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"By Silence, Is The Truth Betrayed"

With ALL: My best and shortest and kindest response I can make to (an apparen)t Andronik Kotliaroff -Mt. View Schism supporter:- "By Silence, Is The Truth Betrayed"-"SAD!"

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Dan Everiss

Tue, May 16, 2017 at 4:58 PM

First, Olga, you need to WAKE UP! and read these official ROCA proclamations,
because  if you read only what propaganda rubbish is on ROCANA, or which comes from those with this schism, it will continue to corrupt and twist your mind. Those folks neither know nor tell the truth. All they can do is to slander, slander and tell more slander.

View this link:
To Olga Kowalczuk, and her fellow schismatics, wherever they live:
After the 2007 union with Moscow, people of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, due to understandable and profound disappointment, have become cautious in trusting ...
YES, "Sad" indeed!...that anyone follows this ignorant and miserable and unjustified Andronik Kotliaroff -Mt. View Schism from our lawful ROCA under our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel!

And now I shall attempt to respond to your sharing of this lamentable and off-based comment from rather conceited and know-it-all, Protodeacon Germain-Nikitish Ivanov 13th, in France:
By your sending this to me,  his obscure comment, [ which I have already read, to my disgust and dismay]  I must assume that you agree with it, (?) especially as you are unable, it would seem,  to add any critic with it, as it deserves.
Your schism's leadfership are trumpeting it, as but another weapon against our honorable Metropolitan Agafangel- who is our sole canonical valid ROCA leader.
Of course, I do not know you, but  to give you the Christian benefit of the doubt, I will assume  that you are sincere, [ though it is claimed that the Devil is also 'sincere'] though a mislead follower of these schismatic destroyers of our ROCA, and not a KGB/FSB plant (?)
Your pathetic and useless anti-Orthodox schism is but another KGB organized & promoted and inspired effort to totally destroy all remaining foreign-Russian opposition to them and their captive Stalin-founded in 1943 MP 'church'. It is their further-on-going mopping-up work, as they could not capture or silence all,  in their 2007 'union' plot.
The highly intelligent and much esteemed and well known from the internet, the smug and wise Protodeacon, knows a lot about many subjects, especially of old-Russian religious and national history & culture, Czarist history, and of the past history of ROCOR, and on other varied subjects.
He is for sure, no dummy!
He knows both Russian and French, and perhaps some other languages....though not English.
However, he like us all, cannot possibly know everything on every subject. Yet he seems to imagine that he does know all;  a typical mindset of intellectually superior  people- i.e. a proud self-importance and feeling that they know more than anyone else. It is pure conceit. Spiritually, It is a form of self-righteous judgementalistic   Pharisee-ism. Shame on him for this pride!...which allows him to openly disrespect and saying deprecatory and mocking words about our Metropolitan on the internet.
I have lost almost all respect for him. He seems in love with his own intellect, but he is living in his  isolated ivory tower, more in the past than in the present time.
And I remember past days, when he was a fervent defender of his RTOC Tikhon Pasechnik, and a constant malicious internet attacker of our Met. Agafangel,... before 'he saw the light',  and became disgusted with all the lies of Pasechnik, and  what all was so wrong and so false with Pasechnik, and then he...fled to Agafangel and our ROCA, as his savior.
But since he joined us, he has, off and on, [ in-between re-affirming his warm praise of Agafangel , and how much he loves him, etc.] his has, never-the-less continued to claim that Agafangel is ' not doing enough to bring all the fragments together', to work for 'unity'.
Which the factual evidence is all to the contrary.
Vladyka Agafangel has attempted many MANY overtures and reaching  his hand out to all of them, but only to receive his hand back, burned...over and over again. Yet the great protodeacon blames Met. Agafangel for this!
But, as I have observed over the years, much maligned Met. Agafangel  has tried to do everything that he could to bow to these Andronik-Mt. View schismatics, to give them what they wanted, [a hefty degree of self-rule, etc] we see that all of his kindly and Christian condescensions to them has only encouraged  their defiance and their power-mad arrogant pride, in the reality that they have now created their bizarre rival-ROCA, which they claim is the legitimate ROCA (!)
None of their sacraments are grace-filled, nor should you pray with them.

