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"Is The Grace of God Present in the Soviet Church" by Ivan M. Andreyev.

A SHARING: Personal-Remembering & my responce to Fr. xxx: I just completed reading this valuable English-translated bound-book, which you sent me & sell in printed form, "Is The Grace of God Present in the Soviet Church" by Ivan M. Andreyev.

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 1:55 PM

O All Holy New Martyrs, PRAY TO GOD FOR US!
Yes, Wow!

Of course a lot of the over-all picture of those dreadful times and events, - of the bloody godless Bolshevik  takeover  of old Russia and what happened to the Russian Church and its pious faithful clergy and laity, during and after Patriarch Tikhon, I already was in general, aware of, ( but as you know, how FEW today, seem to know ANY! of that accurate history- most seem to believe the communist's propaganda version only: "Stalin saved the nation and Pat. Sergius saved the church", etc.) ...yet these recorded factual specifics ..have greatly helped to fill out this turbulent and sad history for me. Professor Ivan M. Andreyev and others quoted here, were personal WITNESSES of that terrible history, and too, of the inspiring holy confessors and new martyrs, produced in all of that chaos...."Of whom the world was not worthy!".

And what is perhaps the most valuable in this book, is the careful.... defining in precise words, .... of what exactly, spiritually, was and is the central  main problem with the Bolshevik/godless counterfeit and enslaved version of their front-religious-organization, their  institution of (their) 'Moscow Patriarchy',  their pretend pseudo 'Russian Church'....which keeps all of the outward external forms of Orthodoxy, but which is, not of God, etc.

Professor Andreyev, and those others quoted, speaks so clearly and  directly  and pointedly about THE CENTRAL SPIRITUAL  ESSENCE of what was and remains
 today so very very wrong about the soviet/Stalin founded, apostate and utterly uncanonical  'Moscow Patriarchy', the pseudo pretend false, 'Russian Church'.
And I especially found some valuable [new to me], information in its pages, about my first and former Orthodox jurisdiction,- including about my former Prince-Bp. Ioann Shahovskoy...Yes a real European high class refined gentleman, [French seemed to be his first language of choice] who truly was  very unbalanced and compromised & confused in his blurred dilatant-compromised-ecumenist version of also was Alexander Schmemann, -who died at age 62 from cancer produced from his life-long heavy smoking,  [ and as a further proof of which, was the fact that Ioann Shahovskoy,  as with virtually all Metropolia bishops, and archpriests and lay leaders,.... except retired Alaskan Bp. Amvrossy who fled to ROCOR, to retire to and to die at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston, .... willingly &  even happily,  submitted to the MP in 1970, not just a small quiet scheme in the dark, organized and conducted in secret,  over an approximate  ten year period,  by ONLY Alexander Schmemann in collusion with  the infamous Nikodim Rotov,
 ...when the schismatic from ROCOR, the North American Russian Metropolia, [the Platon Rosdyesvensky Schism] -  renamed, the  "OCA" on April 10, 1970 when it foolishly and ignorantly recognized as legitimate, [ which was the main victory of the Kremlin- to further split and weaken the Russian anti-communist diaspora] the communist bogus MP-Moscow Patriarchy-Russian Church and then accepted its 'autocephaly'/independence from it....'blessings'...from...the devil? If one accepts blessings from Satan, then one BELONGS to him! So, what sort of 'independence' is that?...perhaps it is  actually, independence from God?.....i.e.  APOSTASY!

Back then, the great proud church-politician and worldly power broker, RENOVATOR, corruptor of genuine Orthodoxy,  and teacher of heresy, Parisian/Evlogian  Archpriest Alexander Schmemann went all over America to most larger Metropolia parishes and spoke and reassured them,  in both English and Russian: "We have gained a great benefit from Moscow, [i.e. our 'independence' ]- we have fooled them!...and they have gotten NOTHING IN RETURN!" ...which then often provoked approving clapping and happy laughter in some parish meetings here. Schmemann was a cleaver gifted speaker, who often used humor to get his point across, or to mock his opponents, his endearing quaint French-Russian accented English.
My question: BUT WHO WAS THE 'FOOL'?...and WHO GOT "NOTHING IN RETURN"? it certainly was not the Kremlin.

Since that time, the American based OCA, has become a de-facto political tool/ a modern sort of 'fifth column' mouthpiece of the communists,  of the Kremlin's political outreach. It, just like ROCOR/MP virtually never criticizes any acts or decisions of the, now Putin controlled  Kremlin, but only those of our American government [ about which the PERPETUAL Kremlin party line has always been: "America is trying to destroy the Orthodox Church!"] or of anyone who criticizes the Kremlin! Both the OCA and also the ROCOR/MP are tacit propaganda mouthpieces  of the Kremlin. The evidence for this is overwhelming. It is skillful mass mind control- using the Orthodox religion in the service of the devil....what Sergianism is all about.

