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"The Sirens Sang"

A Repeat Sending, but in good English: "The Sirens Sang"


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Dan Everiss

Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 1:39 PM
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Comment: Much of this is directed to what Fr. Andrei Erastov in Melbourne, and some other lamentable pro-schism rebels, have  put on the schismatics' site:

 * * *
Metropolitan Agafangel:  The Sirens Sang

As it is well known to many, in the past few months in New York state, a number of agitators have "landed" for the split of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (4 people), and they are all very active in fulfilling their assigned mission. Has this happened before in the history of ROCA? I do not remember, probably, like it was in the leading-up to 2007, but then unfortunately, nobody paid any attention to it. But now, due to our small size, it is clearly visible. Obviously, just as the split in 2007 was planned and guided by the Russian Federation, it can be seen that the current initiative stems from the same place and the same source. Recently, a new process enriched the operation of organizing a split. A new section was created on the website, titled "Preparation for the 6th All-Diaspora Sobor" where information on developments are placed to help their separatist activities. Authors have already appeared in this shameful section. Prior to this, in the past few years the "palpability" of all the people in our Church was determined to see if they would support a split, or rather their tendency, to possibly be recruited. Whoever was found to support the split was "identified". Letters and phone calls circulated around the world, from different locations, even from as far away as Izhevsk, with the purpose to monitor moods; more precisely with the intention to "find like minded people" who are ready to speak out against the ROCA leadership, not only to the representatives of our Church, but also to our brothers in Christ. They also tried to involve the head of the Bulgarian Church, Metropolitan Photius. This is serious work - this is not the work of amateur enthusiasts, this the work of professionals; a calculated plan. The goal, no doubt, is to destroy ROCA, leaving no viable "fragments" - and to create a division between our Church and the Greek Old Calendarist Church, so there would be no possible union in opposition to their  modern apostasy.

The schismatics from the USA, Canada, the Russian Federation, and Kazakhstan, have long been waiting with open arms ready to unite their "spiritual brothers" former and future - the last (as they hope) remaining pieces of the once glorious church. But today, in spite of all their efforts, the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is still alive.

Somewhere closely orbiting are the ill-wishers of ROCA. One of them, Credo-RU, provides comprehensive information in support of the preparation of a split, from their paid correspondent, the excommunicated Secretary of the Holy Trinity parish, [i.e.Vadim Yarmolenets]  who writes under many different names, but on only one topic.

All possibilities and attempts to establish peace within our church are immediately rejected. Even the agreement previously signed and sealed by the First Hierarch of ROCA and rchbishop Andronik was destroyed without any explanation or justification - destroyed only because there are no plans, in their minds,  to save our Church. It is clear that any agreement, any attempt at peace, will be rejected by them, under any pretext or with no pretext at all. This war is for complete abolition of our Church; there is no room for life. The goal is the complete annihilation of the true Russian Orthodox Church.

St. Cyprian of Carthage wrote: "The efforts of heretics and evil schismatics usually begins with self-indulgence, coupled with a haughty and proud contempt for the primate." One of the main components of the fight of schismatics with the Church is to fight against those who are leading it, that is, its First Hierarch and its Synod: "for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered. " (St. Mark 14.27). We have already witnessed this when the servants of the devil fought against Patriarch Tikhon and his synod. It is no wonder why later the Bolsheviks resisted the formation of a Holy Synod and only agreed to a synod formed by the traitor Sergius Stragorodsky and consisting of member hierarchs like him. Before the revolution there was an opposition to the Emperor and his dynasty. In the recent past - there was a targeted revolt against Metropolitan Vitaly. Unfortunately, in those years, I did not clearly understand all that was happening in our Church and although I did not oppose Metropolitan Vitaly, at the time when he was attacked, I did not support him, for which I now sincerely repent.
* * *
I briefly mentioned some facts for everyone to understand. I will do this  now!- and just briefly discuss  the arguments cited by the modern schismatics.  And as to their  header banner: i.e. that we are guilty of various crimes, etc. which  is their accusation against myself and our Synod:  but for which  they have  no evidence against me or Our Synod OTHER than some abstract  defamations (for the which, in fact, they fully know  themselves are untrue ). The schismatics have decided to work on our parishioners, using their artistic expressions to create semi-truths. It is like in literature or in the movies - fictional villains are created. For example, to write continuously that the First Hierarch is a liar (without providing one example of a lie told), and that the Synod is made up of acolytes obedient to him. This topic is further exaggerated with the goal of deceiving the innocent and TRUSTING people who do not  know what is truly happening in Our Church, and who  are (unfortunately), and have  always been, the  overwhelming majority of believers. WithIn the  last few days a "Lyrical Conditions creation" has appeared, written by one of the four "spiritual captains ", with the title "Thoughts on the Pre-Council Meeting of the Commission", which kindly and gently says, that one  should not obey the lawful hierarchy, even if this hierarchy does not profess a heresy . Quotes are used, from the Holy Martyr Hilarion Troitsky: "You can not rely on official pastors (bishops and priests), we can not formally use canons to decide church life questions, in general we can not restrain the correct course of action, however it is critical to have a spiritual sense that can indicate the path of Christ amongst many trodden trails by beasts in sheep's clothing" .While the focus is not particularly accentuated here, St. Hilarion Troitsky was specifically  speaking of Sergianism - as at that time Sergianism had entered the Church, to subjugate the many, including clergy, and therefore every Christian needed the ability to distinguish between good and evil and not just know the letter of the law. In our situation, the other party is coming exclusively from the new schismatics and the words of the Holy Martyr directly exposes these schismatics who are attempting to put on a sheep's skin and penetrate the church government in a roundabout way, to destroy and disperse the still remaining fenced in flock.

Further on the author continues his theme, although not so artistically and brilliantly written: "What is the spiritual meaning of this division?" Again the same topic - the main enemies of the Church in our time are derived from: the church canons and rules (ie from what the  Holy Fathers, who are the ones who installed them): "Sometimes sincere people take the side of the metropolitan and the synod in this battle for truth. In communicating with ...'these people',-[ i.e. those loyal to the Metropolitan and our Synod] or reading their letters, it is easy to note, that they think of the external only, in formal categories: the canons, rules of law, obedience to ecclesiastical authority." As they say, comments here to these  words, are unnecessary.

Reading the letters of the people who consider themselves "spiritually enlightened" (in contrast to the spiritually blind - as they arrogantly define those who do not support them), one catches himself thinking:... that if we follow the logic of their arguments, the one who follows Church Tradition is not correct. However he who, [excuse my expression', plays the violin beautifully, I mean he who has more of a sense of creative imagination, is the correct one, when it comes to church disputes. True "spiritual" connoisseurs uttering completely false notes, thus  define Christ, blasphemously as "One who is errant - who offends public order" (!?).

By their way of thinking, those who are "spiritually" superior have a dispensation [a right and a duty] to create a schism in the Church. This is a complete misunderstanding, not only of Church Tradition, but of Christianity itself. "But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! "(St. Matthew 6.23).

 If what's best in them, that they are trying to present, is ruination and death, what then is the worst in them?

First Hierarch of  ROCA +  Metropolitan Agafangel, August 30 / September 12, 2016

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