Protodeacon Germain-Ivanov-13's  main and obvious on-going blind spot?: He truly shows ignorance of the on-going Russian 'fragments' particulars, with him making the common mistake, of naively.... equating all such 'anti-MP fragments' as...if..... they all are equal, all canonically valid, etc. -which they ARE NOT.
For one big problem: their bishop's consecrations are very questionable at best or totally bogus...EXCEPT for the consecration of Vl. Andronik- who had a totally valid ROCA episcopal consecration, but then he later has refused his loyalty and mutual obedience to his fellow bishops and has started a lawless schism, which makes him a rebel and is forcing his fellow bishops to have to depose/defrock him. At present he is banned from the priesthood, which is IN THEIR POWER TO SO PROCLAIM!  If they say he is no longer a valid Orthodox bishop, then he is not! He cannot steal, like a thief in the night,  his bishop's consecration and take it with him, when he has left his legitimate canonical church!
And the esteemed protodeacon  shows an almost total lack of understanding of the roots of this schism, as it has been born and flowered HERE in America. About this country, he knows very little, especially not about any Russian-Americans here. He fundamentally is living in the past, not the present.
Our canonical ROCA, under our valid and very soundly Orthodox,  Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, is the SOLE legitimate continuation of the old free ROCOR. None other group can rightly claim or prove this.
He alone, was a full canonical valid-BISHOP and member of the old free ROCOR's Synod of Bishops, ..before...the rest of them betrayed to the Moscow MP, in 2007, and he alone did not betray.
Whether in the Paschal spirit or not, your fellow schismatics have declared a full war of annihilation upon our ROCA, and hence our bishops and loyal priests and laity, MUST fight what you are doing. It is their Christian duty!
The particulars of this restaurant affair, are not important.
Hence too, the protodeacon's, [in far away France],  bothering to use his off-based and untrue comment which he put on internetsobor, to belittle and attack the Metropolitan, only makes himself look off-balanced.
With all of the many unexpected illogical gyrations and twists and turns of pathetic Andronik Kotliaroff and his family and followers, why should anyone be surprised if he might just join himself to that  chance  group he bumped into in the Chinese restaurant,  of the historic Syrian Jacobite monophosite heresy? or to ANY established/recognized  church organization? ROCOR/MP certainly will take him in! He has already now linked with fellow schismatic RTOC-Trenton Stefan Sabelnik, himself also in schism from his  'bishop' who 'consecrated' him, under Tikhon Pasechnik?
So far, Andronik's  first choice to come into co-communion with his schism, Archbishop Kallinikos's GOC, he has not been able to engineer that coveted recognition....and may he not get it!
I am sorry to have to say to you Olga, but you are following and entrusting your immortal soul to false-shepherds, who show unbalance in both their minds and in their understanding of what exactly is, the Orthodox Faith. 
With this horrible schism, the advise from a Holy Father in the past applies:
"The blessing of a heretic, is a curse!"
So, flee them!
May Christ Our True God, bless and Save us all!
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon; loyal to our ROCA under our honorable and legitimate Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, our ROCA Holy Synod, and to none other!

From: Olga Kowalczuk <>
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 4:13 PM
Subject: Fwd: By Silence, Is The Truth Betrayed