THAT was and is today, what Moscow got in return for their great 'blessing' of granting their (bogus) 'autocephaly/, 'independence' to the old North American Russian-Metropolia, and later to much of our also then-free, ROCOR under their man, Hilarion-Kapral and his followers.

And by the way, what not many know, but which I did read back then,  about that pack with the devil agreement {the complete text and TERMS of that  deceitful 'Tomos of Autocephaly'},  -in gratefully! ...accepting that tremendous  'blessing from the mother Russian Church', the North American  Metropolia had to GIVE THEM, ...handover, 100%, control  of  THE JAPANESE ORTHODOX CHURCH!....and...To admit, that ever since they had been 'in schism from the mother MP', ALL OF THOSE YEARS of their EVERY SACRAMENT, ALL  such sacraments had been GRACELESS and INVALID!!.
Most members of the OCA, apparently, have never read that.

My former OCA Archbishop, Prince Ioann Shahovskoy [a self deluded avant-garde modernist & clearly anti-traditionalist  in his Orthodoxy, renovationist Parisian devotee of slippery as an eel, renegade from ROCOR, Parisian Met. Evlogy Grigorievsky, and Evlogy being a mentor of Alexander Schmemann,...Shahovskoy  said back then, [ but about which I only learned of those words many years later] that: "Anyone who does not accept autocephaly will burn eternally in the fires of hell!" (!!!~)

However, I remember my Archbishop Ioann Shahovskoy [as I had many direct dealings with him as my bishop] mainly as a very incompetent, impractical and as a bad diocesan and often physically absent bishop, a fanciful man [an 'effete intellectual snob'] who obviously was smugly in love with himself and his intellect and his high old-Russian aristocratic  family heritage, etc. That is why he preferred to be in  Europe for much of the year, in ecumenical circles, where they fawned and adulated over him, -which adulation he did not receive here in his western US diocese. When he was here, he normally said 'no', to any requests of his clergy regarding any parish or diocesan projects. He always put the breaks on any real movement or progress in his diocese. And too, he was certainly anti any real or traditional Orthodox monasticism, also was his close friend and associate, Professor Alexander Schmemann, who then, as its 'Dean',  with the rest of the Parisian/Evlogian  imports, had seized full control of the New York St. Vladimir's Seminary. Most of his clergy in this western diocese, were happier when their diocesan bishop  was absent....which fact he was aware of.

Ironically, [ yes, life is strange!], later and after I had fled to ROCOR....[after God sent me that also EYE-OPENING precious book, 'The History of The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad',  put out by the Boston monastery] when Ioann Shahovskoy  had retired [ actually he had been pushed-forced  to retire by returned to the US, Met. Vladimir Nagosky-formerly of Japan, when he wanted to take over this western US diocese] and he was later at his life's end period, dying of cancer,...[I seem to remember, in Arizona?],  I...was asked to go and personally be his private  nurse and care giver.

It was impossible of course, for many reasons.

Also, later on, when  the then disgraced by scandal [of a homosexual nature]...when Met. Herman Swaiko had become OCA metropolitan,  Vladimir was  forced to quietly 'retire', before he could realize his long term real aim- of becoming the OCA's white-klobuked, Metropolitan in New York,  Met. Vladimir-former Metropolia Metropolitan of Japan,... Met. Vladimir/'Bill'  Nagosky...originally he from my home town and my first parish of St. Theodosius of Chernigov Cathedral, in Cleveland, Ohio,---which parish he, not I,  was born and raised in,   (HE! a new Judas Iscariot, had personally handed over the Japanese Orthodox Church (originally founded by the great Russian Orthodox missionary bishop to Japan,  St. Nicholas Kasatkin] to the communist MP in Moscow on April 10,  1970,  because they demanded it, in RE-PAYMENT for autocephaly,  & as was stated clearly in the Tomos of Autocephaly ), Vladimir Nagosky  later was also himself dying of cancer, I was asked to go and take care of him as he was dying.(!)
Then too, that was simply not possible for me, all-in-all.

Anyway, Fr. xxx,  what truths are in this text and what valuable wisdom, I fear that not many today know or even seem to care about.

But that is why, till I leave this world, as best as God allows me, I shall continue to try and tell and to share the truth of these matters, to any who care and will listen.
However, how few these days, care about truth, in any field of human interest?
We live in a time of much deception and lies, lies, and more lies.
BUT, since GOD IS ALL TRUTH, if we who  claim to belong with Him, but if we lie, or if we accept or believe lies, then do we indeed belong with God???

May God save us!

Tired out and retired 73 year old,  Reader Daniel Everiss
P.S. This valuable book, and many other valuable Orthodox books,  is available from: Monastery Press, Wildwood, Alberta, Canada

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