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New Australian law must reveal confession

New Australian law: ordering all confession-hearing 'priests' [mainly it would seem] of the RC and Anglican churches, that they must reveal to civil authorities, the identities of any confession of abuse of children,

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 4:04 PM

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Judge of the Living and the Dead

Comment: Well, obviously this has to apply FIRSTLY to all churches which have a formal confession of sins, in front of a clergyman, a 'priest' confessor/'witness',  so this
would also, of logical conclusion,  apply also to all Orthodox Christian jurisdictions in Australia, of Orthodox confession-hearing priests. And too, in mainstream Protestant doctrines & usage, whenever a lay-member of their various churches,  privately relates,face-to-face, his or her secret sins/their personal guilt-ridden troublesome & disturbing to themselves,  'problems' under the general notion of thereby 'getting it off their chests', getting their minister's/clergyman's 'counseling'  or consolation... in honorable and trusting CONFIDENCE [he hopes!, though Protestant  theology or doctrines  do not at all, guarantee such sacred-clerical secrecy], and no doubt, this would  also apply to Lutherans, who seem to be somewhere in-between Roman Catholic and other Protestant practices in a number of areas of their church theology and ritual practice.

Protestants do not believe in the absolution/forgiveness of sins, by a priest or clergy, but only from God directly, [GOD- to Whom they confess their sins, directly] so they only 'confer for advise' with their 'ordained clergy'....usually seated in a comfortable chair, at the desk of their minister in his office.

Yes, some Protestants practice the 'General Confession', as the 
Episcopalians/Anglicans, and perhaps Lutherans too ?, where many sins are rattled  off by the officiating clergy, in church, and then...afterwards, a 'general absolution' is solemnly pronounced upon all those present in the church,  and then they allcome up to the communion, etc.  Only God knows what their sins were or if they have sincerely repented or not...and of course, they have no pressure on them, to make amends.
It seems that Australia is following the recent example of the Parliament in the UK, which also recently passed such a law, and there it has been approved by the Queen, who is THE HEAD of the Official State-Established National Protestant Church of England, the 'Anglican' Church, a church founded in the early 1500's by King Henry VIII. But in the UK, it will be applied to the RC's also, for which they are protesting there . AND, it must also hit our Orthodox clergy there& in Australia too! it is civil national law.

PERHAPS: IF ....Papist ruled Rome had not, about a thousand years ago now,  forced mass-celibacy...  AS AN ill-advised anti-human freedom,  INNOVATION, on all of its 'secular' clergy, and instead....allowed the majority of its diocesan and parish clergy to CONTINUE to be married men, [if they freely chose that, as most would have]  as in our Orthodox Church, there might not have occurred such world-wide and over the centuries, sexual violations, as are being publically scandalously exposed world-wide today, in their church, or certainly much fewer of them.

In Orthodoxy, only out of expediency, do we use celibate monastic clergy in local diocesan or parish life, or as missionaries, as truly monastics belong, by definition,  in isolated and enclosed monasteries, not in-the-world parishes, IDEALLY.

Of course, though, we...none of us.... today  live in an...'ideal world', that is true.
St. PAUL, who advocated for all fellow Christians, the IDEAL-spiritual superiority of being VOLUNTARILY celibate, also said: "But it is better to marry, THAN TO BURN!"
He approved of married priests, [& as once our bishops for earlier centuries too were mostly married men] as DID THE WHOLE CHURCH,

We never changed, except at some church council, -which one or its date, now slips my memory, became the preferred practice/new decision .... to choose candidates to be made bishops, from among the celibate men ...or monastics,  which was the logical culmination & trend of a long period of the increased popularity of celibate bishops, who could better administer practically...their huge and growing dioceses, under Imperial Roman Rule,  if they were not burdened by being married family men also, but not all of them were tonsured monastics back then...that practice came later]...but the fallen-away heretical and schismatic church of Rome in 1054 did arbitrarily and foolishly force celibacy on all its parish local clergy.

