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& FINAL re-vision: (with link to Russian version)-From rocana, the Andronik-Mt. View schismatic's propaganda site: "An explanation concerning Eucharistic Communion between Bp. Stefan and Archb. Andronik

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Dan Everiss

Tue, May 23, 2017 at 6:59 PM

My added comment to this:

But no mention here, that the consecration to the episcopate  of the pre-2007 union, ROCOR - of Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A. validly ordained to the priesthood , of Arch-Priest Stefan Sabelnik, was not likely canonical or valid ( because, in brief,  those putting their hands on his head in RTOC's Odessa cathedral,  even if they recited the proper prayers and blessings,...they performed all of the liturgical rituals, etc.... BUT who were not themselves canonical valid bishops!) e.g. those in schism from their lawful synods, as have been the predecessors of Tikhon Pasechnik and himself, and those whom he has ordained or consecrated, who perform any sacraments, those ritual acts are invalid and graceless- THAT is the problem! And this information was revealed years ago, by Vl. Agafangel- who personally & closely and directly knew all of those involved-THUS, Stefan Sabelnik [whether we personally 'like' him or not] is simply not a valid or canonically  consecrated Orthodox bishop, and now Andronik Kotliaroff -because he is in unlawful rebellion and in schism, is NO LONGER a valid or canonical bishop....though in his case, when he was consecrated a ROCA bishop, that WAS canonical,-he WAS canonical. Formerly, Vl. Andronik WAS a validly consecrated bishop! But, he has lost that now. Stefan Sabelnik, never had a valid episcopal matter how many other likeable attributes to his personality he has. Many love and adore him, and would follow him anywhere.
Andronik also, has been and still is much loved and trusted by many. Hence, many are emotionally and blindly following him...following both Andronik and Stefan....but TO WHERE???
In the 2007 shameful betrayal plot of much of the anti-MP old free ROCOR, including those who  themselves and their families and parishes were physically threatened, to be  'thrown out into the street' - or worse, ...if they did not go along with the glorious 'reunion' with the MP,  etc. or who were bribed and paid off, or whose secret sins were known & recorded by the KGB who  threatened them, to be make them  public, -'compromat',  and those bribed, by KGB agents, PLUS many of the parish clergy and laity then too, simply trusted their fellow parish priests and more so their ROCOR bishops, [ all of whom, EXCEPT Vl. Agafangel and imprisoned sickly  un-free Vl. Daniel, who did not betray] and they went with them, like sheep to the slaughter,  in their mass betrayal to the KGB/FSB -founded and ruled MP.
So coercion played a big part in forcing submission of the ROCOR bishops and priests and parishes,  under the KGB run MP in 2007.
AND too,.... foolishly & blindly believing  that by them  doing such, listening to the slogans: "It is time now- to re-unite", and "because Russia is free now!", was being 'OBEDIENT' to their father confessors, their higher clergy...and thus, to God (!)
So too, are those now blindly obedient to this double-'fragment'-schism, now a double/joined  new fresh schism. Which is a joy to all  those who support the MP and dictator Putin's plans to take over the world....which will trigger World War III, an end of human civilization on this earth,  nuclear world war.
No Orthodox bishop or priest, can break Sobornost/Conciliatoriness -MUTUAL OBEDIENCE,  with his fellow bishops,...UNLESS THEY HAVE APOSTATED AND ABANDONED THE ORTHODOX FAITH!,... as DID!...those of ROCOR who betrayed to the MP in 2007, and the 'OCA' previously, in 1970,   & foment church and soul destroying riotousness rebellion against his fellow bishops, and then flee  into schism or heresy and leave the church, and ....simply....arrogantly TAKE his ordination or consecration & his former grand clerical titles and prerogatives,  IN HIS POCKET, with him! if they  were his personal baggage or possession. AS IF.... anyone can capture and privately own..... the Grace of the Holy Spirit!  Perhaps that works in Roman Catholic Jesuitical theology and their corrupted & politically oriented church law, but not in Orthodoxy.
Further, it was long ago proven many times over, that departed,  of  Thrice Blessed Memory, SIR Met. Cyprian,[Koutsumbas]  was never a 'heretic' nor did he ever preach any 'heresy'. But it brings a smile to my face, to see that those NOW unifying their two ill-conceived & lamebrain schisms, must rehash this old baloney.
An old saying: "Two wrongs don't make a right!"
Truly we are now in the End Times!
When Christ returns, will he find any faith left?

Russian version:

Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Dioceses of Syracuse-St. Nicholas and Ottawa-Canada
English version:

An Explanation concerning the Negotiations on Eucharistic Communion between Bp. Stefan and Archbp. Andronik

On April 4, 2017, a meeting took place between Bishop Stefan [Sabelnik] and Archbishop Andronik [Kotliaroff] and some of their subordinate priests, which ended with the signing of a document on the restoration of Eucharistic Communion. In the process of negotiations some of the clergy of Vl. Stefan raised the question of the canonicity of the episcopal consecration of Vl. Andronik (2007), done with the participation of the Bp. Ambrose, who belonged to the Synod of Resistance (the Cyprianite Synod).
On this question Vl. Andronik made the following explanation, which satisfied the party of Vl. Stefan:
The party of Vl. Andronik does not consider his consecration as non-canonical. But for those of the clergy Vl. Stefan, who doubt the canonicity of a consecration in which the Synod of Resistance participated we recall that this issue was already resolved when the Synod of Met. Cyprian was accepted into the Synod of the True Orthodox Church of Greece. Over the bishops of the Synod of Met. Cyprian cheiroth├ęsia [laying on of hands] was performed. At the same time, all the sacred actions and ordinations that they committed before unification were recognized. It should be said that this is the usual church practice when reuniting after a split (otherwise it would be necessary to re-baptize, re-marry, re-bury, etc.)
The official document on the unification of the synods of Arch. Kallinikos and Metr. Cyprian stated:
“The Holy Synod accepted the document and proceeded to the lifting of the penalties imposed by the then Hierarchies of the Synod in Resistance, recognizing their Consecrations and Mysteriological acts and those of their successors who heretofore remained in communion with them.”
One can add that when the two Greek synods were united, the Synod of Bishops of Resistance declared that the special ecclesiology of Metr. Cyprian (Kutsumbas) has never been the official teaching of their synod, remaining his private opinion. (“The Hierarchs of the former Synod in Resistance not only did not officially and synodally proclaim all that was ascribed to them under the name of “Cyprianism”... but have also clearly expressed opposition thereto...”)
At present, no one spreads the teachings of Metr. Cyprian, so if it were not for the opponents of the “heresy of Cyprianism”, no one would have known about the existence of this doctrine.
The ROCA has historically always maintained a moderate position in relation to the churches of World Orthodoxy, but such a moderate position is not connected with and does not coincide with the ecclesiological theories of Met. Cyprian. Despite the fact that the ROCA entered into contact with the Synod of Resistance in 1994, the ecclesiology Met. Cyprian was not published in the church press of the ROCA, and did not become known to a wide circle of clergy and the faithful.
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Despite protests from within the ranks of bishops, clergy, and laypeople, on May 17, 2007, a large part of the ROCA entered into Eucharistic communion with the MP with the signing of the “Act of Canonical Communion” and is now known as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (MP). A smaller part chose to remain loyal to the historical Russian Orthodox Church and continue the mission of the ROCA.

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