Sharing. An Interesting Article

Long-time champion of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, protodeacon Hermann Ivanov-Thirteenth, comments after the decree of the Odessa Synod of May 2, 2017.
So sad!...
Where here is the spirit of Christianity?...
And more, we only just celebrated holy Pascha and for a whole month yet we will continue to live in this Paschal spirit, sing Paschal hymns -- and what? Let's look at the photo located on the Internet Sobor website of Metropolitan Moses of Toronto of the fraternal Greek Church, taken next to Archbishop Andronik (Kotliaroff) and Fr Nikita Grigoriev. What do we see? We see a person full of heartfelt Paschal joy who came to exchange paschal greetings of Christ is Risen! and kulich with his brothers. In other words, we see complete harmony with the Paschal verses; we can even say we see the embodiment of the triumphant final verse: “It is the day of Resurrection, let us be radiant for the festival, and let us embrace one another, let us say even to those who hate us: let us forgive all things on the Resurrection, and thus let us cry: Christ is Risen ...!”
Inline image 1
But what do we read on the Internet Sobor website? “How will Metropolitan Moses explain his meeting with these heretics!” And not only is it strange to read this and this, to say the least, baseless accusation, but one can even see this as a slightly veiled threat, cunningly implying the desired punishment of the guilty Metropolitan for such a terrible “crime”, for such a “sin” ... Let’s hope that the possible reaction of Archbishop Kallinikos will be in a different spirit.
True, the “guilt” of Metropolitan Moses is re-doubled yet more by the fact that this meeting with Vl. Andronik took place only a few days before “still another spiritual fall”: the meeting made to look “alluring” between Archbishop Andronik and the Syriac clergy! And on this subject, the Internet Sobor site devotes an entire article entitled “An Ecumenist Meeting Happened between Former Archbishop Andronik (Kotliaroff) and Archbishop Titus Yeldho”, accompanied by an official portrait of this ruling bishop of the North American Diocese of the ancient Syriac-Jacobite Church. One reads there that this is as if in fact there had taken place an inter-church meeting akin to the Havana meeting between the Pope and [Kyrill] Gundiaev. The Internet Sobor site finds it difficult to say whether Vl. Andronik has thus established eucharistic communion with him, yet one reads “but the start of such a thing, one can already say, has been laid”.
But in fact, what really did happen? Vl. Andronik, with two clergy, went to a restaurant to eat seafood. Sometime later, some strangers entered with [apparently] Orthodox cassocks and with crosses on their chests. In the American context a more unexpected thing could not be. Naturally they were interested to know who these strangers are. They chatted together, sat down at the same table, drank some Coca-Cola and soon a picture was taken as a souvenir before they went their separate ways. And that’s all. Where here is the heresy of ecumenism? But upon simple minds such statements can have an effect, and alas have had! Dressing in the robes of the zealot, these [self-appointed] guardians of Orthodoxy, being such clever people, consider themselves emboldened to write that “in the Kotliaroff para-synagogue the sacraments are not performed and the Eucharist cannot exist there”, the bishops are called clowns, and their actions those of clowns. But in the end, we must understand that the responsibility for the spread among the flock of such “linguistic excesses”, not to say conceptual and spiritual excesses, based on such unverified statements.
I have been silent for a long time, I do not think I am alone in hoping that the situation, if not corrected, will be, in any case, stabilized. To do this, it is necessary to declare some kind of a moratorium, to stop pouring oil on the fire. Already enough has been written and superfluous things said. It is hard to imagine that this fake information, based on nothing, only promotes the goal of aggravating the accusation of ecumenism, which was not based on anything, addressed to Vladykas Andronik and Sophrony and those like them. But their entire “sin” is that not in words but in deeds, they are trying to achieve what for 15 years has been prayed for by all the true sons of the fragmented Church Abroad: to re-assemble the separated parts of it. And this is imputed to them as the worst of heresies ecumenism! This is testified to by yet another decree of the [Odessa] Synod of May 2, which reaffirmed their incredible accusation of “a profession of the heresy of ecumenism” precisely at a time when it is with great difficulty that they might be able to begin to restore the torn church tunic. One very much wants to believe that this holy cause will be crowned with success together. But there are times when for even the most simple Christian it is not possible to remain silent any longer. In fact, by silence, is the truth betrayed.
Protodeacon Hermann 13th

