Monday, October 17, 2016

more shame on Mark Kotlaroff and his Kotlaroff family: Unbelievable!!!

And more shame on Mark Kotlaroff and his Kotlaroff family: Unbelievable!!!: On their ROCANA site today: This is the schismatics likening Met. Agafangel to Pat. SERGIUS!!!


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Dan Everiss

Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 12:26 PM


There is no possible connection between Stalin's dupe,  Sergius Stragorodsky and our Met. Agafangel!

These people are truly both ignorant and hate-filled and insane!.. and the more they post their unbalanced accusations and justifications for their ignoble break, the more we can see this fact about them. 

They have entirely abandoned the Orthodox Faith and Church.

Yet, how tragic and pitiful.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

P.S. Nothing in this historic statement by Holy New Martyr Joseph, could possibly apply to our Vladyka Agafangel, NOT ONE WORD!

Yet clearly they are indeed trying to compare Sergius Stragorodsky to our Vladyka Agafangel!...and to thus throw these pious and rightful admonitions AT HIM!...when they were meant solely for Stragorodsky.

What a deceitful  and twisted and ignorant  joke these people are!....these  self-educated experts on all things Orthodox, these creators of their new 'church'.

Rather it does  apply, however,  to all those, even as with these modern Kotlaroff schismatics, who usurp/seize illegally  church governance, and replace that legitimate episcopal authority with their false rebel pseudo-bishops,  as indeed did usurper  Pat. Sergius  and all of the MP 'patriarchs' and 'bishops; after him, to this very day.

Now.... we also have the current panoply of other...ill-legitimate usurpers, among whom are:  Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff and Vl. Sofrony Musienko! the other non-canonical and ill-legitimate Russian 'fragments'....all schisms from schisms, and all illegitimate. 

Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel is the SOLE legitimate canonical and REAL successor of the old free Russian Church Abroad's episcopate, and none other than he.

P.S. At at this time, Mr. George (Yury) Lukin is reported to be in South America, running around, seeking to drum up support for this schism, among our ROCA Russian faithful clergy and laity down there.
My information is that he is not being very successful.
Most there are loyal to Vladyka Gregory and to Vladyka Agafangel.

Mr. George Lukin, a Russian man originally from Uruguay, is the wealthy purchaser and contractor/builder developer and total legal property owner of the entire 'Mountain View', New York property, which was previously an abandoned & in bad condition, former Roman Catholic nursing home. Now that property is becoming the seat and very center of this Kotlaroff schism.  He has been and is now a big promoter  and organizer of this hatred for our Vladyka Agafangel, and to push forward this destruction of our world-wide ROCA.


 Absurd Posting today on the schismatic's  rocana site:

From the letters of Holy New Martyr Joseph, Metropolitan of Petrograd (St. Joseph severed relations with Met. Sergey (Stragorodskiy) because of the latter’s policy of subservience of the Church to the Soviet government.)
1. I am not at all a schismatic, and I do not call for a schism, but for the purification of the Church from those who sow real schism and provoke it.
2. Pointing out the errors and wrongs of another person to him is not schism, but, plainly speaking, it is putting an unbridled horse back into its harness.
3. The refusal to accept sound reproaches and directives is in reality a schism and a trampling on the truth.
4. In the establishment of ecclesiastical life, the participants are not only those at the head, but the whole body of the Church, and a schismatic is he who assumes rights to himself which exceed his authority and presumes to say in the name of the Church that which is not shared by his colleagues.
5. Metropolitan Sergius has shown himself to be such a schismatic, for he has far exceeded his authority and has rejected and scorned the voice of many hierarchs, in whose midst the pure truth has been preserved.



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  1. 3. The refusal to accept sound reproaches and directives is in reality a schism and a trampling on the truth.

    In this the Kotlaroff schism is unwittingly confessing the truth about themselves . They have refused to accept sound reproach, and this refusal is already a schism in spirit, long before it is a schism in fact. Let it be so as the Lord allows.


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