Now, they pay the price for their errant innovations and heresies and concocted doctrines, for their Papist power spiral.

They have also been forced to abandon Latin language worship, or else continue to loose big time, many Roman Catholic clergy and laity world-wide to the vernacular using 'Evangelical' very aggressive and missionary and anti-Catholic, Protestants] to allow the world-wide worship & liturgical use of the local modern-spoken national languages, instead of their centuries of their forced exclusive use of dead-Latin for their liturgical-worship....a language today, only for their clergy and their scholars, not the common man.
For us Orthodox, our Sts. Cyril and Methodius set the example, on the contrary,...of using a living language of the newly illumined  Slavic Christian converts, by their preaching to the Slavs, in their own language and using their Slavonic alphabet for worship and instruction.

THAT IS WHY WE TODAY, have the right and indeed the PRACTICAL necessity, of using the local spoken and living language, OF EACH COUNTRY or Tribe we live in, in our Orthodox preaching and liturgical worship. Otherwise, we loose our children and our treasured Holy Orthodox Faith.

Thus, in Orthodoxy it has always been permissible & most effective, TO SAVE SOULS, to preach the  faith to newly baptized people, in THEIR OWN TONGUE!..and to give them the Holy Scriptures in it also....with some historical exceptions, of course.
And by the way, history records from the Holy Fathers & Church History, that all of the Twelve Apostles were married men, and had wives, who often traveled with them, except for Apostle Paul.

A blessed church marriage is: "A bed undefiled"...though nothing can 100% guarantee OF COURSE! ...a stable marriage lasting forever....for anyone, clergy or laity. 

Our Orthodox parishes, through the long past centuries, have been  more stable, IN GENERAL, by being lead by locally established and local-dwelling  STABLE family-men with children, our married parish clergy....'men of the common people'.

Regarding the difficult probem of stopping the abuse of children, & other serious crimes, etc. Yes, that is a real and very serious concern for every nation, [and it always was] and those who do those things must TURN THEMSELVES IN, or  be apprehended and punished/reformed,.... however, to interfere with religious freedom, by the state imposing upon churches this drastic infringement of our rights to practice our faith [ which itself does inspire & encourage an AMMENDMENT of life, as no secular law or their police agency can accomplish] without.... government interference, [another name for our modern ....Communist 'Sergianism'] has been a central battle since the beginning of Christianity: -i.e. the church fighting the encroachment of secular government's utilizing organized religion, for its own earthly & secular power aims, [not always for the best of the Christian goals or the true morality of the people] and their controlling power over the population. Of course too, in our Orthodox practice and spirituality of the Mystery of the Holy Confession of sins, in front of the priest, but made TO GOD,  & it is GOD Who forgives, not the priest [the priest ....who is only an instrument/servant  of God's power- His Grace]  the confessant must be!... HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY declaring his sorrowful guilty sins, with the firm intent to STOP them, and to reform his life, according to God's commandments.

Only then..... does the priest pronounce the Absolution...which is from God, upon the repentant former sinner. And it no doubt is the common practice, OR SHOULD BE, for the priest to command the repentant sinner, to TURN HIMSELF into the secular authorities in the event of murder or other serious crimes, and/or to directly repay, recompense/ATONE   to the wronged  victims for what he may have stolen from them, or otherwise, harmed a condition for his receiving God's forgiveness...i.e. he must make amends, atone.

God's full and total  forgiveness with His Grace in our daily lives, depends on our ACTION [on our turning from our sins, our genuine repentance] in making a sincere amendment and change in our sinful lives, and starting a new life in God.

Because: "Faith without works, is dead!"
"If ye love me, keep my commandments!"

But today, world-wide we see the increasing of atheist and 'secular-progressive-liberal' attacks upon our Christian faith, and constant attempts for governments to control and to use us for their aims.. often seemingly for praise-worthy good aims.. Now in the Post-Christian 'free-west', we also experience more and more of this.