Долгий защитник Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей, протод. Герман Иванов Тринадцатый, комментирует после постановление Одесского Синода от 2 мая 2017 г.
Печально …
Где тут христианский дух ? …
Ведь только отпраздновали святую Пасху и целый месяц будем ещё жить в этом пасхальном духе, петь пасхальные песнопения — и что ? Посмотрим на помещенную на ИС фотографию Торонтского Митрополита Моисея из братской греческой Церкви, снятого рядом с Архиепископом Андроником /Котляровым/ и отцом Никитой Григорьевым. Что видим ? Видим исполненного внутренней пасхальной радостью человека, пришедшего похристосоваться со своими братьями вокруг кулича. Иными словами, видим полное созвучие с пасхальной стихирой, можно даже сказать видим воплощение торжественной стихиры : «Воскресения день, и ПРОСВЕТИМСЯ ТОРЖЕСТВОМ, и друг друга обымем. Рцем БРАТИЕ, и ненавидящим нас, простим вся Воскресением, и тако возопиим : Христосъ воскресе … !».
А что читаем на ИС ? — Объяснит ли митрополит Моисей свою ВСТРЕЧУ с ЕРЕТИКАМИ ! И не только такое странное и, чтобы не сказать больше, пустое суждение можно прочесть, но ещё и слегка завуалированную угрозу, лукавый намёк на желаемое наказание провинившегося Митрополита за такое страшное преступление, за такой грех ... Будем надеяться, что возможная реакция Архиепископа Каллиника будет другого духа.
Правда, ''вина'' Митрополита Моисея усугубляется ещё тем, что встреча с Вл. Андроником имела место всего несколько дней до ''очередного духовного падения'' — соблазнительной встречи Архиепископа Андроника с коптским духовенством !
А на эту тему ИС посвящает целую статью, озаглавленную «Состоялась экуменическая встреча бывшего архиепископа Андроника (Котлярова) с архиепископом Титусом Йелдхо», с официальным портретом этого правящего архиерея северо-американской епархии древней сиро-яковитской Церкви. Читаешь — будто на самом деле имела место межцерковная встреча наподобие Гаванской встречи между Римским папой и Гундяевым. ИС затрудняется только сказать —намеревается ли Вл. Андроник установить с ним евхаристическое общение, «но начало этому, уже, можно сказать, положено» пишется.
А на самом деле вот что произошло. Вл. Андроник с двумя клириками зашёл в забегаловку поесть мидей. Некоторое время спустя вошли незнакомые люди в православных рясах и с крестами на груди. В американской обстановке — более, чем неожиданный случай.
Естественно поинтересовались узнать, кто они. Побеседовали, сели за один стол, выпили кока-колу и прежде, чем разойтись на память сфотографировались. Вот и всё. Где тут ересь экуменизма ? Но на слабоумные головы такие сообщения могут подействовать, и увы действуют ! Одеваясь в тогу зилотов, блюстителей Православия, такие умники считают себя поощрёнными браво писать о том, что «таинства в котляровской парасинагоге не совершаются и Евхаристии там быть не может», архиереев называют клоунами, а их действия клоунадами. Ведь надо понять, что ответственность за такие ''языковые заносы'', не говоря об умственных и духовных, среди паствы лежат на таких именно не проверенных ''информациях''.
Я долго молчал, думаю не один я, всё надеясь, что ситуация, если не регулируется, то во всяком случае стабилизируется. Для этого нужно было бы установить некий мораторий, перестать подливать масло в огонь. Достаточно ведь уже было написано и сказано лишнего. Трудно представить, что эта, ни на чём не основанная псевдо-информация, не преследовала цели усугубить и так ни на чём не основанное обвинение в экуменизме, адресованное Владыкам Андронику и Софронию и иже с ними. А весь их грех в том, что не на словах, а на деле, пытаются достичь того, за что уже 15 лет молятся все истинные сыны разорванной Зарубежной Церкви : собрать расколотые ея части. И это вменяется им в вину, как злейшая экуменическая ересь !
Свидетельство сему очередное постановление Синода от 2 мая, подтверждающее невероятное обвинение их в «исповедании ереси экуменизма» именно в то время, когда им с большим трудом удаётся начать восстанавливать разорванный церковный хитон.
Очень хочется верить, что ещё удастся завершить это святое дело всем вместе. Но есть времена, когда даже самому простому христианину нельзя дольше молчать. Молчанием, ведь, предаётся истина.
Протод. Герман

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