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see God in every other person

Re-sharing this blessing: How we are to become, because of Christ's Incarnation and His Resurrection-To see God in every other person; -God is All-LOVE-which is what we must aim to become ourselves

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 5:54 PM

"If ye love me, keep my commandments!"


To see God.... in our brother and our neighbor!
"You have seen your brother; you have seen your God!"   "After God, regard every human being as God".
(from the Holy Fathers)-


Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece 
Holy Metropolis of Oropos and Phyle 
on the Occasion of the All-Glorious Resurrection of Christ our Saviour, 2018 

“I am come a Light into the world.” 
“Rejoice, thou who ineffably gavest birth to the Light!” 

Glory to Thee, O Christ our God, our Saviour; O Lord, glory to Thee! We thank Thee, Who lovest mankind, for the abyss of Thy compassion. 

“Unable to prevail is every hymn that striveth to comprehend the multitude of Thy many tender mercies; for if we were to offer unto Thee, O Holy King, odes equal in number to the sands, we will have done nothing worthy of that which Thou hast given unto us, who cry to Thee: Alleluia.” 

Yea, O our Lord, God, and Saviour Christ, all of our hymns prove to be inadequate and insignificant, however much they attempt to rise to the abundance of Thy boundless compassion. For even if we were to offer to Thy love, O All-Holy King, hymns equal in number to the sand of the sea, we would accomplish nothing commensurate with Thy benefactions toward us sinners, who cry: Praise ye the Lord! 

* * * 

My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Blessed is the conjuncture whereby we celebrate together this year the crowning events of history: the Annunciation of the Theotokos and the Resurrection of Christ our Saviour! 

Our God is the Light that has come. Through the Theotokos He has clothed Himself with history. He transforms the world through the Church. By His Resurrection He inaugurates the eschatological Feast of the Kingdom of God. He invites us to participate in the Nuptials of the Lamb with His Bride, the Church. 

“We honor and magnify in hymns” the All-Blessed “Mother of the Light.” She is the “Lifting-up of men.” She is the “Tabernacle of God the Word.” She is the “Ark made golden by the Spirit.”  In her all-venerable person is reflected the true human person amid the Light poured forth by the Holy Trinity. 

* * * 

My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Today, in this twofold Paschal celebration, through the Theotokos and in the light of the Resurrection of our Saviour, we have also a twofold revelation: we come to know our genuine personhood, and, moreover, to know it in relation to .....our brother and our neighbor.

The Tradition of our Holy Fathers is truly a Resurrectional revelation: “You have seen your brother;.... you have seen your God!” “After God, regard every human being as God!” 

Just like every revealed teaching of our Church, so also does this teaching concerning our brother—and our love for him—have a Resurrectional and astounding character. 

Through repentance, the only genuine “Rising-Up from Sin,” the Christian is clad in Light. He is united with the Risen Christ; he is initiated into the mystery of love and oneness with his brother; he accepts others through Christ, in Christ, with Christ, Who is present within his heart; he becomes aware of himself and ....remains awestruck before the heavenly dignity of his neighbor. 

* * * 

My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The shining Light of the Resurrection, through our All-Holy Mother, the joy of a twofold encounter with our Saviour .....and our brother, ought to be present in every aspect of our lives, even in the most ostensibly insignificant aspect. 

Then shall we be a place wherein God is present. Then shall we be a fount of sanctification for the world. Then shall we be a locus of Divine manifestation.  Then shall we mystically conceive the Kingdom of God. Then shall we contribute to the transformation and renewal of Creation. Then shall we be truly sons of Light and of the day. 

* * * 

May the prayers, acceptable to God, of our ever-memorable Elder and Father Metropolitan Cyprian († 2013), by the intercessions of the Most Blessed Theotokos and of all the Saints, vouchsafe unto us that our whole life be a continuous celebration of our two-fold encounter with Christ, Who is  ever coming and is already present, and with our ever-present brother,  amid the inundation of the Light of the Resurrection. Amen! 

Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!

The Holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior, 2018 

Your humble intercessor before our Risen Lord, 

† Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle 

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