Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Lenin Monument in Ukraine falls

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 11:06 AM

Comment: And this Ukrainian country-wide 'de-communization' with its accompanying  removal of soviet-hero public  monuments, is happening all over Ukraine, while in Putin's 'Russian Federation',
they are constantly putting up new  and more monument idols, to demonic Lenin and Stalin....both mass-butchers of the Russian and Ukrainian people,  and of many other peoples.
That is KGB hangover neo-soviet dictator Vladimir Putin's idea of 'progress', and of "restoring 'Russian' national pride"(!), which is in fact, a return to the oppressive anti-God and anti-human, war-loving evil  Soviet Union, the so-called, 'SOVIET RUSSIA',  not the old Russian Empire, which old Russia and its Orthodox founded culture the communists murdered and destroyed,  which 'glorious USSR ' he greatly misses, dreaming and wishing for  himself to be at its head, like...Lenin and Stalin, his heroes,  were. They all  'heroes'  of...who? or what? Truly only of Satan.

From the Akathist:  "The idols, O Our Saviour have fallen, unable to endure Thy strength!. Alleluia!"

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