Saturday, February 6, 2016

ISIS Fighters Disguised as Refugees

A Sharing: Taking Advantage of our Western -CHRISTIANITY-FOUNDED cultural Sympathies for Fellow Suffering Mankind: ISIS Fighters, Disguised as Refugees, Slipping into Europe (and Canada, and Australia, and the U.S. and other western nations)-

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 3:03 PM

While our dictatorial US pro-Muslim and anti Christian, Marxist President Barack Hussein   Obama,  raised as an anti-Christian, Muslim, as is well proven, and as a devoted Marxist-as is also well proven, has greatly restricted, by his broad presidential powers,  those Christians amongst them from entry into the US. But any and all Muslims are questions asked of them... OK: [ remember, 'Islam is a religion of beauty and peace!'Emoji], Indeed, he has ordered the speedy forced deportation of a number of those Christian refugees, especially Coptic and Assyrian Christians,  on all sorts of lame legal excuses, who are already here. Muslim refugees here, by his orders, are treated with privilege and much respect.
He has basically openly inferred that Muslims have a right to harm and kill Christians, today, '' 'pay-back' for the Crusades!" It would seem that he means any and all 'Christians', anywhere...including in Europe or AMERICA too.

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