Thursday, February 25, 2016

Anti-MP Humour

Plus A Sharing from Abbess Juliana in Chile:-Some Russian anti-MP Humour at the Expense of MP "Patriarch Kyrill-Gundaev"

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 2:43 PM

Those who better understand Russian, [and yes it is ridiculing poor saintly ?, Mr. Gundaev], will get more & fuller enjoyment out of this. But even I, who do not understand every Russian word, can understand  the humour in it.
The photos alone, make one laugh.
Here is the very unique and very special  KGB actor-agent, Kyrill Gundaev, sometimes. .when  necessary, .  clothed in  his  holy churchly garment/theatrical costume,   when he plays the role of  Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church,.. and at other times, dressed in more comfortable secular clothes, as here in his...supposed or actual  (?)  Antarctic visit (?), bothering the  poor innocent penguins, and who just recently, with his pal, the genuine but heretic   Pope Francis of Rome, pretended to be, the de facto  'spokesman  of the Orthodox Church', and to represent all of us Orthodox Christians. (!!!)
God save us!  

    Однажды в Антарктиде...

    Оригинал взят у kalakazo в Однажды в 

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