However, the scandalous abuse of children/youths [mainly]  and the other gross immoralities of TOO MANY, [but of course not of all]...Roman Catholic clergy/monastics-both men and women, have  greatly provoked and fueled  this world-wide anti-Christian movement, and even in traditional Roman Catholic countries, such as Ireland as for but one example, the general population is ever rebelling against their own formerly dominant church....and against all of its doctrines and clerical authority.

Immoral acts and lives of  too-many MP clergy, scandalize the Russian people too.
Here in America, with our huge Roman Catholic population, their church has gone totally bankrupt and almost disappeared entirely, in a number of their local dioceses, and had to sell off  countless parish and diocesan and  other institutional church properties, [many of their huge and grandly magnificent gloriously beautiful churches AND INSTITUTIONS: many many schools, monasteries, hospitals, diocesan headquarters, etc.] just to pay the ENORMOUS & CONSTANT secular court settlements, of millions and millions of dollars,  for their clergy's alleged...but not always proven....abuse of children and others, &  and their other immoralities. In those endless court cases, the Roman Catholics almost always loose.

Also, they have greatly decreased new members of their clergy ranks and brothers and sisters. They have a deeply serious clergy shortage.

I pity the many born pious Roman Catholics, who formerly, from their earliest childhoods, totally admired and 100% trusted their church, who now are left in dismay and who do no longer even have their former local beautiful parish churches to go to, as their diocesan bishops have CLOSED THEM, & SOLD them off, against the loud protests of the laity,-whose devotion, hard work of their own hands, and their monies, built and then worshipped in them, and maintained them for many long years,  .... to the highest bidder, [ often being then re-used for secular purposes, sometimes, impious vile uses] or surrendered them to private or government ownership. American courts always affirm the sole right of their local RC diocesan bishops, to do with ANY and all of those RC  church-properties, AS THEY WISH!...& which absolute physical ownership, their laity have NO SAY ABOUT IT AT ALL, which episcopal exclusive right is in ancient church canon law (which canons also apply to we Orthodox)..and which CANONICAL right the Communists have successfully used in our ..pathetic and ignorant....American civil courts.... to seize, or to threaten to seize....many Russian church properties in America, mostly built by anti-Communist Russian émigrés,  in the past. Our American court!... gave many of them to Moscow, as they did to our St. Nicholas Cathedral in New York, which Patriarch Tikhon had built....because that lamebrain judge & court STUPIDLY! determined that the then 'Living Church Renovationist Schism', headquartered in Soviet-Communist controlled  Moscow, was 'The Mother Russian Church'!....because it was 'recognized by the [communist] & 'universally recognized and by  the legal Russian government', as THE Official Russian church....'...whose 'Patriarch' head, thus, had the full right to total physical ownership of ALL Russian church properties, world-wide.

Just my perspective:
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon

В Австралии принят закон, обязывающий священников раскрывать тайну исповеди

In Australia, a law obliging priests to disclose the secrecy  of confession/to i.e violate the sanctity of the seal of confession- 

Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internet Cathedral. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 14 июня 2018 June 14, 2018 . .Категория: Апостасия . Category: Apostasy .

7 июня законодатели Австралийской столичной территории (Australian Capital Territory, ACT) приняли новый закон.June 7 lawmakers of the Australian Capital Territory (Australian Capital Territory, ACT) adopted a new law.Согласно этому закону священнослужители, сохранившие тайну исповеди в случаях, когда кто-либо из прихожан признался в совершении акта сексуального насилия в отношении детей, подлежат уголовной ответственности.According to this law, clergymen who have kept the secrecy of confession, in cases when one of his parishioners confessed to committing an act of sexual violence against children,  are open to criminal liability.
Об этом сообщает The Tablet. This is reported by The Tablet.
Новый закон о защите детей вступает в силу в пределах Австралийской столичной территории с марта 2019 года.
 The new law on the protection of children enters into legal force within the Australian capital territory: from March 2019, onward.

