Sunday, June 11, 2017

For All-Saints Sunday:

For All-Saints Sunday: "The choir of the saints have found the Fountain of Life and the Door to Paradise, may I also find the right way through repentance, I am the lost sheep, call me O Saviour and save me!"


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Dan Everiss

Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 2:06 PM

Thought: On our universal Orthodox Church calendar are many many named and openly God-revealed saints, however, certainly in Heaven with Our Blessed Saviour Our Lord, JESUS CHRIST The God-Man,  are also myriads of others, the sanctified, ....known but to God.

We all are 'called to be saints', to become MADE HOLY, MADE SANCTIFIED....the Redeemed in the Lord.

We all, as individuals,  must OURSELVES!, be co-workers,  with Christ's  already accomplished salvation, [ because, "faith without works, is dead!"]  thus we must be crucified with Christ, we must struggle daily to shed our passions and sins,[which is the central 'good work' of the Christian]  and to become Christ-like, via  Kenosis [self-denial and emptying through constant & daily repentance] and through the on-going daily process of Theosis, through 'podvig'/struggle,  [the acquisition of Godlike virtues, as GOD IS ALL-PURITY! -ALL-VIRTUE ], because: "GOD BECAME MAN, SO THAT MAN COULD BECOME GOD-LIKE!"

The saints are our models, living real proofs that we too, as they have already been admitted into Heaven, WE  can!  'make it', we too, may ....inherit Eternal Life with Christ-God and His saints in Heaven.

And we can only fit, 'belong in Heaven', gather around God's Throne, 'in that city not built by human hands, the Heavenly New Jerusalem', ...  IF we BELONG.... AMONG the SAVED, the spotless and pure perfected and the Redeemed  in the Lord, in Heaven there cannot be any impure or proud unrepentant-sinners, NONE....only former sinners.

"In my father's house are many mansions, ....I go to prepare a place for you there, ....that WHERE I AM, YOU ALSO MAY BE!"

"O heavenly hosts of holy angels and archangels, and all glorious holy prophets, ascetics, holy Apostles, holy hierarchs, holy unmercenary healers, the righteous, confessors and all martyrs, and especially our All-Holy Lady Theotokos, The Ever Virgin MARY,  -all who are KNOWN AND UNKNOWN to us on earth: PRAY TO GOD FOR US SINNERS!"  now and ever, and unto the ages of ages- AMEN!  and AMEN!


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