Friday, September 14, 2012

MP Kyrill Gundychaev common-law wife

I am looking at the google English translation.
Of course, how many of the MP 'bishops' have secret wives/children and/or male lovers? (some have both!)-

And, these scandalous matters are not always so, 'secret' but observed by the laity.

Since they are only performing as public ACTORS, in their bishop's roles, they need their consolation their private lives, wine, women (or men), song, &  gourmet food, and other worldly hedonistic long as they are not made public.

Poor KGB clergy-actor guys!...after all those long, boring, church services- especially for atheists who don't really believe that there is actually a divine being who even hears any of their 'prayers', etc.

How can an atheist, 'sin'? (in their own minds)-

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