Вполне возможно, вслед за ACT аналогичные нормативные акты примут другие австралийские штаты.

 It is possible that, following ACT, similar Australian regulations will be adopted by other individual Australian states.
Премьер-министр Австралии Малкольм Тернбулл призвал церкви поставить безопасность детей выше таинств и традиций, в том числе тогда, когда о случаях сексуального насилия сообщается во время исповеди.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged 'the churches',  to place children's safety above sacraments and traditions, including when instances of sexual violence are reported during confession.
«Теперь, когда мы раскрыли шокирующую правду, мы должны сделать все, что в наших силах, чтобы почтить храбрость тысяч людей, которые вышли вперед», — заявил политик.
 "Now that we have uncovered the shocking truth, we must do everything in our power to honor the courage of thousands of people who have come forward," the politician said.
Исповедь в католическом храме
В стране развернулись дебаты по поводу принуждения священников нарушать тайну исповеди в случаях, когда речь идет о преступлениях против детей.
There has been a debate in the country about forcing priests to violate the secrecy of confession when it comes to crimes against children.
Архиепископ Марк Колридж (Mark Coleridge), председатель австралийской католической Епископской конференции, назвал новый закон «преждевременным и необдуманным».
RC Archbishop Mark Coleridge, chairman of the Australian Catholic Episcopal/Bishops Conference, called the new law "premature and ill-considered."
Он также добавил, что принятие закона «по-видимому, вызвано желанием наказать Католическую церковь без должного принятия во внимание [возможных] последствий такого решения».
He also added that the adoption of the law "is apparently caused by the desire to punish the Catholic Church without due consideration for the [possible] consequences of such a decision."
Брисбенский архиепископ подчеркнул, что к случаям, когда священник на исповеди сталкивается с признанием в насилии над детьми, следует относиться по-разному, «потому что кающийся говорит не со священником, а с Богом, а со священником — только как с посредником».
The Brisbane RC Archbishop stressed that in cases where a priest hears in a confession from a confessant, about his violence against children, it should be treated differently, "because the penitent speaks not with the priest, but with God, and in front of  the priest - only as an intermediary."
Его поддержал архиепископ Канберры Кристофер Прауз (Christopher Prowse), подчеркнувший, что в соответствии с церковными канонами тайна исповеди является абсолютной, и любой священник, нарушивший ее, подвергается отлучению.

He was supported by the RC Archbishop of Canberra, Christopher Prowse, who emphasized that, according to the canons of the church, the secrecy  of confession is absolute, and any priest who violates it is excommunicated.
«Какой сексуальный насильник исповедался бы священнику, если бы знал, что о нем сообщат?
"What sexual rapist would confess to the priest if he knew that they would inform on him?

— заявил он.
 - he declared.
— Если тайна исповеди будет разрушена, исчезнет даже призрачная надежда на то, что он сознается, равно как и будет утеряна возможность пастырского совета признаться в совершенном деянии».
 "If the mystery of the confession is destroyed, even the illusory hope that what he has confessed,  will disappear,even so also,  as will the opportunity of the pastoral counseling to the repentant confessant,  to correct and to stop, his evil deeds."
«Правительство угрожает свободе вероисповедания, присваивая себе роль эксперта в религиозных вопросах и пытаясь изменить таинство исповеди, не улучшая безопасность детей», — добавил он.
 "The government threatens our freedom of religion, appropriating itself as an expert in religious matters and trying to change the sacrament of confession, without improving the safety of children," he added.
В рамках мер по ужесточению законодательства в отношении насилия над детьми с июля 2018 года в рамках Департамента социальных услуг начнет свою деятельность новое национальное Управление по безопасности детей.
As part of the measures to tighten legislation on violence against children, a new national Child Protection Authority will begin operations in July 2018 within the Department of Social Services.

