Friday, June 23, 2017

New inventive use for a soviet-era Lenin statue

New inventive use for a soviet-era Lenin statue in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, which has been left standing- but -'re-interpreted'- to look like a famous Ukrainian historic hero-Philip Orlik!

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Dan Everiss

Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 2:07 PM

Category: Not what Lenin and Stalin worshipper, [both mass murderers of the Russian, Ukrainian and many other MILLIONS! of victim human beings of countless  nationalities], neo-soviet dictator,  KGB-Comrade Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin would approve of! Putin, who is, we are often reminded of by his massive propaganda machine-[the best such machine in the world], that he has been and remains  the 'freely elected president ' (?) the  head of 'a new democratic Russia' (?) ,  is busy protecting or restoring or setting up many NEW such communist-hero  monuments, especially of Stalin and Lenin and also of the other lower level dastardly & bloody 'Heroes of the Revolution', often then grandly blessed with much pomp and public acclaim, by his captive 'Moscow Patriarchy' clergy, with lots and lots of holy water drenching them, in clouds of incense and with choirs singing, and bells ringing.

(Question: How much holy water is needed, to purify and to change... the Devil.... into.... God???...would even the spring time high  flood level flow of the Egyptian River Nile, be sufficient?).

The soviet slogan, still proclaimed by Putin's regime: "Comrade Stalin, saved the nation, and 'Patriarch' Sergius (Stragorodsky)  saved the church!"😥

And in addition, ROCOR/MP head, Hilarion-Kapral, he who succeeded 2007 traitor Met. Lavr Skurla, who sold out much of the old free ROCOR to the1943 Stalin founded  communist controlled MP  assures us all that: "In Russia today, the church and the state are totally separate!-the church is completely free and independent!"😉


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In the Zaporozhye region, the monument to Lenin was decided not to be demolished, but creatively reinterpreted.

 Местный скульптор сделал Ильичу пластическую операцию и теперь он - Филипп Орлик!

The local sculptor gave  dear Comrade Ivan Ilyich Lenin, plastic surgery, and now he is Philip Orlik!

Question to the ungrateful Ukrainians: Do you all not have any!... gratitude!... for all!.... that dear!....beloved!... Comrade Lenin has done for (to) you all???


На Украине придумали оригинальный способ использования памятников Ленину (ВИДЕО)

Автор: Интернет Собор вкл. 23 Июнь 2017. Опубликовано в Общество (Просмотров: 12)
Картинки по запросу в запорожье памятник ленину переделали филиппа орлика
В Запорожской области памятник Ленину решили не сносить, а творчески переосмыслить. Местный скульптор сделал Ильичу пластическую операцию и теперь он - Филипп Орлик!

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