Thursday, June 28, 2018

MP serving Antichrist

Related disgusting revealing-related videos: How enslaved to Putin's criminal regime, is his BLASPHEMOUS/GODLESS captive 'Moscow Patriarchy', -serving mammon rather than God; -serving Antichrist and not Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 7:45 PM

*And thank you Peter and Svetlana (Sviatoslava) for sharing these videos: 

Comment: Fully and magnificently-vested MP priests and bishops and even jeweled mitered 'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundayev himself, have many times publically, in their official sermons and in person: have blessed.... MUMBLING piously....from the Trebnik, HOLY ORTHODOX PRAYERS OF GOD'S BLESSING! with choirs chanting and bells ringing, in clouds of incense, with Cross-processions and holy banners and  holy icons, and by sprinkling all of the weapons of death and war, with....HOLY WATER!:  -the soldiers, and ammunition and bombs and war-ships and submarines, military aircraft, missiles and poison gas, and all other of Putin's arsenal of modern weapons of satanic destructive war: to invade foreign lands and to occupy and  seize their territory, to bomb and destroy homes and hospitals and schools, and whole villages and cities in  Ukraine and Georgia, and SLAUTERING WITHOUT MERCY, many thousands of help-less men, women, crippled & poor old people, little and small children, babies and the medical persons trying to save them, and also countless thousands of Syrians struggling for many long years, to free themselves from their hated native brutal mass-butcher, Syrian bloody  dictator, Assad (Putin's pal).

And all this is done on the orders of and with the knowledge and 'blessing' of 'Sincere Orthodox Christian, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin'!!!..and his stooge 'Patriarch' KGB agent Kyrill-Gundayev.

AND, this Moscow Patriarchy, is what in 1970 the [American based] old North American Russian Metropolia [renamed then, the OCA] foolishly and under duress, joined itself to, and later in 2007, a large part of our old free ROCOR [which was also American based]  also was submitted to- both of their clergy-traitor leaderships,  telling their na├»ve but trusting, fooled church members, that they were  re-joining 'their Mother Russian Church'....Stalin's bogus apostate creation in 1943, his so-called, 'Moscow Patriarchy'....a KGB/FSB run false church....with no real spiritual or canonical connection to the genuine Russian Church of Holy Confessor, Patriarch TIKHON, of Thrice-Blessed-Memory, and who was THE LAST VALID RUSSIAN PATRIARCH.

What they joined in fact, was  the 'modern'
End-times world-wide mass APOSTASY....Anti-Christ.

Reader Daniel

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