Насилие над детьми в католической церкви Австралии
Violence against children in the Catholic Church of Australia
Случаи сексуальных надругательств над детьми со стороны католических священников, монахинь и членов религиозных орденов, имевшие место последние несколько десятилетий, привели к многочисленным обвинениям, расследованиям и судебным процессам.
The cases of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, nuns and members of religious orders over the past few decades have led to numerous accusations, investigations and trials.
 Жертвами насилия становились как мальчики, так и девочки, большинство из них было в возрасте от 11 до 14 лет, однако имели место случаи насилия даже в отношении 3-летних детей.
 Both boys and girls became victims of violence, most of them were between the ages of 11 and 14, but there were cases of violence even for 3-year-old children.
В конце 1980-х годов в СМИ стала проникать информация об отдельных случаях.
In the late 1980s, information about individual cases began to penetrate the media.
 Как правило, обвинения выдвигали уже взрослые и пожилые люди, и речь шла о событиях, произошедших десятилетия тому назад.
 As a rule, accusations were mostly made by adults and elderly people, and it was a question of events that happened decades ago.
Помимо судов непосредственно над насильниками, были также возбуждены дела против членов католической иерархии, которые скрывали обвинения в сексуальных надругательствах и переводили священников-педофилов на другие приходы, где они продолжали совершать преступления.
In addition to the court actions  directly instituted against  the perpetrators, cases were also brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who concealed allegations of sexual abuse and transferred pedophile priests to other parishes,.... where they continued to commit crimes.
В 1990-е годы подобные случаи стали получать гораздо более серьезное освещение в средствах массовой информации.
In the 1990s, such cases began to receive much more serious wide coverage in the news media.
Самые громкие скандалы, вызвавшие наибольший резонанс, происходили в Соединенных Штатах, Австралии, Ирландии и Канаде.
 The most notorious scandals, which caused the greatest resonance, occurred in the United States, Australia, Ireland and Canada.
За период с 2001 по 2010 годы Ватикан рассмотрел в общей сложности около 3 тысяч заявлений о сексуальном насилии в отношении детей, выдвинутых против католического духовенства.
Between 2001 and 2010, the Vatican considered a total of about 3,000 written accusations received by the Vatican,  of claimed/alleged  cases of   sexual violence against children, charged against  various, Catholic clergy, world-wide.
Эти преступления были совершены в течение последних 50-ти лет.
 These crimes were allegedly committed during the last 50 years.
Англиканская епархия Тасмании продает церкви, чтобы выплатить компенсацию жертвам сексуальных преступлений
Епархия должна выплатить около 8 миллионов долларов США в качестве компенсаций.
The RC diocese of Tasmania, must pay about $ 8 million in compensation.
Некоторые исследователи утверждают, за последние 20-30 лет число случаев жестокого обращения со стороны священников резко сократилось и что около 75% судебных исков в Соединенных Штатах касались злоупотреблений в период с 1960 по 1984 годы.
 Some researchers claim that in the past 20-30 years, the number of cases of children ill-treated by priests, has dramatically decreased and that about 75% of similar lawsuits in the United States concerned abuses alleged such crimes, committed  between 1960 and 1984.
Между тем, австралийская Королевская комиссия по расследованию случаев сексуального насилия над детьми установила, что средний период времени, которое проходит с момента совершения преступления до момента, когда жертва решается заявить о нем, — 33 года.
Meanwhile, the Australian Royal Commission for the Investigation of Sexual Abuse of Children has found that the average period of time that passes from the moment of the crime to the moment when the victim decides to declare it, is 33 years.
Члены комиссии подчеркнули, что по этой причине нет достаточных данных для того, чтобы точно установить нынешние показатели уровня сексуального насилия в отношении детей или утверждать, что в последние десятилетия количество злоупотреблений в Католической церкви сократилось.
 Members of the commission stressed that for this reason, there is insufficient data to accurately establish the current level of sexual violence against children or to assert that in recent decades the number of abuses in the Catholic Church has declined.
Католическая церковь в Австралии тайно заплатила около 276 миллионов долларов в качестве компенсации жертвам сексуального насилия.The Catholic Church in Australia secretly paid about $ 276 million in compensation to victims of sexual violence.
Комиссия установила, что в период 1950—2009 годов обвинения в сексуальном насилии над детьми были выдвинуты в отношении 7% австралийских священников.
The Commission found that in the period 1950-2009, allegations of sexual abuse of children were brought against 7% of Australian priests.
Общее число предполагаемых случаев сексуального насилия составило 4 444. В одном из католических орденов насчитывалось 40,4% членов, обвиняемых в подобных преступлениях.
The total number of alleged sexual assaults was 4,444. In one of the Catholic Orders, there were 40.4% of the members accused of such crimes.
Из 1 880 поданных исков 30% касались актов насилия, совершенных священниками, 32% — не рукоположенными членами католических орденов, 29% — католиками-мирянами, 5% — сестрами женских католических орденов.
 Of the 1,880 lawsuits filed, 30% relate to acts of violence committed by priests, 32% to non-ordained members of Catholic orders, 29% to lay Catholics, and 5% to sisters of Catholic women's orders.
По состоянию на 15 февраля 2017 года сообщалось, что Католическая церковь в Австралии тайно заплатила около 276 миллионов долларов в качестве компенсации жертвам сексуального насилия.
As of February 15, 2017, it was reported that the Catholic Church in Australia had secretly paid about $ 276 million in compensation to victims of sexual violence.
Старший адвокат Комиссии Гейл Фернес (Gail Furness) заявила тогда в комментарии для агентства «Аль-Джазира», что Католическая церковь не только не помогала, но и препятствовала расследованию.
 A senior advocate for the Commission, Gail Furness, then stated in a commentary to the Al-Jazeera agency that the Catholic Church not only did not help, but also hampered the investigation.
«Заявления детей были проигнорированы или, что еще хуже, дети были наказаны.
"The statements of the children were ignored or, worse, the children were punished.

