Friday, February 26, 2016

Adapting to Russia's economic reality

To better understand: BBC Interviews of some, mostly average Russians, over these past few years: Enlightening Sharing: Adapting to Russia's economic reality

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 7:46 PM

One needs to view this consecutive series of BBC short video in-person  interviews, one after the other. They are all of value...even the one of Putin's TV program, where he is, always,  the  center star performer,  and the answer-man.
This is not a heavy or in-depth  study of what all is going wrong in  The Russian Federation  today, but simply what some average Russians feel about it, and who dare to speak their least to some degree of  brave... or simply...resigned...sarcastic cynical  honesty,  to a foreign correspondent, and how they are day by day, struggling to just cope....and survive....that's all.
But clearly, some express their view that the  cause of their bad economy and their lower living standards as being caused by:  the Russian people bearing the 'unfair' heavy  financial burdens of: 'Russia's  helping Ukraine' (!)...a clear indication of how many seem to swallow Putin's propaganda regarding Ukraine....or who simply do not know any better. Many Ukrainians, of course,  do not see what Putin has done or is still  doing to their country, as 'helping' !

One sincere quote from the young married English teacher:  
"Who is to blame? Most people I know, blame our government."..( but virtually never is Putin himself...publically or openly... named as the cause of anything bad).
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