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"HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!" (?): Schismatic uncanonical vagante episcopal consecration, Official group photo, in Melbourne, Australia, and statement of Andre Erastov (found on rocana)-


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Dan Everiss

Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 12:57 PM
And at the bottom of this is the pdf link, in Russian, of Erastov's statement-

 AXIOS! Chirotonia of Fr. Andrei into the Episcopacy as Bishop of Australia and Yarraville
On June 4, 2017, on the feast of Pentecost (Troitsa), Hegumen Andrei (Erastov) was consecrated into the episcopacy of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Performing the Sacrament were Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas Andronik and Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia Sofroniy. A decree signed by Bishop of Trenton and North America Stefan and Archbishop Andronik designated the title of the new ROCA bishop as Bishop Andrei of Australia and Yarraville (download decree attached. Below is a brief biography of Bishop Andrei (Erastov)).
Another report of the chirotonia can be viewed on in Russian.
Born in Moscow in 1960. Entered the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, NY, in 1979 and received a BA in 1982. Received his tonsure as a monk in 1985, and ordained a deacon in 1989. Made a hieromonk in 1993, he was a member of the brotherhood at the Holy Trinity Seminary from 1979 – 2006. From 2006 to 2009, he served at a parish in the south of France as a member of the Diocese of France of the TOC of Greece (under Archbishop Macarius). From 2009 to the present, Hegumen Andrei is the rector of the parish of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius in Yarraville, Australia.

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