Friday, September 14, 2012

two stories from Russian Press

from "Russian Press-Behind the Headlines"- two main stories-

(Moscow, Sept. 11, 2012 RIA Novosti)

1) "President Putin Looses Quarter of His Support"-

2)"Patriarch Kirill Questions New Civil Code"-

My comment: What Mr. Gundaev is worried about, is that, if this  new civil code passes, that his MP kleptocracy, will.... be restricted  in it's on-going efforts at getting MORE free property, with the excuse, that is needed, 'for God' (!)...the Almighty God, Who both created all, and Who...OWNS...ALL!

The Stalin created in 1943, 'Moscow Patriarchia' (so-called), is at it's top administrative levels, a bunch of greedy avaricious atheist THIEVES, who together with/but in some degree of rivalry, with the official Putin governmental apparatus, are BOTH, daily, robbing Russia and it's citizens, BLIND.

Putin is doing this, in the name of 'Serving Russia', etc., while Kyrill Gundaev is doing the same, but in his and the MP's case,

In The Name OF and FOR...'GOD'!

But, are any thieves ever, really, friends with other thieves?


So, yes in that negative reality, "the church and the government are entirely separate in Russia" (famous words of Hilarion-Kapral), there IS.... a degree of 'separation' between current government and MP- church in the Russian Federation!

Politically, no. As the MP is the world-wide, religious-front  mouthpiece for the Kremlin. 

In other words, the Putin governmental KGB gang, are one group of thieves/liars, while the MP group, is...another, 'separate' criminal organization, at least when it comes to struggling to grab as much earthly power and money and possessions.

Can the country and people of the Russian land, survive, BOTH of these crooked entities?

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