Thursday, February 25, 2016

PHOTOS, of my Oregon forest

Sharing: a few of my poor quality PHOTOS, of my Oregon forest abode and one of myself:

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Dan Everiss

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Note: I hope to take more and to share more later.
These were made into an electronic email by an Orthodox brother in Florida. THANK YOU to him!

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Note: Many years back, in fact about in 1974 or so, this mountain forested land, in the Coastal Mountains of south-western Oregon,  was granted to me by Providence, and then gradually paid off by my many past years in hospital work in San Francisco, and was then dedicated to Our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ,  celebrated in His Icon, Not-Made-By-Human-Hands, as 'God's Acre'. God has blessed me to abide here in this beautiful place, since the start of 1984.
Its feast day, is called, 'Of the All-Merciful Saviour', celebrated on the day of  the commemoration of the Translation of the Miraculous Image of Our Saviour Not-Made-By-Human-Hands', from Edessa to Constantinople.

"We venerate Thy most pure image, O Good One, and ask forgiveness of our transgressions , O Christ Our God.
 For of Thine own good will, Thou wast pleased to ascend the cross in the flesh, to deliver from slavery to the enemy, those whom Thou hadst  created.
Therefore we thankfully cry aloud to Thee:
Thou hast filled all things with joy, O Our Saviour, by coming to save the world!"

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