Monday, October 24, 2016

old Greek customs in burying their departed bishops:

Interesting Photos and Text: About some very old Greek customs in burying their departed bishops: (vested in a seated position at his funeral and when placed into his grave): Mostly In English: O καθήμενος ιεράρχης και οι αντιδράσεις |

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 1:15 PM

Comment: As far as I know, this pious burial custom of a ruling bishop, is basically unknown in the Russian church, -but I may be wrong.
Perhaps it could have been done in an earlier century?.. or in certain places?
Of course, what this pious Greek custom does tell us: It shows the extreme respect, indeed PROFOUND REVERENCE,  for an Orthodox Bishop,
Anointed by God, when he is still alive... or when he passes on, as a Grace-Filled Successor to the 12 Apostles, who are promised to.... sit on their thrones in Heaven.
Too bad, that our current ignorant of genuine Orthodox piety, confused and misguided & irreverent ROCA schismatics, ... have absolutely no respect, indeed NO REVERENCE,  for Orthodox Sacred Tradition or canons or patristics, or for our lawful and fully Orthodox ruling Hierarch, His Grace, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, [ whom they endlessly falsely accuse and persecute]  or for our other God-appointed Bishops! [ whom they daily denigrate, dismiss, insult and slanderously libel and disobey constantly]. That is, in itself, proof that they are not real Orthodox Christians, not at all. They disregard, reject,   and mock and DEFILE  the holy things of Our All-Holy God....and yet they still proudly label themselves as: "Orthodox Christians!" UNBELIEVABLE! 
 God shall HIMSELF mock and reject them, in this world and, more importantly, in the next.
For the sake of our immortal souls, WE need to flee from these church wrecking schismatic rebels,  no matter what lofty titles or powers or 'rights' that they claim as their own.
GOD BLESS His Grace, our much persecuted, and  our continued-ROCA Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and our other honorable and faithful to Holy Orthodoxy, Bishops!...and grant them victory over all their foes, visible and invisible.
AMEN! and AMEN! Grant this O Lord!
Rd. Daniel in Oregon
"Where the bishop is, there is The Church!"

Subject: Fwd: O καθήμενος ιεράρχης και οι αντιδράσεις |

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