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OCA: The Real History

OCA's official version of the life of: "Met. Ireney" (Bekish)-
THE Authoritative Real History

Category: This was the North American Metropolia's Metropolitan, who then  ruled his schismatic church, when it in 1970, it  recognized the authority of the Moscow Patriarchia, and accepted their autocephaly ('independence'), thus greatly pleasing the Communist rulers of Russia, and thus, more-splitting/dividing  the Russian diaspora, and weakening it's previous solid anti-communist stance.

This ill-gotten 'autocephaly', a 'blessing' from the Communists,  is still not recognized as valid by most of worldly-Orthodoxy, especially not the EP Greeks.

About Ivan Bekish,( his born name)- Metropolitan Ireney/Irenei:

He succeeded Met. Leonty-(Turkevich), who had succeeded Met. Theopholis (Pashkovsky), who had succeeded, Met. Platon (Rozhesvensky)- the one who first went into unlawful/uncanonical schism from the Russian Church Abroad's Synod, which canonical-body had been granted by Patriarch Tikhon, the governance of all the Russian Orthodox parishes and dioceses, outside of Russia, including North America.

And from which, this Archb. Platon had been a full member, before his schism.  (Archb. Platon, utilizing his manufactured,  'False Ukaz of Pat. Tikhon' as his basis for his schism), Forged Ukaz dated Sept. 29, 1923, with the 'signature of Pat. Tikhon' (!) (page 42 on this below mentioned, historical text)-  and he started the separate/schismatic  life of "The North American Metropolia", which schismatic church entity in 1970, under the leadership of this  Met. Ireney-(Bekish) foolishly/greedily accepted  'autocephaly' from the KGB controlled, Stalin created in 1943, 'Moscow Patiarchia' (the bogus, ersatz 'Russian Church' organization.)

The final break, between this Metropolia and The Russian church Abroad, after a convoluted back and forth re-conciliation and then re-separating period, from 1923 to 1946), with the Russian Synod in Exile, was in 1946, after that infamous 'Cleveland Sobor'.  (At that stormy sobor, the majority of the Metropolia delegates voted to join the MP, but the Metropolia bishops, wisely.... ignored that vote and did not unite/submit to Moscow).

READ: "A History Of The Russian Church Abroad: 1917-1971"
Library of Congress Catalogue Number   72-79507
ISBN  0-913026-04-2

This, clean reprint, is currently available from the Seattle, Washington, St. Nectarios Press bookstore for about $17.00, plus shipping.

St. Nectarios Press and Bookstore
10300 Ashworth Avenue N.
Seattle, WA  98133-9410
In the U.S. or Canada, telephone: 1-800-643-4233

This unique history, is about the sole historical accurate record of this troubled Russian diaspora church history, avaliable in the English language, or indeed in ANY language.  The many footnotes, provide documented proof of this information.

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    This is a book that needs to be in every serious Orthodox library, parish libraries and home libraries.

    Sadly, the [world orthodox] folks who need to read it the most probably never will.


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