Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ecumenical Sabbath, 2018

Joanna post: The dismaying progression of world-wide 'Ecumenical' Relations today: "Ecumenical Sabbath, 2018": Two links-first one to reach the all-machine-English translation, AND second link-all-Russian language version

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 2:45 PM

Comment: My apologies to English-only readers, but I simply am not able to smooth out into a decent better, spoken-English, this lengthy  machine-English translation,
from the Russian language article.

However, this machine-English is good enough, [I think],  so that the basic...if.. disgusting.... meaning of this 'Ecumenical' event, does come through to the reader.
This abominable information speaks for itself: this is about bankrupt men-pleasing 'worldly-Orthodoxy', -'the salt that has lost it savor', in the service of secular government powers & other anti-Christian worldly progressive-liberal motives,  doing their bidding...for political power aims, and in the process, selling out our Holy Orthodox Faith to her detractors and destroyers, and all in the pious-sounding banner of 'brotherly love', & 'that all may become one', and 'uniting humanity', etc, etc....and because, 'we all have the same God', etc.

Truly, this is all in the preparation for the End-Times world-wide rule of Antichrist, a one-world government, when: 'When the Lord returns, will He find any faith left?'

We who stick to and try to live our traditional holy Orthodox faith and way of life, are thus seen as enemies to progress, and haters.

This imagined 'ecumenical-Christ', which they have concocted, is not the genuine original Gospel real Jesus Christ the Saviour of Mankind- which is the only Christ which we Orthodox know. Of course, yes, we Orthodox must ...and DO! all of our fellow mankind,...even as Christ does,  and thus we need to preach to them the genuine real & full authentic Christian Faith,-the REAL CHRIST,  that of the Apostles and all the Saints: Our unadulterated and pure Apostolic Orthodox Christian Faith...exactly, BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM, and we want them to  find peace in God, return to the Father.... here and now in this life, and to end up eternally later, in Heaven.

We want them to eat the best and most healthful  food, not inferior or decayed and contaminated poisoned fare.

But for any who today call themselves, Orthodox Christians, to join in prayer and worship with those outside of Christ's One Church, and worse, to label them as...equals with us, is an abomination! Thus, if we take part in  such terrible things, we negate and deny  our Orthodox Ecclesiology, our  sacred doctrine and understanding of  THE CHURCH...which to us is, ONE and UNDEVIDED....and UNIQUE.....THE BODY OF CHRIST.

If we Orthodox truly love all of our fellow mankind, we must-tell them, WARN THEM,  as did the Apostles and Saints before us,  that they need to repent and to, leave their heretical pagan and neo-pagan gatherings and wrong beliefs & dangerous paths to God,.... which false-routes cannot lead them to God and Heaven, convert, study and  become Orthodox Christians! join the One Body of Christ, His One Church.
Our Holy Orthodox Faith is not...equal with them, [one among their many erroneous groups and 'churches'] but far far superior...totally UNIQUE AND PRECIOUS. These main movers of this  are the Sergianists of the MP, controlled by their atheist God-mocking communist masters, STILL, and as they were original founders of this world-wide anti-Orthodox movement, and they   still are  big promoters of this 'Ecumenical Movement', for their political/ power/economic/greed  aims, not at all to 'save souls'....what they claim to be doing...because, 'they LOVE!' -(?)

Reader Daniel in the forest

P.S. True love for another person is when we care about their well-fare.... and so we warn them.... that they are close to falling off of a cliff, to their deaths, so that they may save their lives from destruction.

Love speaks the truth, self-sacrificially and without concern for oneself,  (as did Jesus on His Cross of suffering and shame) -it RESCUES and SAVES!, even if it is rejected, and if we are misunderstood or hated for declaring it to them. That is exactly what Our Saviour did, indeed what He still does. Our Lord, too, was misunderstood.


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