Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Extreme Corruption in the MP
 Comment: This is video about the extreme money and power corruption inside the MP, which in the case of this small MP parish, (where it is, I am not sure), causes them a very heavy financial burden, which they are protesting.

About Catacomb New Russian Martrys, etc.
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   Songs of the group "Citizens Defense" to prawoslawnypartyzant
Philosophical song performed by the group "Citizens Defense."
   In the following video you can see excerpts from archival frames made ​​public processes in the USSR against the catacomb Christians continued their fate - and death camps ...

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  1. The images and the faces in the catacomb video have such a deep heavenly beauty underneath the horror of the situation. Truly our Church is built on the blood of Her holy martyrs.

    I had to turn off the sound, though, – I find rock music unbearable no matter what the lyrics say.


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