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Residents renaming cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky

Comment: What this apparently is really about, is the current massive Ukrainian popular angry backlash against anything or ANYONE, which comes from ''Russian' history or sources, including even, world-known and famous historic SAINTLY PRINCE Alexander Nevsky (!) and how he 'made peace' with the Golden Horde, long ago....thus stopping them from their planned further pillaging and destruction of Orthodox territory and people.

This new negative mentality in Ukraine, among some anyway,  is largely the toxic product of Vladimir Putin, and his immoral and ungodly efforts to FORCE  MODERN post-soviet Ukraine, under his neo-soviet, 'Russian' boot. 

And poles have proven that about half or more, of living younger Russians in the Russian Federation, do not like or support V. Putin AT ALL! and most of what he is doing, including in Ukraine...and Syria. Economically, Putin has greatly caused the material impoverishment of Russia today, forcing many of those who can, to emigrate abroad for a better and freer life for themselves and their young children. They have come to believe, that they have no future in their non-free native land. Thanks, again, to Vladimir Putin!.. and his fellow post-soviet oligarchs, among the top-richest people in the whole world.

But, why pick on such a great saint and such a great historical heroic figure in universal-Orthodoxy?

St. Alexander Nevsky has nothing to do with modern neo-soviet V. Putin, 'The sincere Orthodox Christian',  or his KGB/FSB  run bloody dictatorship.
And the peace agreement that wise statesman St. Alexander Nevsky made with the deadly and powerful pillaging enemy of old Kievan Russia, The Golden horde, which of course included Ukraine, was a great God given blessing, not his ....'pacifistic' ['Russian'-?] weakness.

Sad!...this is what V. Putin has caused and stirred up.

Putin has single-handily caused this permanent break between, 'any-Russia', current or future....and Ukraine.

They can never again be joined together as one unified nation. That old outdated dream is finished, who likes it or not.

(And, my US government has nothing to do with this Stalin worshipping-Putin-caused reality!).


Decommunization in Ukraine reached St.. Александра НевскогоAlexander NevskyАвтор: Интернет Собор.Author: Internet Cathedral.Дата публикации:Date of publication:26 июня 2018June 26, 2018..Категория:Общество.Category: Society.

Жители Ананьева собирают подписи за переименование собора, построенного в честь Александра Невского.

 Residents of Ananiev collect signatures for the cause of renaming of the cathedral, built in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Об этом сообщили в Балтской епархии.

This was reported in theMP-Baltic diocese.

Поводом для переименования собора люди считают национальный вопрос.

The reason for some Ukrainians wanting to rename the Kiev cathedral, is  because  people [in Ukraine] are considering  the 'national question'.

Александр Невский, будучи князем, заключил мир с Золотой Ордой, которая завоевала почти всю территорию Евразии.

St. Alexander Nevsky, being a prince, made peace with the Golden Horde, which had conquered almost the entire territory of Eurasia.

Одни историки считают это примером дипломатического таланта Невского, а другие оценивают это событие негативно, поскольку Новгород попал под ордынское влияние, даже не будучи завоеванным.

Some historians consider this an example of the diplomatic talent of Prince Alexander Nevsky, and others regard this event as negative, since Novgorod then thereby fell under the Golden Horde's control & influence, even without being actually militarily conquered.

Церковь причисляет Александра Невского к святым.

The Church reckons  St. Alexander Nevsky as among  the saints.

Накануне Второй мировой войны его повсеместно идеализировали.

On the eve of World War II, he was universally idealized.
ИсточникA source

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