Thursday, February 25, 2016

Obama and smoking,

Sharing for a laugh: Obama and smoking, both mass killers?- Kremlin's Propaganda Department

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:23 AM

Question: Not to try and defend our worst US president, in our entire national history, a confirmed Marxist and a pro-Islamic and anti-Christian and anti-democratic  head of state, that we have ever been cursed with........
 BUT.... Does dictator Vladimir Putin  himself, either publically or in private, smoke tobacco?
We do know that he loves yogurt....after his  special group of 'food testers' have eaten some and declared that it is free of poisons.
Hitler and Stalin, other but past world infamous monster dictators,  both had such protective measures to ensure that they could not be assassinated by poison. In the end, it appears that poison may be what did Stalin in.
Regardless, Vladimir Putin's  blood soaked hands  are personally responsible for the endless destruction of cities, and the suffering, and for the causing to have to flee of countless  millions of homeless and starving human beings,  and countless deaths and mass murder,  of men and women and children and babies and the elderly: in Ukraine, in Syria, and elsewhere.
We do know, that his captive pretend Russian Church, his Stalin founded in 1943, KGB run Moscow Patriarchy, has its  special government granted monopoly on selling imported foreign tobacco products,  and also it  sells its own brand of cheap cigarettes, and cheap vodka. Pat. Kyrill once defended this by saying: 'The Russian people need some comforts, so we provide them', and thereby making immense profits, 'for God'?  Thus in the Russian Federation, cigarettes and vodka are kept very cheap in price and easy to obtain, and are making sick, and greatly shortening the lives  and killing millions of Russian youth and people of all ages.

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