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Official Statement by GOC Bishop Ambrose

Official Statement by GOC Bishop Ambrose (Baird), re: recent government attack on himself and his (South-Ossetian) ALANIAN GOC Diocese-to force them under V. Putin's captive tool, his 'Moscow Patriarchy'


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Dan Everiss

Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 3:36 PM
To: "" <>, Isaac Williams <>

My comment: Current "South Ossetia" exists only because of KGB/FSB chief, mass bloody murderer of Ukraine and Syria, 'freely elected' (!) dictator of his captive & unfree Russian Federation and of his uncanonical and criminal SERGIANIST-APOSTATE 'Moscow Patriarchy', a bogus 'church' communist-front organization, which never was [nor is now today!], a true continuation of Holy Patriarch Tikhon's [who was THE LAST REAL RUSSIAN PATRIARCH]  historical and genuine and canonical Russian Orthodox Church,- this "MP" devilish monstrosity of these End Times,  a forerunner of Antichrist's open rule, created in 1943 by mass-murderer and atheist dictator,  Joseph Stalin, .....and modern South Ossetia-created by Vladimir Putin's bloody and immoral military intervention, his 'Five Day War', and of his adding it to his neo-soviet empire of these two former regions, long part of Georgia: the southern part of historical  Ossetia, (ancient name of Alania), and Abhazia.

Now, Putin is using his tremendous financial and military pressure on this weak & puppet  & subservient South Ossetian government to erase all religious opposition to his captive tool, his world-wide octopus Moscow Patriarchy, to not only capture the land mass and the bodies of the people in Ossetia, but also...their very souls.

This monstrosity, this so-called atheist 'Mother Russian Church' was what organization the fooled and FINANCIALLY COERCED into submission, the former North American Metropolia's [now labeled the OCA] materialistic and non-spiritual leadership, without first consulting its faithful, who were kept 100% totally in the dark,  in 1970 bowed to & recognized this communist controlled MP, and later in 2007, miss-lead by traitor and Judas ROCOR Met. Laurus Skurla, (of Thrice Sorry Memory!) also submitted a large part of the old, free, and anti-communist Russian Church Abroad to.

Today, both the current leadership of the American OCA as with the American based, ROCOR/MP...are totally subservient to Moscow Putin's Kremlin gangster ruling elite, his MP,  his Kremlin's PARTY LINE-whatever is its current propaganda proclamations, its foreign/military empire-building adventure & policies, and never do they criticize or contradict their masters. They are living proof of what it means to be 'in communion with the Mother Russian Church', the MP!

Eternal Shame on all those clergy, in the old North American Metropolia as with the episcopal leadership in the -pre-2007 ROCOR, who were mislead themselves and who then mislead their trusting obedient flocks, leading them over the cliff and into perdition- the perdition of enslavement to Antichrist. How can any of those sell-out Judas bishops and priests, ever have a place in Heaven, among the martyrs whom they have betrayed and spit upon by their betrayal of their episcopal authority and office?

Their only hope, at their judgements, is.... if....., they repent of their apostasy, before they die, May it be so!

Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon
His Grace, Bishop AMBROSE of Methoni and of Alania

From: Archimandrite Alexis <>
Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2018 12:59 PM
To: Archimandrite Alexis
Subject: Ossetia

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From: Bishop Ambrose 
Subject: Ossetia
Date: 22 April 2018 at 08:28:27 BST


      I have visited the Republic of South Ossetia regularly since 1999, and in 2003 the then President, E.Dj. Kokoite personally awarded me South Ossetian citizenship. In 2006, the then Prime Minister, Yu. Morozov granted me one of the first (No. 25) newly-printed South Ossetian Passports, which I have held since then. During the entire 15 years that I have been a citizen of South Ossetia, no-one has ever challenged the legality of my status on the basis of the well-known fact that I am also a British citizen, indeed my contacts with the government and administration have always been extremely cordial. 

    In November 2017, I was summoned to South Ossetia for urgent talks with the new President, A.I. Bibilov. I came from Greece as soon as I was able. In a long personal conversation, the President tried to persuade me that I should submit the Alanian Eparchy to the Moscow Patriarchate; I explained to him the canonical, dogmatic, and practical reasons why I could not do so, but invited him that same evening to come and speak to the members of our clergy, Diocesan Council, and faithful, as this was a question to be resolved not by the bishop alone, but by the people, assuring him the if they were willing to follow his advice, I would immediately stand down. The meeting took place, but none of the faithful, despite their respect for his office, were convinced by his arguments. The President sadly left in anger, stating that he would never again set foot in the churches of the Eparchy, a promise that he has kept. 

   Following a pastoral visit to South Ossetia in April 2018, as I was leaving for Russia, at the control-point of Verkhniy Rukh, my South Ossetian passport was confiscated by the border-guards. (I add that they behaved with great courtesy and were extremely apologetic) This was done with no  written order, nor was any receipt given to me. Indeed I was presented with a paper to sign which stated that I recognised that I was in future forbidden entry to South Ossetia; this I naturally refused to sign. This confiscation was entirely illegal, as I have never been deprived of my citizenship, and  this act, had evidently been ordered the President of the Republic with the express intention of depriving the Alanian Eparchy of their bishop and forcing them into the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchy against their will. 

   I protest most strongly against this illegal act, which is, in effect, an open attack by the State on the liberty of the Alanian Eparchy, which has over the years, not least in the persons of its two first bishops, Georgy Pukhaete, who laboured selflessly for the rebirth of the Ossetian Orthodox Church, and my humble self who, at his request, became his successor, shown itself to be an institution which promotes peace, goodwill and Christian love. We wish only for  our liberty, and will then continue, as loyal citizens, to support and help the government which has been freely elected by the people of the Republic. 

                        +Ambrose, Bishop of Methoni and Alania

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