Thursday, February 11, 2016

A new African trend which may also affexct our Orthodox missions in Sub-Saharan Africa: "Why some African governments are clamping down on churches"

*This new anti-church governmental trend, may indeed endanger also, our Orthodox African missionary churches, and be used as an excuse to persecute our churches, clergy, and faithful!

And clearly, if one reads this entire article, this new negative societal  backlash assessment is being primarily caused by the ever growing excesses and mass mind control of these self-proclaimed charismatic Protestant evangelical religious leaders, these false spiritual guides.

They are taking advantage of the ingrained native African peoples' sincere religious faith, and using it,.... to gain for themselves much riches and power....and creating ever more scandals.

We have seen  and still do see today, an American 'Evangelical' version of all of this, indeed no doubt the very MODEL for what is being committed in Africa. American Protestantism has brought its methods and concepts to Black Africa, over many years past and present, via its extensive  and impressive missionary efforts there. It is not unique to Africa. It is very much a part of the disorganized, anti-historical Protestant culture and its unbalanced  and incomplete vision of Christianity.

And since such 'churches' are based only, in reality,  upon these flawed men's personal whims and teachings, and usually upon their personality charisma and power in preaching,  and as typically  disconnected from the Historic Christian Church-The Orthodox Church, they as Protestants,  interpret the Bible [their only source for guidance in life or for doctrine], as they see fit...what suits them,...but always assuming the guidance of the Holy Spirit! (?),   and without any real historic Christian Church structure or canons over them, -no Apostolic Succession, no Church Fathers to guide them or Seven Ecumenical Councils or  the inspiration of the Lives of the Saints. Their very emotional order of worship is not based on sound historic Christian worship models, for certain, not anything like how the Early Church worshipped or prayed.! Thus  they do as they please, to in reality:  'fulfill the lusts of the flesh'. That is the open door for gross prelest, and demonic delusion on a large scale.
And thereby, they are bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all Christianity [ their half-baked versions to be sure], into general disrepute, mockery  and slander. They are turning many against Christ.

Self-'ordained', Protestant 'evangelical' preachers here in America, have also done the same soul damage here.

This aids the Muslims....and  all who hate Christ, and the Devil.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in  Oregon

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