Thursday, June 1, 2017

2 R-schisms "serve" together

+ VIDEO: 'Spreading Orthodoxy' (???), via endless new UNCANONICAL schisms -both recently 'unified', but: banned-in-ROCA, Andronik Kotliaroff and in schism from his own RTOC, Stefan Sabelnlk, serving in St. Sergius Church in Valley Cottage, N.Y.

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Dan Everiss

Mon, May 15, 2017 at 4:47 PM

*VIDEO of con-celebration added:
(It all appears, externally,  as very Orthodox-looking!, and sounding and smelling, wonderful!, but then,
 so do the magnificent public liturgical services in the Moscow Patriarchate and in ROCOR/MP)- 
VIDEO of recent con-celebration of Andronik Kotlaroff & Stefan Sabelnik, with their clergy and some laity, in the St. Sergius Church in Valley Cottage, New York (Tolstoy Farm):

And the poor misguided trusting laity just blindly follow these false shepherds, swallowing all of their pride-filled lies and outrageous slanders and trampling of the canons, actually in a very similar hypnotic, non-questioning  frame of mind, as did so many who went along with their Judas clergy in the 2007 betrayal of a large part of the old ROCOR to the Stalin created in 1943 and still controlled by the KGB/FSB, the so-called, Moscow Patriarchy.

So, history is just repeating itself!
"Will there be any faith left?"....and too, WHERE IS!?, THE.... Orthodox Church!???
Such is but more proof that we live right NOW, in the almost total spiritual chaos of the End Times massive world-wide apostasy.
About today, the scriptures tell us: "Every man is a liar!"

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