Sunday, September 30, 2012

OCA, Parma, Ohio 'Robber Council'

One sour over-view of the coming OCA, Parma, Ohio 'Robber Council' -which will elect their new metropolitan-

Note: This blog is operated by an OCA-loyalist, a George Michalopolous, but one who is among the many inside the OCA, who is highly critical and indeed cynical of their hierarchs and their Syosset, New York headquarters governing staff. But, he is a staunch supporter/idolizer of recently forced-to-resign,  Met. Jonah-Paffhausen, ...whom this blog owner and many inside the OCA, apparently perceive as a martyric  wrongly persecuted and wrongly/'uncanonically removed'  righteous metropolitan.

Moscow, has shown clear signs that it is very displeased over his ouster., their man in charge of their captive American-OCA church.

And of course why wouldn't  they?

He has proven himself to be more or less, 100% in their pocket, and a slavish/loyal  drooling devotee of 'The Mother Church' – Stalin's 1943 created ersatz 'Russian Orthodox Church'.

I do not take sides in this internal OCA church fighting, but I  only share some gripes of those who are taking sides, and why:

"What Will it Come to at the 'Parma Robber Council'?"

My question: And to what extent will pro-MP, and KGB agents among the
OCA clerical and lay delagates to this OCA 'Sobor' affect the voting and the outcome of their proceedings?

After all, this OCA, as with ROCOR/MP are  both 'under' the Moscow MP 'Patriarch'.

I firmly believe, that only a pro-MP candidate can be elected.

Since that pathetic 1970, 'autocephaly'  sell-out to the Kremlin, this 'OCA' has been more and more, under the influence and many-leveled control of Moscow, whether or not anyone in the OCA sees it or not.

And 99% of them. clearly, do not see it!...nor can they see that the MP is not the real Russian Church of Pat. Tikhon, but it is a 1943 fraud-organiztion created by Joseph Stalin, and which to this very day is still a total tool of the KGB in the Kremlin.

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  1. There is also a RocorMP Church In Parma that maintains a pre-union website that is very interesting.

    old Rocor:

    new RocorMP:

    Please cut & paste. I don't want to activate certain links.


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