Thursday, October 20, 2016

The schismatics' continued 'holy crusade' war against our ROCA

The schismatics' continued 'holy crusade' war against our ROCA and our Met. Agafangel, and their continued non-answering, but self-righteous-superior stance, to his questions to them


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Dan Everiss

Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 12:35 PM

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My comments on what these  church-destroyers are claiming:
 Most of what they allege against Met. Agafangel and our other bishops, is based on their pure ignorance of our world-wide ROCA, the history of ROCA, and worst of all, their total ignorance and disregard of fundamental ORTHODOX CHURCH CANONS and PIETY!,  and why, our Metropolitan has had to issue many of his decisions.

They force him, to be strong and determined, to STOP THEM!

Those who attack our Vladyka Agafangel are NOT genuine or pious Orthodox Christians! ...though they imagine themselves to be.

And these fantasy oriented schismatics here, permanently infected with sectarian notions of Orthodoxy,  and hungry for their own power and control of church monies, link themselves, IGNORANTLY, to those far away Russian Federation rebels [most of whom seem to favor the MP, from which they came to us from]  against our ROCA, in Europe, who have themselves, ON THEIR OWN ANGRY WILL!~,  left our church, [most because they idolize and support 'Russian national hero' dictator Putin and his vicious immoral war on Ukraine] and they are indeed foes to our church, and they perceive them as, fellow-workers, fellow righteous persecuted innocents, as they see themselves as.

What deranged deluded lunacy!... mostly based on IGNORANCE!... and their desire to find or concoct any and all, defamatory 'evidence' against our Vladyka Agafangel!

Ignorance, pride, and church-power-politics, these motivate these misguided folks.

God save them, and us!

Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

P.S. And contrary to some who slander me, attempting to label me, a 'blind supporter of Met. Agafangel', etc.

No!... I support him because..... I have carefully studied him for years now, his every statement and act, and his character, so that I believe that I know him.  Also, I have read what his detractors have claimed.  I KNOW what they claim!... and who they are, and who or what they serve.

And too, I recognize that what he says and does NOW, on thee major church matters, is wise, righteous, and solidly Orthodox.

He is in the right! the larger matters, that count.
His enemies are.... in the wrong.... PERIOD!

THAT is why I support him, not out of any blind obedience or blind trust.

On the contrary, his detractors and defamers and slanderers, whom I have also read and studied, are liars, and unjust, and ignorant ill-meaning people, whom I DO NOT BELIEVE OR SUPPORT! 

Without Metropolitan Agafangel ....we have no continued Russian Church Abroad!

May he never give in to these church destroyers!

It is they who need to rethink, repent, or go their own way, separate from us.

October 19, 2016
Letter from the Pre-Council Committee to Metropolitan Agafangel
(A listing of their concocted, slanderous, insulting, disrespectful,  & untrue and/or totally unproven or unsubstantiated accusations against Met. Agafangel and our Bishops, but all cleverly worded, so as to fool, 'even the elect').

(Met. Agafangel is the only one in all of this current strife in our ROCA, who is wise, solidly Orthodox, and who makes any sense).

 (This 'reply' is a non-reply and they answer nothing to what the Met. has stated or asked of them, as if they are running out of their exaggerations, slanders and lies).

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  1. It is utterly ridiculous to imagine that anyone would "blindly follow" Vl. Agafangel. A blind follower is hardly going to pick Metropolitan Agafangel. The opposite is the case: only people who have a clear concept of the Church are going to recognize Vladyka Agafangel as the head of the sole valid continuation of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.


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