Sunday, September 9, 2012

Putin's God Squad

"Putin's God Squad"..i.e. 'defending Orthodoxy', by brute force and Nazi-like thugery!

Comment/Question: And since Putin and his MP-'church' consider us anti-MP, Orthodox people and clergy, 'extremists', and thus enemies of the state and the state-church, etc., obviously we too fit into the target  category for these pro-MP goon squads.

And this is the oppressive and anti-democratic 'democratic' Putin government and it's KGB run MP, that ROCOR/MP  Hilarion-Kapral and his synod, and every one of his priests and all of his laity and parishes, now serve and totally support, by word, and deed-???
(And, even here, in our 'Free-West'-?)

Interesting. from News Week:

JD in LV

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