Обвинения не расследовались.
The charges were not investigated.
Священников и церковных сотрудников переводили на новое место.
 Priests and church employees were transferred to a new place.
Приходы или общины, на которые их перемещали, ничего не знали об их прошлом.
The parishes or communities they were relocated to, knew nothing of their past.
 Документы не хранились или были уничтожены», — отметила она.
The documents were not kept or were destroyed, "she noted.
Кардинал Джордж Пелл
В июне 2002 года в сексуальных домогательствах к 12-летнему мальчику, имевших место в католическом молодежном лагере в 1961 году, был обвинен кардинал Джордж Пелл (George Pell), архиепископ Сиднея.
 In June 2002, RC Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, was accused of sexual harassment of a 12-year-old boy, which allegedly took place in a Catholic youth camp in 1961.
Тогда Пелл был еще семинаристом.
Then Pell was still an unordained  student-seminarian.
Когда в конце 2012 года австралийское правительство объявило о создании Королевской комиссии по расследованию обвинений в педофилии, кардинал Пелл одобрил создание комиссии, однако позже заявил, что священники, которые принимают исповедь, должны оставаться связанными тайной исповеди даже если люди признаются в педофилии.
 When the Australian government announced the creation of a Royal Commission to investigate allegations of pedophilia at the end of 2012, Cardinal Pell approved the creation of the commission, but later said that priests who accept confession as in secrecy, should remain connected with the practice of the sacred-secrecy  of confession, even if people admit, in it, to pedophilia.
20 мая 2015 года во время расследования королевской комиссии Пелл был обвинен в попытке подкупа жертвы сексуального насилия для избежания обнародования факта насилия.
 On May 20, 2015, during the investigation of the Royal Commission, Pell was accused of attempting to bribe a victim of sexual violence in order to avoid disclosing his  alleged act,  of violence.
Судебные разбирательства по обвинению Пелла в сексуальных домогательствах продолжаются по сей день.
 The legal proceedings against Pell for  sexual harassment, continue to this day.
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