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Returning Andronik Kotlaroff, back once again, to a 'Retired-bishop'- Status

A General Sharing: Official Decree of September 3, 2016 from our ROCA Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel: Returning Andronik Kotlaroff, back once again, to a 'Retired-bishop'- Status

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 10:43 AM

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Comment: In Orthodox canon law, [ which renegade  Andronik Kotlaroff and his fellow impious anti-Orthodox schismatics have clearly mocked and totally rejected most if not all Orthodox Sacred Tradition, of which our Sacred Canons Laws are an integral part], a retired bishop/ 'at rest',  basically has no  rights to do much of anything, except what little is permitted him by the ruling bishop, in this case, Met. Agafangel and our ROCA Synod.
This retired status is, in his case, one short step before he has to be completely deposed/defrocked  as a bishop of the Orthodox Church.
His fellow bishops have the total right, indeed their solemn DUTY to protect souls, to remove him, just as it was they who previously consecrated him as a fellow-bishop.
He cannot take his episcopal consecration with him, when he leaves the church, or has to be ejected from the church. He goes as a defrocked shameful former bishop, a renegade, and if he still pretends to act as a bishop, then as a vagante/vagrant/wandering -former bishop.
Clearly church dissembler and destroyer of our ROCA, pathetic unbalanced Andronik Kotlaroff needs to be defrocked, and soon, as does Sofrony Musienko also.. who likely is the main person 'guiding' and telling  him as to what to say and do....and what are his motives?
And what about those clergy or mislead laity who now so foolishly admire and who follow him?
STOP! and flee from this stupid and totally nonsensical  power-grab impious anti-Orthodox schism, for your own sakes and for the laity under obedience to you.
What a deceitful and untrustworthy pathetic man is Andronik Kotlaroff. God save him from himself and from his controllers!.
 His word and his honor, as with his signature, are worth zero!
And the only kind excuse I can conjure up to defend him, [ as we need to pray for him in his sad state, that God deliver him from the demons now controlling him and his followers], is that he seems  to be losing  his reasoning and his mind..i.e. physical mental illness.
And for sure, others are directing him and putting their prepared statements in front of him for his signatures, or ...they... are simply composing  statements and it is THEY who sign his name to them. Numerous indications  attest to this.
Andronik Kotlaroff is not a free man. He cannot control himself.  He does what others tell him to do.
By reneging, 'rescinding his signature', i.e.  going back on his own solemn word and signature, poor  Andronik has himself, UNBELIEVABLY!...nullified the much praised peace agreement  recently agreed upon, in the presence of GOC Met. Demetrios at his Monastery in New York, with Vladyka Agafangel and Archbishop George.
In that agreement, the Metropolitan and Archbishop George, humbled themselves,  and our entire ROCA world-wide church, and signed that mutual very generous statement with Andronik, exactly to prevent and to heal this unwarranted lamebrain impious schism....i.e. TO SAVE SOULS FROM PERDITION!
The true motives of these lawless schismatics is becoming more clear all the time: It has to do with THEIR POWER and THEIR PRESTIGE and their idolatrous and arrogant proud self-worship. It has nothing to do with Orthodox Christianity or saving souls. Such has been the main motivation of all previous schismatics and heretics in church history.
And all Andronik's present actions, are also null and void. He has no right to do anything he is now doing.
Below I have added, in blue, my few explanatory words to better clarify the rough machine-English translation, for English only readers.
WAKE UP all who are becoming a  part of this schism!  It has zero legitimate basis to exist. It is one of many attacks on our ROCA to destroy it and us. The MP and its daughter, ROCOR/MP are viewing this with much expectation, and enjoyment.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon
MANY YEARS!   MNOGAYA LETA!  to our solidly Orthodox and pious Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and to our ROCA Holy Synod!
And May God preserve them and us, from all assaults of the Devil and
his servants!

 Metropolitan Agafangel: Decree of 3 September 2016

Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 66) Published in the ROCA (Views: 66)
Metropolitan Agafangel: A note on the quorum of the Synod
В связи с тем, что Архиепископ Андроник отказался от своей подписи под Заявлением о восстановлении канонических отношений между ним и Архиерейским Собором РПЦЗ, что подтвердили и его сторонники 26 августа 2016 года, Митрополит Агафангел отменил действие своего Указа, восстанавливающего в правах Архиепископа Андроника.

Due to the fact that  Archbishop Andronicus refused [ rescinded later] his signature under the statement on the restoration of canonical relations between himself  and the Council of Bishops, which was confirmed by himself and  his supporters, on  26 August, 2016, he has thus repealed the Metropolitan Agafangel's  Decree, which had thus, subsequent to that  agreement, removed the former reduction of the  the rights of Archbishop Andronicus. [i.e. thus Andronicus is returned now, to a 'retired-bishop' status].

Любые его административные действия, а также совершение богослужений (кроме богослужений в Маунтен Вью) и хиротоний являются самовольными и незаконными.

Any of his administrative actions, as well as the commission of worship (except for worship in Mountain View) and ordinations are illegal and self-willed.

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