy Synod, THEY REPRESENT CHRIST!... even as the 12 Apostles did, so to wrong and offend and disobey them, is to OFFEND CHRIST-GOD, HIMSELF!
(No one gets away with that!)
And too, these current rebels  have become willing or unwitting servants of the neo-soviet Kremlin, [and of an enemy government to America!]  bloody mass-murderer dictator, Stalin admirer, Vladimir V. Putin and his  KGB, and of his captive  Sergianist MP -'church', and of all Satan inspired foes of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to genuine Orthodox Christianity, and to the pious martyric founders of the Russian Church Abroad.  They spit on the Holy New Martyrs.

But what awaits  them, when they pass out of this world?
If they were truly so purely Orthodox, and self-styled, 'saviours of the church',  as they claim, they would FEAR to do what they are doing, and they would repent before they die.
Andronik Kotlaroff and Sofrony Musienko, fallen away former bishops,  who have proven that they were never fit for the episcopate, and the other pathetic and disgusting upper level leaders of this, [the publically known people and the others behind the scenes], are NOT righteous or holy bishops or priests or pious Orthodox laity, but self-serving proud and arrogant impious  renegades, betrayers, judases.  They are 'Orthodox Christians' in name only.

Some too, give much evidence of being plants in our church, sent into our midst to wreck our church.

Similar agents did just that, in 2006-2007. In 1970, they also first accomplished that deception and union [labeled, 'autocephaly'], with the KGB run MP, 'Mother Russian Church', with the old North American Russian Metropolia, then in their uncanonical Platon Rozsdyesvensky schism from ROCOR ,  (then in 1970, renamed, the OCA, 'The Orthodox Church of America').

They are 100% in the wrong.  All that they say, are ignorant distortions and exaggerations and lies, lies, and more lies, one libel and malicious slander after the other.... and with their total disobedience to rightful and lawful higher episcopal authority.

In the approximately 2000 years of Church history, there were many such similar traitors and heretics and schismatics, many.  They are nothing new.  They are following a familiar pattern.  Which is why we have so many church-canons, to deal with them.

However, these current Kotlaroff-Musienko schismatics prove that they are indeed part of this End-Times mass world-Apostasy, preparing the world for the rule of Antichrist.

They might as well be openly in the MP!~ ..I do not doubt that some of them are already sympathizers or agents of the MP or the KGB.

SHAME on them all! SHAME!  SHAME!  SHAME!

MANY YEARS!  MNOGAYA LETA!  to our persecuted and righteous Vladyka Agafangel and our ROCA Synod of Bishops, and to all of us who remain loyal to them!

Reader Daniel in Oregon

# RE: РПЦЗ: Письмо о положении дел после смерти о. Григория Вильямс в США и Гаити (+eng) — Митрополит Агафангел Metropolitan Agafangel 22.10.2016 07:23
Мы еще выясняем, как может наша РПЦЗ участвовать в окормлении прихода в Теннесси и миссии в Гаити. К сожалению, из-за проблем,которые нам сейчас навязаны, наверное, без помощи наших греческих братьев не обойтись.
English translation:
+1 # RE: РПЦЗ: Письмо о положении дел после смерти о. Григория Вильямс в США и Гаити (+eng) — Митрополит Агафангел Metropolitan Agafangel23.10.2016 14:28
{"We are determining, how our ROCA can contribute in managing the parish in Tennesee and the mission in Haiti.  Sadly, due to problems now facing us, it is likely that we will not be able to cope,  without the help of our Greek brothers."}

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